love at first bite

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Chapter 18- Home sweet home.

Lilly rose has a very bad cold and has a high temperature. Jenny calls the Doctor who advises to keep the baby hydrated, to stay home and to give her some Calpol.

Jenny called work and told them Lilly rose was sick and she needed time off work to look after her. Nazreen told you it was fine and to come back to work in the new year!

Darius was out of town on a Business trip, Jenny had stopped caring!

A few days pass and Lilly rose feels better. Jenny finds James’s business card in her handbag. That kiss was magical. Jenny calls James. They both end up spending some time together as friends as Jenny’s life is complicated.

James is so hot, kind, and a mortal! One advantage over Darius!

For Christmas eve, Jenny takes the economy class Virgin airlines with Lilly rose and James.

The journey takes tow hours and forty five minutes.

Bridget Jones’s diary is on the screen. One of her favourite chick flicks!

Mr Darcy reminds Jenny of Darius, that sexy British accent!

Jenny watches thirty minutes of the movie and then fall asleep. Maybe Jenny should write a diary of her daily ups and downs!

JASMINE’S DIARY – December 2020

24th December – (Christmas eve- morning)

I drop off Angela’s Christmas present (the face creams). I tell her I’m visiting my parents for Christmas in Chicago and give her my contact details (just in case of any emergencies) and to keep an eye on the house.

Betsy is still at the Clinic and will be home in the new year.

24th December (Christmas eve) – 3pm

I’ve reached my parents hous and I’m feeling so tired that I fall asleep in my old bedroom.

Violet takes care of Lilly rose. Lilly rose loves spending time with her grandparents and her Aunty!

Mother also comments on how thin and tired I look! She also comments on how my boobs look bigger! OMG, give me a break!

Mother also asks about Darius as she points to a picture of the both of us on the Vogue magazine! Bloody paparazzi!

25th December – Christmas day (The Christmas dinner)

Everybody loves their Christmas presents. I decide to give Mother the poison perfume only! She’s not my favourite person at the moment as she keeps asking questions about Darius’s background and asks whether he has good breeding!

Violet loves her bracelet, Dad loves his new watch!

My parents gift to me – A cheque for three hundred dollars and Lilly rose gets a new teddy bear. Violet also gives me a gift and whispers to me to open it in private!

26th December – Boxing day

Mum invites James round for Lunch and tries to be the matchmaker saying I should hook up with James as he’s in New York, he’s a good catch and has good breeding!

Dave’s parents come round to visit Lilly rose and I.

They start crying when they see their grand daughter and give her lots of kisses and lots of cuddles.

She gets another teddy bear as a gift!

27th December - Lilly rose takes her first steps but can’t keep her balance so keeps falling on her bottom. She finds it funny and starts giggling!

28th -30th December

Lilly rose is getting the hang of walking! Yeahhh!

Mum wants me to move back to Chicago and become a Teacher at one of the local schools!

She also thinks it’s not a good idea for a single mother to raise a child on her own and that I need to find another husband!

HMMM, I don’t think so!

January 1st 2021 – New years day!

New year, fresh start! Still haven’t heard from Darius , I’ve stopped caring!

I go out with the family for dinner and then see the fireworks display at the navy pier.

It’s well past her bedtime, Lilly rose gets excited when she sees the bright lights in the sky.

I ring Claire to say Happy new year, Claire picks up the phone and doesn’t sound like herself!

She says she’s going through changes and she wants to be left alone in a loud voice. What ever happened to a fresh start?


Jenny wonders how the character Bridget Jones manages to keep a diary, it’s such hard work!

James had to go back to New York to get his story publishes for the charity ball so he got an earlier flight.

4th January 2021

Its really cold as it has been snowing! It’s Dave death anniversary date!

Jenny feels really sad as she’s missing Dave and the sad memories come flooding back!

Jenny starts crying at the breakfast table.

“What’s the matter dear? Says Mrs Jones looking concerned.

