love at first bite

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Chapter 17- The charity ball (Ritz and glamour)

The next few days have been a blur. Nazreen informed everyone that Darius is out of office as he is on a business trip to San Francisco.

Jenny’s heart sinks at the thought of not seeing Darius in the office over the next few days.

Jenny sent Darius a few text messages but he hasn’t responded to any of them!

She tried to call him but a female voice answered and Jenny hung up the phone.

It’s Friday Morning, the day of the charity ball. The alarm goes off at 10am and she hears Lilly rose cooing in the other room.

Jenny cried herself to sleep because she was convinced Darius was cheating on her.

She felt heartbroken and it wasn’t something she needed in her life just when she was starting to feel happy again with her love life, her career and watching Lilly rose grow up into a healthy and happy baby! She goes to Lilly rose’s nursery to pick her up!

“Good morning, my little cherub. How are you today?” Asks Jenny raising her right eyebrow.

Lilly rose chuckles away with her cheeky grin, she calls out to Jenny saying Mama!

Jenny picks her up and gives her a cuddle, kisses her all over her face. She gives Lilly rose her bath and gets her ready by putting on her clothes.

Jenny wants some time alone! Jenny takes a shower and feels the tears rolling down her cheeks. It’s the first time in her life she feels alone and with no one to talk to!

Claire is still in hospital, Jenny’s other friends are in Chicago and busy with their own lives. Jenny tried calling her sister Violet who was an up and coming fashion designer.

Violet asked Jenny what she was wearing to the charity ball! Jenny was also glad she was going to her parents house in Chicago for Christmas.

Jenny can not be bothered to wear any makeup as she heads over to Angela’s house to drop off Lilly rose. She’s still wearing her night shirt, skinny jeans with messy hair!

Angela opens the door to greet Jenny.

“Good morning Dalimou, so nice to see you, you’re so lucky to have the day off today ………..” Says Angela.

Jenny doesn’t respond but can feel the tears building up in her eyes. She bites her bottom lip!

“What’s the matter Dalimou? You look so tired and sad, what’s wrong my dear? Says Angela in a concerned voice.

“Oh Angela, I don’t know what to do? Jenny bursts into tears. Angela puts her arms around Jenny.

“Oh my goodness, please darling come inside.” Says Angela with a sympathetic look. She gives her a big hug and makes her sit on the couch as she hands over the tissue box.

Jenny takes a tissue and blows her nose, Angela takes Lilly rose from her arms and gives her a cuddle.

“How are you my little Angel?” Asks Angela.

Lilly rose starts to chuckle.

“We need to cheer up mummy as she’s very sad.” Says Angela.

Lilly rose sticks out her hand like she can sense Jenny’s pain.

“Let me go and make some tea and then you can tell me what happened.” Says Angela.

She releases Lilly rose onto the floor. Lilly rose crawls towards Jenny as she looks up at Jenny making cooing noises!

“You’re so cute and you’re my little darling.” Whispers Jenny.

Angela returns with a cup of tea. The smell of tea leaves hits Jenny’s senses.

The Tea instantly makes Jenny feel better. She takes a deep breath!

“I think Darius is cheating on me, he hasn’t been retuning my texts and the last time I called him, a woman picked up the phone, so I hung up.” Says Jenny.

“Dalimou, I’m so sorry to hear that. He is very handsome and probably has a different girl for each day of the week. He’s a cheater and not a keeper!” Says Angela.

Jenny starts laughing.

“Look at you, you’re young, you’re gorgeous, you’ve got a nice figure and you’re a great mum! Who needs Darius?” Says Angela with a big smile on her face.

“You could have any man you want. Why are you wasting your time with this one?” Asks Angela.

Jenny agrees with Angela nodding her head!

“It’s the charity gala ball today but I don’t feel like going!” Says Jenny.

“Are you crazy? If you don’t want to go, I can take your place!” Says Angela excitedly.

Jenny starts laughing!

“You young lady are going to fix yourself up. This calls for a day of pampering. Get a facial, a manicure and you’re going to dress to kill. You will ignore him the whole evening and flirt with other men. If he has feelings for you, he will be driven with jealousy and he will whip you into his arms.” Says Angela triumphantly.

“Very dramatic Angela!” Says Jenny with a smile on her face.