“It’s Dave’s death anniversary date, I’m going to take Lilly rose to visit his grave at the Cemetery.

“I’m so sorry dear, I completely forget.” Says Mrs Jones.

Both her parents go up to Jenny to give her hug.

“I’ll drive you both to the cemetery but make sure you and Lilly rose wrap up warm to go to the Cemetery as it’s cold outside." Says Mr Jones.

“Thanks Dad, I’ll just get Lilly rose ready!” Says Jenny.

Jenny dresses Lilly rose in her winter clothes with leggings and her coat.

She looks so adorable! Jenny kisses her on both cheeks.

“Now it’s Mama’s turn to get ready.” Says Jenny with a big smile on his face. Jenny wears a black jumper, blue jeans and a long coat.

Jenny walks down the stairs to be greeted by her Father.

“You know Jenny, you’re my favourite daughter!” Says Mr Jones smiling form ear to ear.

“Dad, you can’t say things like that, Violet is your daughter too!” Says Jenny giggling.

“Ahh not so loud, don’t tell Violet I told you that! It's our secret, now give me a smile, I don’t want you feeling sad!” Says Mr Jones.

Jenny tries to give her dad the best smile ever!

“That’s my girl, no more tears. Don’t mind your mother, She only wants what’s best for you because she loves you deep down!” Says Mr Jones.

“Okay Dad!” Says Jenny getting into the car with Lilly rose. Both of you are wrapped up in layers!

Jenny can’t stop thinking about her past life. She was always Daddy’s girl. He was a professor in Physics at Chicago University. That’s how Jenny got her passion for Science.

Where as your mother was a music teacher. Violet too after Mrs Jones as she was very creative!

Jenny’s parents were introduced to each other through their families. Their love for each other was very strong! Jenny had that once with Dave. He was Jenny’s soulmate but would you ever find love like that again? Jenny wasn’t sure.

Violet brought some pink Roses for Jenny to put on Dave’s grave.

Mr Raymond carries Lilly rose as Jenny walks towards Dave’s grave stone. The tears start to roll down her cheeks.

After a few minutes, she finds the grave. She crouches down with Lilly rose to place the flowers on the ground. Mr Jones gives Jenny some space by standing back a few yards.

“Look Lilly rose, it’s Daddy!” Says Jenny with a sad looking expression on her face.

Lilly rose looks confused when she sees Jenny pointing to the hard

Cold gravestone. Lilly rose walks away from Jenny turning her

Attention towards the brightly coloured flowers.

Jenny says a quick prayer and wipes away the tears.

“Oh Dave, I miss you so much. Look at our little girl , she’s so cute and growing up so quickly!” I love you Dave and I’ll always love you.” Says Jenny wiping ways away her tears.

Although it’s cold and its been snowing, the sun comes out for a brief moment , she feels a cold breeze on her face!

“Dave!” Whispers Jenny

She can hear Lilly rose saying Dadda and then feels a hand on her shoulder!

Jenny turns around to see Darius standing behind her with his shades on and Lilly rose trying to balance herself by holding onto Darius ’s leg. He picks her up and gives her a kiss on her right cheek.

“Hello Lilly rose, God I’ve missed you and you’ve learnt how to walk!” Says Darius with a big smile on his face.

Lilly rose chuckles and waves her hands in the air!

Jenny rushes over to Darius and gives him a big hug. It feels so good to see him!

He kisses Jenny’s for head.

“What are you doing here?” Says Jenny raising her right eye brow.

“I’ve missed you both so much and I’ve come to take you home!” Says Darius with a smile on his face.

There’s a coughing sound in the back ground, its Mr Jones.

“Is everything okay, Poppette?” Says Mr Jones.

Jenny nods her head, she then introduces Mr Jones to Darius, Darius sticks his hand out for a hand shake.

“Darius Hameed Sir, it’s nice to meet you.”

“I know who you are! Just make sure you take good care of my daughter.” Says Mr Jones raising his right eyebrow.