“If it doesn’t work out with Darius, I can fix you up with my son Andrew. He’s a lawyer and has just become single. He’s eye candy you know!” Says Angela winking at Jenny.

Jenny doesn’t know if it was the tea or chatting to Angela but she made her feel better and Jenny was going to take Angela's advice!

“Thank you so much Angela. I feel so much better now, a day of pampering it is!” Says Jenny smiling.

Jenny gives Angela a big hug and Lilly rose a kiss and she goes back home to get changed.

Jenny applies her makeup and brushes her hair.

“Now what shall I wear today?” Whispers Jenny.

“I think I’ll go for something casual and comfortable. A blouse, skinny jean's and my three quarter length coat as its still quite cold.” Says Jenny.

“Perfect!” Says Jenny feeling uplifted, she grabs her Gucci bag and heads out of the door making sure to lock up afterwards. She hails a cab to go to Bloomingdales in Manhattan.

Note to myself- List of things to do.

(1)Make an appointment at the beautician for a facial, manicure as a special package discount for both treatments.

Shopping list for loved ones.

(a) A little onesie and a cute reading book for Lilly rose.

(b)Jewellery for Violet.

(c)A gift set for facial creams & perfume called Poison for Mother.

(d) A watch for dad and a scarf

She's still in two minds about getting a gift for Darius.

“I’ll have to think about that one!” Says Jenny.

Jenny arrives in Manhattan.

“That will be eight dollars Ms” Says the taxi driver.

She takes out the ten dollars out of her purse and hands it over to the driver!

“Here you go and keep the change!” Says Jenny.

“Thank you Ms and have a nice day!” Says the taxi driver smiling ear to ear.

Jenny goes to Bloomingdales and gets ready for some pampering!

The beautician gives Jenny a massage and gets rid of all the tension from her head and shoulders.

“Ahhhh, that feels so good. Angela was right. I was in need of some pampering and it feels bloody amazing!” Shouts Jenny.

“Sorry Ms, did you just say something?” Asks the beautician.

“Yes, I was saying this feels amazing and thank you.” Says Jenny.

“That’s the whole idea Ms and you’re welcome.” Says the beautician.

The beautician then steams her face and does a black head extraction.

“Ouch, that hurts!” Says Jenny.

“Sorry Ms, it has to be done. Beauty is skin deep and we have to keep the pores clean which can get clogged up with pollution etc!” Says the beautician.

She then applies the face mask and Jenny feels like she’s in heaven, she falls asleep.

After fifty minutes, the treatment is over. Jenny has a French manicure.

“That looks perfect!” Says Jenny settling the bill.

“I’ll get my hair done later but now, it’s time for shopping!”

Says Jenny looking at shopping list on her phone,

Shopping list for loved ones.

(a) A little onesie and a cute reading book for Lilly rose.

(b)Jewellery for Violet.

(c)A gift set for facial creams & perfume called Poison for Mother.

(d)A watch for dad and a scarf.

Jenny goes to the different floors to get her gifts and she’s glad everything is under one roof!

(a)A little onesie and a cute reading book for Lilly rose.

“Lilly rose is going to look so cute in her little

Onesie and learn her first few words.

(b)Jewellery for Violet. –

A gold bracelet, the jewellery section.

Jenny can’t find any gift vouchers as they’re sold out but she settles for the crystal bracelet.

“That’s a tick!” Says Jenny

Third item of the list, Jenny can’t believe how quickly she’s getting the

Shopping done.

(c)A gift set for facial creams & perfume called Poison for Mother.

“This is fun!” Says Jenny

Third item on the list is cleansing creams and poison perfume.

“Hmmm, Mum always likes the classics and she was stuck in the eighties with her perfume choices! Jenny was pretty sure her mum and Darius would get on like a house on fire!” Whispers Jenny !

“A massive tick there!” Says Jenny with a grin on her face.

Jenny enjoyed the retail therapy and she made sure not to stick to her budget of five hundred dollars!

“I’m certainly going to shop till I drop!” Says Jenny to herself.

(a)A watch for dad and a scarf.

“Forth item on the list- A watch for Dad and a scarf from the men’s department.” Whispers Jenny.

That looks amazing, Dad’s going to love it, that’s a massive tick!!”

Says Jenny. Jenny also purchases two Burbery scarves, Jenny then thinks about Darius.

Should she buy him a gift for Darius? Jenny still hasn’t heard from him. She scratches her head.

“What do I buy a guy whose super rich and could buy the contents of this whole store!” Says Jenny raising her right eyebrow.

She feels very torn and can feel the tears in her eyes as she feels hurt and betrayed!

“Nope, I’m not going to let one guy ruin my day but I’m still going to buy him a gift as he’s still my boss and I’m being professional “ Says Jenny,

Jenny buys a silver pen and has his name engraved on it.

“Perfect gift for my boss, another tick!” Says Jenny

Right next stop, going to the hair dressers. Jenny has made an appointment at the hair dressers to get her hair done!

The hairdresser put some large rollers into Jenny’s hair to give it some loose curls!

Jenny takes a look in the mirror and then settles the bill.

“Wow thank you” Says Jenny to the hairdresser!

Jenny can see now why they call it “shop till you drop” as the bags start to Feel heavy.

As Jenny leaves Bloomingdales, she recognises some of her colleagues from work. They wave at her and she waves back!

She can feel her stomach rumbling so she decides to go to the coffee shop to buy a skinny latte and a tuna baguette with light mayonnaise! She gulps her food like she’s never eaten before! She looks at her watch, it’s 3pm!

“OMG, its getting late and I need to go home!” Says Jenny hailing a taxi.

The journey doesn’t take very long, as she steps out of the taxi and pays the driver …………..

Angela quickly opens her front door to get your attention

“Dalimou, I was looking out for you!” Says Angela excitedly.

“What’s wrong Angela? Is Lilly rose okay? Says Jenny with a frown on her face.

“She’s fine, there’s a special delivery for you!” Says Angela with excitement!

“Give me a couple of minutes!” Says Jenny dropping her shopping bags inside the house

She quickly bolts to Angela’s house.

“Here you go Dalimou!” Says Angela with a big grin in her face!

She hands a large box with your name and address on it! Jenny tries to look at the senders details but they have become smudged!

“Wow, this is a nice surprise!” Says Jenny.

“How was your day? Did you have a good day pampering yourself?” Says Angela

“Thank you Angela for your advice, pampering is just what I needed and I feel like a million dollars!” Says Jenny who grabs Angela and gives her a big hug!

“I need to freshen up and get ready, Is Lilly rose okay?” Asks Jenny.

“Okay dalimou, don’t worry about Lilly rose, she’s sleeping. Go and get ready and I’ll see you later!” Says Angela winking at you.

Jenny reaches back home and looks at the large box! She rips the package open with her fingers and then uses a pair of scissors to cut open the Sellotape. There’s a card with a little message written on it. She quickly lifts the tissue paper to reveal a beautiful red silk gown.

Jenny gasps as it looks so beautiful, she then reads the message on the card and reads it out aloud!

OMG, this is so gorgeous!” Says Jenny grinning from ear to ear and starts to read her sisters greeting card!

“Hi Sis, here’s a little surprise for you as I remembered you said you had nothing to wear for the charity ball. I wanted you to have this dress. Call it an early Christmas present and its part of my new collection. Enjoy your evening and rock that dress. You’re going to be the belle of the ball!

Lots of love, form your little sis.


Jenny can feel the tears building up in her eyes.

They used to fight like cats and dogs when they were kids but now ,they get on like a house on fire. She was a fashion designer and had won an award for the best newcomer to Fashion in Chicago and Jenny was so proud of her!

Jenny starts to cry happy tears!

“Violet, you’re the best sister ever and I love you! OMG, look at the time, I need to get ready for the ball!” Says Jenny excitedly!

Jenny pins her hair up and takes her clothes off and hits the shower avoiding getting her hair wet!

The water caresses every inch of her body, she applies the shower gel which turns into soap suds. She applies it to her arms, legs, an her boobs. She keeps thinking about Darius and how she missed his touch.

The warm water washes away the soap suds. She turns off the shower knob and dries her body with a towel and then puts on her bathrobe.

She goes to her bedroom and takes off her bathrobe letting it slip onto the floor. Jenny looks at her naked body in the mirror, She lost all the baby fat after giving birth to Lilly rose but her boobs are bigger and feel sore when she touches them! She then remembers that she’s on the last day of her period! The flow is not as heavy, she takes the tampon and inserts it inside her body!

She opens her drawers and takes a red bodice to match the red gown!