After some hesitation, Mr Jones shakes Darius’s hand looking at him very sternly!

Jenny holds back so she can talk to Darius.

“Dad, go ahead, I need to speak to Darius.” Says Jenny.

“Okay love, I’ll take Lilly rose to the car!” Says Mr Jones.

“What are you doing here?” Asks Jenny.

“Nazreen told me you had taken some time off work because Lilly rose was I’ll.” Says Darius.

“I went to Jamaica estate to check on you, noticed you weren’t at home but then went to your neighbours house to find out where you were. She told me you had gone to Chicago to spend time with your family for Christmas.

“I can’t believe Angela told you where I was!” Says Jenny with a smile on her face.

“As I mentioned before, I’ve come to take you home and we can’t stand out here for too long. The sun’s out and I need to get back to the car!” Says Darius.

“There’s no need as I’ve booked my return flight for this afternoon.” Says Jenny

“Cancel it, you’re coming with me and I’m not taking No for an answer.” Says Darius.

Jenny shrugs her shoulders, what choice do you have? Jenny says goodbye to her family and goes home with Darius on his private jet. The journey doesn’t take long and you’ve reached JFK airport in no time!

The chauffer collects the three passengers from the airport.

“Hang on a minute, where are you taking me? This is not the way to my house!” Says Jenny with a frown on her face.

“ We are going to my penthouse suite in Manhattan!” Says Darius with a big grin on his face.

You all arrive at the Penthouse suite, nicely decorated and very

Contemporary. It looks like a Batchelor pad and could do with a female touch. White leather couch, a nice table and furniture.

The sun comes through, Darius quickly asks you to pull the blinds down.

The master bedroom is nicely furnished and there are two guest rooms, you take a look at the view. The Manhattan skyline looks amazing!

“Wow, look at the view!” Says Jenny excitedly

Jenny shows Lilly rose the Empire state building and The Chrysler tower!

“Wooo!” Says Lilly rose looking excited!

Darius stands backs as Jenny pulls down the blinds. He smiles at Jenny.

Jenny puts down Lilly rose who starts to crawl on the floor!

“We need to talk, where have you been and why haven’t you responded to any of my text messages! “ Says Jenny with a frown on her face.

“I’m so sorry baby, my old phone broke and I lost all my contact details!” Says Darius.

“What were you doing in San Francisco?” Asks Jenny.

“I was chasing up a lead, the break in we had in our labs was an inside job. Somebody from my organisation was taking our vaccines and selling them to our rival company called Morgan international!” Says Darius.

“How do you know it’s an inside job?” Says Jenny.

“The Scientists at the company inserted tiny microchips onto the tiny bottles that stored the Vaccines so that they could be tracked when being distributed and for security” Says Darius.

“So what happened next?” Asks Jenny.

“I became close to the Boss’s wife so that she could trust me enough to let me in and find out information about the missing vaccines.” Says Darius.

“Is that who you were with that night at the charity dinner?” Asks Jenny.

“Yes, her name is Mrs Maria Gonzalez, I heard her marriage was on the rocks and her husband was cheating on her! So I made my move and pretended I liked her and I fancied her. I took he out for dinner and brought her gifts.” Says Darius.

“Did you sleep with her?” Asks Jenny.

“No, I couldn’t do it! She tried to seduce me just after the charity ball but I couldn’t go through with it!” Says Darius.

“Why do you look so guilty?” Asks Jenny.

“Because it made me realise you’re my girl and you’re the one I want to give myself to body, heart and soul and I couldn’t bare seeing you kiss another guy at the charity ball. I felt really jealous!" Says Darius.

“It was just a kiss!” Says Jenny with a soft smile on her face.

“I didn’t like it and no matter what I do or where I am, I can’t stop thinking about you!”

Says Darius with a smile on his face. He puts his hand on Jenny’s face, she starts to cry feeling overwhelmed with her emotions.