“I feel so sexy!” Says Jenny

She touches her makeup by applying a small amount of coral eye shadow, liquid liner to enhance her lovely brown eyes with mascara To finish off!

She applies her blusher on her cheeks and red lipstick to match her red dress.

“Now its time to wear the masterpiece!” Says Jenny with a big grin on her face.

She puts the dress on and does a sideways pose! She puts on her dangly earrings and her gold sandals on her feet. She gasps at how great she looks.

“Hmm, not bad, I brush up well!” Says Jenny smiling.

Jenny takes a quick selfie and sends Violet a quick text message.

“Hi Violet, love the dress, you’ve clearly done a great job designing and making it. Love it, see you during the Christmas break!

Lots of love, Big sis xx

By the time Jenny has finished getting dressed, it’s 6pm. She grabs her coat and to wear on top as its still quite chilly!

“I’ve got to show Angela my dress and see what she thinks!” Says Jenny excitedly.

Jenny dashes off to Angela’s house and rings her door bell with excitement .

Angela opens the door and stands there with her mouth wide open. Lilly rose is on Angela’s right hip, Lilly rose becomes happy to see Jenny

“Mama!” Says Lilly rose sticking her hand out to touch you.

“Dalimou, you look so beautiful and what a beautiful dress!” Says Angela with a big smile on her face.

“Thank you Angela, my sister designed it and gave it to me as a gift!” Says Jenny.

“Wow , she’s very talented, you’re going to knock Darius socks off when he sees you in that dress! Remember what I told you, ignore Darius and flirt with other men! Make him jealous and if its meant to be, he’ll come back to you! If not, cest la vie! It’s his loss my darling!” Says Angela raising her eyebrows!

“Thanks Angela, you’re a star! Hello Lilly rose, mama’s going out this evening, so be a good girl my darling.” Says Jenny with a big smile on her face giving Lilly rose a big kiss on her cheek.

Just on cue, the Chauffer turns up to collect you for the charity ball.

“Bye Angela and Lilly rose!” Says Jenny waving her hands in the air and gets into the car!

As the Car drives off, Jenny starts to wonder where Darius is!

“Where is Mr Hameed?” Asks Jenny raising her right eyebrow!

“Mr Hameed is busy entertaining some guests form out of town. You’ll see him at the Venue. “ Says the Chauffer.

Jenny’s minds start to wonder, who is Darius entertaining? She feels the butterflies in the stomach and her hands start to sweat as she feels nervous about seeing Darius again.

The journey doesn’t take long, Jenny looks up at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

“Here you go Ms, have a good evening.” Says the Chauffer.

Jenny steps out of the car and admires the hotel. There are photographers taking photos and and TV reporters covering the event. A photographer takes Jenny’s picture, the flash hits her eyes.

“Who are you and what’s your name? Asks the photographer

“Hi, my name’s Jenny Raymond and I work for Glaxo international as Mr Hameed’s receptionist.” Says Jenny with a smile on her face.

“You’re looking hot in that dress!” Says the Photographer clicking away on his Camera.

“Thank you.” Says Jenny feeling like a movie star as her photographs are taken.

The place is buzzing with people dressed up with their tuxedos and ball gowns. She heads towards the banqueting suite getting her ticket ready to be shown to the security guard.

A seating plan has been arranged , there are 50 tables. Jenny has been placed on table 3.

“I’m so glad, I’m sitting at the front!” Says Jenny excitedly to one of her colleagues. She looks for Darius but there is no sign of him!

Jenny drinks her water and looks at the menu.


Starters- Bruschetta / Scallops.

Mains- Turkey with roasted vegetables / Roast duck with vegetables/ Grilled salmon with baby potatoes and salad.

Dessert- Christmas cake/ Cheesecake / Profiteroles.

Jenny is spoilt for choice and she knows what she’s going to choose.

“What would you like to order Ms?” Asks the waitress

“Please could I have the Bruschetta for starters and the grilled salmon for my main course and profiteroles for dessert, thank you.” Says Jenny.

“What would you like to drink?” Asks the waitress.

“A coke zero with Ice, thank you.” Says Jenny.

The waitress goes round the table and takes the orders for the other guests.

Its 7.20pm and the hall begins to fill. Darius walks in with an attractive older woman on his arm and heads for the top table with Nazreen, Mr James and the Mayor Bill Fernandez.

She spots Chloe on the next table, she glares at Jenny and comes over to speak to her!

“OMG, are you copying me again by wearing a Red dress? Well I’ve got news for you. I wear it better!” Says Chloe in an angry tone.

Jenny ignores Chloe. Chloe is quite drunk and almost trips over her dress when going back to her seat.

“Can I have your attention please.” Says the Mayor using the micro phone.

The hall goes quiet.

“Ladies and gentleman, welcome to our charity ball dinner, don’t you all look fine this evening!” Says the Mayor with a big grin on his face.

People start clapping and cheering!

“Welcome to this prestigious event and I'm very honoured to be hosting this event this year, I’m now going to hand you over to Mr Darius Hameed (the CEO of Glaxo International)" Says The mayor.

People start clapping.

“Good evening ladies and Gentlemen and esteemed guests. Glaxo international has been working on a vaccine for COVID 19 which we will be launching for next week.” Says Darius looking over at Jenny, she can’t read his expression as he has a poker face!

“It’s my vision to help people and with the money raised form today’s event, we will help COVID 19 victims with breathing apparatus, drugs and a care plan to look after them.

There are other projects my company and I are working on but I’m not going to bore you with the details this evening. Thanks to my wonderful colleagues who have made this possible. So thanks for coming and enjoy the evening.” Says Darius grinning form ear to ear!

People start cheering and clapping. The Mayor stands up with a champagne flute in his hand.

“A toast to Mr Hameed and Glaxo international!” Says the Mayor smiling.

Everybody raises their glasses and then shout out Mr Hameed and Glaxo International!

The photographer start taking pictures of the Mayor and Darius.

Jenny smiles feeling happy for Darius. The waitress brings over your starters – Bruschetta!

Jenny glances over at Darius, the woman is whispering in Darius ears and resting her hand on Darius arm. Darius starts to laugh!

Jenny tries to eat the Bruschetta but all of a sudden, she has lost her appetite and feels like she’s going to be sick. She can feel the tears building up in her eyes. She tries to take a deep breath.

“Excuse me, please!” Says Jenny to some of her colleagues as she rushes to go to the bathroom. She enters into one of the cubicles and throws up in the toilet. Luckily there’s no one there to witness Jenny in this state but the tears start to roll down her cheeks. Jenny decides to call Angela as she could do with her wisdom right now.

“Hi Angela,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,” Says jenny sobbing.

Jenny takes out a tissue form her purse and blows her nose.

“What’s wrong Dalimou? Are you okay?” Asks Angela.

“I can’t do this, Darius is flirting with another woman and hasn’t even come over to speak to me……I can’t bear it……..I’m coming home!” Says Jenny still sobbing and blowing her nose with the tissue.

“You will do no such thing young lady. You’re not having a pity party! The night is young, you’re a gorgeous hot girl, pull yourself together. Lilly rose and I want you to enjoy yourself. Remember, what I told you, stick to the plan, flirt with other men and make Darius jealous! I need to put Lilly rose to bed now as she’s feeling tired!” Says Angela.

“Okay Angela, can I say goodnight to Lilly rose?” Says Jenny.

“Yes of course!” Says Angela putting her phone on speaker phone.

“Good night my darling, Mama loves you!” Says Jenny.

Lilly rose sounds very quiet , Angela says goodbye and puts the phone down.

Jenny looks in the bathroom mirror and takes a deep breath.

“Come on girl, you can do this. Get it together!” Says Jenny trying to get her composure back.

As Jenny walks out of the bathroom, she tries to tuck her mobile phone back into her purse, when she bumps into a tall stranger.

“Hey lady, look where you’re going!” Says James raising his voice.

Jenny looks up at the stranger with her mouth wide open!

Wow, what a hottie, meow! Who is he? The evening is starting to get interesting!

“I’m sorry, I was just ……….” Says Jenny whose interrupted by James

“Jenny Jones from Chicago, Matts Jones’s kid sister?” Says James with a big grin on his face.

“Yes, that’s right but its Jenny Raymond now! Who are you? Where do I know you from?” Says Jenny raising her right eye brow.

“Well I would Love to get to know you. My name is James Macdonald . I’m on old buddy of your brother Matt!” Says James with a big grin on his face.