“I love you.” Says Darius with soft eyes. He gives Jenny a soft kiss on her lips.

“So what happened next?” Asks Jenny.

“My ICT engineer managed to hack into one of their computers. We found a hard copy contract with a signature. Someone in my company was selling my product to the rival company.” Says Darius.

“OMG, who was it?” Asks Jenny.

“It was Chloe!” Says Darius with a frown on his face.

“No surprises there, she’s a nasty piece of work! You need to have her arrested, that was a breach of confidentiality!” Says Jenny sounding cross.

“Nazreen has informed me she has not been coming to work, she must be on the run!” Says Darius.

“Aren’t you scared she’s going to expose you for being a vampire?” Asks Jenny.

“She wouldn’t dare and whose going to believe her? It’s her word against mine! It’s important that we locate her so we can hypnotize her so she can forget she ever worked for me!” Says Darius.

“Doesn’t her Dad have shares in the company?” Says Jenny.

Darius Looks at Jenny with a smile on his face.

“I’m impressed you remembered! I’ve brought back the shares and sold him out, so there won’t be any problems there!” Says Darius with a big grin on his face!

Jenny feels there’s a headache coming on and her stomach starts to rumble.

“I need to check on Lilly rose but where is she going to sleep?” Asks Jenny.

Darius takes Jenny’s hands and leads her to one of the guest rooms, Jenny notices in the corner, a cot that has been set up.

“OMG, you got a cot ready for Lilly rose! Thanks for being so thoughtful!" Says Jenny crying happy tears as she gives Darius a hug.

She drinks her bottled water and takes out her cereal bar to help with the hunger pangs!

“I would like to sleep in the guest room today if that’s okay!” Says Jenny.

“Sure, I’ll see you to your room!” Says Darius.

He escorts Jenny to the guest room and carries her suitcase, Lilly rose toddles behind Jenny.

It’s a nicely furnished room with a double bed and two lampshades on either side of the bed.

“Wow, such a lovely room! Nice to have a big bed all to myself and an ensuite bathroom, yes, thanks do much!” Says Jenny with a big smile on her face.

“You’re welcome!” Says Darius.

Jenny picks up Lilly rose from the floor and places her on the bed. Before you know it, Jenny’s eyelids feel very heavy and she falls asleep! It’s the jet lag catching up with her. Lilly rose also falls asleep. Jenny puts a protective arm over her!

Time has flown by and it’s 7pm! Jenny jumps out of bed not recognising where she is!

“OMG, where am I?” Says Jenny with raised eyebrows.

Jenny can hear Darius shouting in the background!

“Jenny, wake up, it’s dinner time!” Shouts Darius at the top of his voice.

It then hits Jenny, she’s staying in Darius appartment! Lilly rose suddenly wakes up with the loud noises.

“Wakey, wakey Lilly rose, it’s dinner time and we need to go and eat!” Says Jenny.

Lily rose looks sheepishly at Jenny as she picks her up and places Lilly rose over her right hip!

The aroma from the kitchen hits Jenny’s senses like a freight train!

“Hmmm, that smells lovely!” Says Jenny closing her eyes!

“What have you cooked for us to eat?” Asks Jenny.

“Pasta with tomato sauce, some basil parmesan cheese, would you like some red wine?” Says Darius with a big glint in his eyes!

Jenny starts to giggle as she starts to remember what happened last time.

“No thanks, I’ll stick to soft drinks this evening!” Says Jenny with a grin on her face!

Darius passes the plate of food to Jenny, she admires his work and with her fork, takes a tiny morsel and bites into it!

“This is so delicious, you’re an amazing cook!” Says Jenny savouring every mouthful!

Darius smiles at Jenny and gives her a wink!

Jenny feeds Lilly rose a few pieces of pasta, she tries to reach out for Jenny’s glass of cola zero, Jenny moves the baby’s hand out of the way! Lilly rose takes a sip of the tap water. Dinner is demolished in no time and Darius offers Jenny some ice-cream!

“Thanks for a lovely dinner, I’m going to bed now as I’m feeling tired!” Says Jenny yawning.

“Good night Jenny!” Says Darius.

Jenny gives Darius a soft smile and takes Lilly rose to the guest room and places her in the cot. Her eyelids look heavy. She falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow!

Darius stands near the door of the guest room, he tries to give her Jenny a kiss on the lips but she moves her face out of the way so he ends up kissing her cheek instead!

Jenny is not in the mood to get intimate, as she’s not happy the way he made her feel just before the Christmas holidays and he has a lot of making up to do!

“Good night Darius!” Says Jenny closing the door for some privacy!

Jenny opens the suitcase to take out her night shirt when she finds the unopened gift that Violet gave her.

“What is this? Oh yes, it’s the gift from Violet and she did say to unwrap it whilst I was alone in private!” Whispers Jenny to herself.

She quickly unwraps the gold gift paper revealing two sexy night garments. Jenny goes into the bathroom to try them on!

“Hmmm, very sexy and I love the feel of the lace and silk and it shows off my Cleavage!” Says Jenny with a sexy glint in her eyes.

She takes it off and tries the burgundy nightdress!

“Hmm, very nice, I’m going to pick the black one to wear tonight!” Says Jenny with a big smile on her face!

She takes off her bra and puts on the sexy black nightdress. She brushes her teeth and gets into bed.

There’s a soft knock on the door as she hides under the bed covers!

“Everything okay?” Says Darius with a cheeky grin on his face.

“Yes everything is fine, thank you!” Says Jenny yawning!

Darius smiles as he gets a glimpse of the straps of Jenny’s night dress.

“Good night Jenny!” Says Darius with a soft smile, he plants a kiss on Jenny’s for head!

“Good night Darius!” Says Jenny closing her eyes.

A couple of hours pass, Jenny tosses and turns in her bed but she can’t sleep.

She tries counting sheep but nothing seems to be working! She then feels a cold hand on her left shoulder, it almost makes her jump out of her skin!

“Hey you awake?” Says Darius

“You frightened me, yes I’m still awake as I can’t sleep!” Says Jenny with sheepish eyes.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, I can’t sleep neither, come over here!” Says Darius with a soft smile on his face. He pats the edge of the bed.

He takes Jenny’s hand and sits next to her on the edge of the bed, he turns on one of the lamps.

“Let me take a look at you, god you’re so beautiful even in this light, let me see all of you!” Says Darius with a cheeky grin on his face!

He starts to kiss Jenny’s for head, her cheeks and plants a soft kiss on her lips and then kisses her cleavage giving the boobs a small squeeze!

“I love your sexy big boobs, lift your arms up"Says Darius licking his lips.

He takes off the nightdress over Jenny’s head and tosses it to one side!

“Gorgeous!” Says Darius as he places both hands over Jenny’s boobs. His lips land on her lips and he kisses her passionately teasing her tongue with his.

“Jenny, I’ve missed you so much!” Says Darius kissing Jenny’s neck. His fang comes out as he nips the skin on Jenny’s neck, he starts to suck her blood, Jenny feels pain as well as pleasure at the same time! She grabs his hair!

“Ahh baby, that feels good!” Says Jenny with her eyes closed.

Darius places his finger over the nip on Jenny’s neck which heals and goes back to normal!

He then starts to kiss Jenny’s boobs, kissing the nipples and making them feel very hard. He starts to suck the right nipple flicking it with his tongue and then he sucks the left nipple making it become hard.

“Ahh baby, don’t stop!” Says Jenny feeling a throbbing pain in her folds.

He then pushes Jenny onto the bed, kissing her boobs and moving his tongue down to her stomach. With his slender fingers, he quickly pulls off her panties and tosses them to one side. He then lifts her right leg and places it over his right shoulder, he starts kissing Jenny’s right leg and then kisses her right thigh. His lips hover over her bud. Darius starts to kiss the bud and sticks his tongues into the folds. He starts to suck her folds making Jenny feel very wet! His tongue then caresses her clit!