“Oh wow but I don’t recognise you.” Says Jenny.

“I have changed a lot, it’s like I’ve had a face transplant as I used to be your brother’s chubby geeky friend. I was quite short, wore glasses and had really bad acne!” Says James with a big smile on his friend.

He shows Jenny a geeky picture of himself when he was younger. Jenny starts laughing.

“Wow, you’ve really changed!” Says Jenny laughing.

“How’s Matt, I haven’t heard form him in a while, is he okay?” Asks James.

“He’s a Doctor now but he’s decided to take a sabbatical and is travelling in South east Asia, He’s in Bangladesh at the moment and will be moving on to Thailand next.” Says Jenny.

“I’m a Journalist for the Daily star newspaper. I just moved to New York. I’m covering tonight's event. I'm sitting at table 50. I’ll come and sit next to you so we can catch up.” Says James winking at Jenny.

Jenny feels happy at last and feels like she’s finally enjoying the evening.

James pulls up a chair and sits next to you. Jenny and James chat and laugh as James looks deeply into Jenny’s eyes!

“I always had a crush on you, you were really cute even back then but you hardly noticed me!” Says James shaking his head.

“You were Matt’s best friend and you were quite shy!” Says Jenny smiling.

James takes out his camera and starts taking photographs of Jenny.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Says Jenny looking over at James.

“It’s for the article, you’re a natural!” Says James snapping away on his camera .

The music starts to play and everyone goes on the dance floor as the Gangnam song comes on. Everybody starts pretending to ride a horse with a lasso!

Jenny feels so happy when she and James are able to follow the steps for the dance!

After a few minutes, a slow number is played. Lewis capladi’s “someone you loved” starts to play. Jenny can’t see Darius but at this point, she doesn’t care!

She places her head on James broad chest, Jenny can feel his heartbeat and she feels warm when he holds her close. James kisses her forehead.

James holds Jenny's hands by interlocking her fingers with his. She feels like she’s floating on a cloud.

“I’m sorry to hear about your husband Dave, when did he pass away?” Asks James.

“It will be two years on the 4th of January!” Says Jenny feeling a lump in her throat, she lets out a big sigh!

“I’ll always be here for you because you’re very special!” Says James kissing Jenny’s hand.

Jenny’s thoughts are interrupted when she hears the ring tone of her mobile phone!

Jenny takes out her mobile phone from her bag and checks the screen . Two missed calls from Angela.

“OMG, what’s going on?” Says jenny with a worried expression on her face!

Jenny dials Angela’s phone, her heart beat increases and she can feel the sweat on her hands.

“Dalimou, it’s Lilly rose, she’s burning up and she has a high Temperature. Please come home!” Says Angela with a solemn tone.

“OMG, I’m coming home now!” Says Jenny turning to look at James.

“Thanks for your company, I’ve had a great time but I need to go now.” Says Jenny

Jenny runs as fast as she can towards the exit. She feels like Cinderella but her sandal is firmly on her foot!

James runs after Jenny, he catches up to Jenny but slightly out of breath!

“Jenny, what is wrong? Where are you going?” Says James out of breath.

“My daughter is sick and I need to get home.” Says Jenny with tears in her eyes.

Before Jenny can utter another word, James lips come crushing down on Jenny’s lips. The kiss starts off soft. Jenny tries to push James away but he’s too strong!

James starts to kiss Jenny passionately, his cologne 'Cool water' hits Jenny like a fast moving train! He’s such a good kisser that she feels like she’s melting in his arms!

“Hmmm!” Says Jenny.

Its’s at that point, Darius comes outside the hotel to look for Jenny. He watches James kissing Jenny but as there are colleagues around, he decides not to approach Jenny!

He shakes his head and walks away with a sad expression on his face.

Jenny suddenly gets flashbacks of Darius kissing her, she suddenly starts to think about him!

Jenny manages to break free from James’s embrace!

“Sorry I can’t do this, I’m seeing someone else and it’s complicated. Please try to understand!” Says Jenny .

James looks really sad as he puts his hands through his hair.

“ At least let me hail a cab for you!” Says James who slips his business card into Jenny’s bag.

The cab pulls up and takes Jenny home. She gets into the cab feeling confused and torn.

Who does she like more? Darius or James?

Only time will tell! Jenny closes her eyes and starts praying that Lilly rose is going to be okay!

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