“Hmm, I can taste you!” Says Darius closing his eyes and savouring the moment.

It doesn’t take much for Jenny to get excited as she comes over his mouth and lips.

“Darius!” Screams Jenny feeling so much pleasure and the best orgasm she’s had in ages.

“I need to pee!” Says Jenny going to the bathroom.

After she finishes peeing, she feels exposed as she stands there naked in the bathroom looking at herself in the mirror and she feeling cold. She has a quick shower being careful not to wet her hair! She dries herself off and feels cold, her nipples are very hard. Jenny wears a bathrobe, washes her mouth with the mouth wash to freshen her breath!

As she comes out of the bathroom, she drops a hint to Darius to freshen up as he has licked her out!

She sits at the edge of the bed waiting for him, after a few minutes, she notices he has a hard on through his boxer shorts!

“Now where were we?” Says Jenny with a smile on her face.

“I’d say right here!” Says Darius with a cheeky grin on his face!

He takes off the bathrobe letting it slip on the floor and he starts to kiss Jenny passionately.

Jenny helps Darius take off his boxer shorts! She pushes him on the bed and she kisses his cheeks, his neck, his chest and his nipples. She then leads a trail of kisses down to his stomach. His c..k is very hard, she places her hands over his c…k and starts to stroke it!

“Hmm baby, that feels so good, don’t stop!” Says Darius with his eyes closed.

She kisses the tip of his c…..k and licks it gently applying saliva as lubrication!

“Ahh baby, that feels soooo good, don’t stop!” Says Darius.

Jenny then applies some saliva and she applies it to his shaft, she moves her mouth inch by inch over his shaft. She gets into a rhythm and moves her mouth up and down over his c….k!

His c…..k is very hard .

Jenny then straddles him and places his cock over her bud. She then impales him by thrusting down onto his gorgeous c….k!

She builds up a rhythm and they are both in sync as their hips move together in harmony. He grabs Jenny’s boobs and gives them a squeeze!

“You’re a sexy woman and you’re mine!” Says Darius.

“Oh baby!” Shouts Jenny.

A few minutes later, he ejaculates inside Jenny.

“Jenny!” Shouts Darius.

He then rolls over and falls asleep, she feels hot and sweaty but after a few minutes, starts to feel cold. She quickly puts on her black nightdress and gets underneath the duvet covers.

Darius turns over and spoons her from behind.

Jenny manages to get some sleep but then, the nightmare starts again!

It’s the full moon and Jenny is in her nightdress running in Central park! The howling gets louder as the creature gets closer to Jenny!

The werewolf is chasing her, It jumps in the air, as it lands, it slashes her arms with it’s sharp claws!

Jenny starts screaming as the blood pours out of the wound! The moon gets hidden behind some clouds and it becomes very dark!

The werewolf morphs back into its human form! It’s a female with blonde hair. As she turns around, she smiles at Jenny!

Jenny wakes up in a sweat and starts screaming!

“OMG, it’s Claire!”

Darius immediately jolts out up from the bed!

“What’s wrong baby?” Says Darius with a concerned look on his face. He starts rubbing Jenny’s back.

“I just has a nightmare, my friend is in big trouble!” says Jenny with her mouth wide open!

“How do you know? What did you see?” Asks Darius

“I had a vision of a werewolf morphing back into its human form and I saw Claire!” Says Jenny

“That’s impossible as the next full moon is not until January some time!” Says Darius.

“But during the attack in Central park, my friend got slashed by the beast on her chest and stomach! Isn’t there a chance she could become a werewolf? Please, we need to help her!” Says Jenny

Darius gives Jenny a hug and she finds some comfort in his arms.

Can Claire be helped? Will she turn into a were wolf?

That's all Jenny can think about as she tries to go back to sleep because time is running out and Claire needs help!

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