love at first bite

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Chapter 19- Back to Business

January 4th

Betsy is back home and its good to have her back! Back at work, Chloe has disappeared and Jenny has typed up the reports. She received a text from James to ask if she’s free for dinner on the 8th January as he has some assignments and deadlines to meet before the 8th January. Jenny texts back and says its fine Angela is busy that evening and can’t baby sit as she’s going out to visit her family!

Jenny confirms dinner with James at her house , she leaves her desk to go to Darius office.

She knocks on the door and waits patiently. Darius opens the door, Nazreen is inside talking to him. She smiles at Jenny to acknowledge her and then leaves the office.

“Hi Jenny, how can I help you? He says in a formal tone.

“Hi, with all the chaos over the last few weeks, I forgot to give this to you.” Says Jenny.

Darius looks at the package with a surprised expression on his face!

“It’s a belated Christmas present!” Says Jenny .

He has a smile on his face as he accepts the gift.

“Thanks so much, that’s very thoughtful of you!” Says Darius unwrapping the gift paper.

His face lights up when he sees the engraved pen and Burberry scarf.

“I love them, I like the engraving and I’m going to use my pen for work and wear the scarf which will come in handy for the cold weather. ”Says Darius placing his pen inside his blazer pocket.

Darius closes the distance between Jenny and himself and gives her a hug and soft kiss on her lips. He looks at Jenny and realises there’s something else on her mind!

“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” Says Darius with a concerned look on his face.

“It’s about the nightmare I had when my friend turns into a were wolf, can you tell me when the next full moon is?” Asks Jenny.

“I’ll have to check the lunar calendar, why do you ask?” Says Darius raising an eyebrow!

“I’m worried about my friend Claire .When I called her, she didn’t herself, she was moody and quite aggressive!” Says Jenny.

Darius starts laughing.

“ Women get moody and aggressive all the time especially before their periods, isn’t that known as PMS?" Says Darius raising his right eyebrow.

Jenny starts to giggle.

“Yes, some women do get PMS but talking to Claire that day felt different, I feel this is more than PMS!” Says Jenny.

Darius looks at the lunar cycle and looks up at Jenny.

“The next full moon will be on January the 10th!” Says Darius

“OMG, that’s in four days time, we haven’t got much time and we need to help her before it’s too late. I read in a book that after her first kill, she will become a werewolf permanently. How’s that transformation serum coming along? Is it ready?” Asks Jenny.

“There’s a shipment of the lotus flower coming in tomorrow from China, I can then start perfecting it!” Says Darius.

“Can we use it on werewolves as I don’t want my friend to become a werewolf for the rest of her life and kill innocent people!” Says Jenny with tears building up in her eyes.

“I don’t think the serum will work on werewolves and we may not be able to save your friend!” Says Darius with a solemn looking expression on his face.

The tears roll down Jenny’s cheeks as she looks up at Darius. He closes the distance and gives Jenny a hug.

“Please, there must be something we can do!” Says Jenny sobbing into Darius chest.

He strokes Jenny’s hair!

“Shhh, it’s going to be okay, how much does this mean to you?” Asks Darius with a soft voice.

“It means a lot to me, she’s my best friend. This is the first full moon since her attack in Central park in December. We have to help her!” Says Jenny.

“Okay, please don’t worry! We’ll give it a shot and see what happens!” Says Darius giving a soft kiss on her lips! Take care and I’ll hopefully catch up with you during the weekend.” Says Darius.

Jenny leaves the office and then goes home.

January 8th 2021 – Dinner date with James.

Jenny is so glad it’s Friday evening. She heard through the grapevine that James likes Thai cuisine! Jenny decides to make a Thai green curry, she checks google for the recipe.

Jenny adds the vegetable oil into the saucepan and turns down the heat, she adds the green paste and the brown sugar. She then gives it a stir! She adds the lemon grass and the chicken breast pieces. She gives it a good stir. She then adds the coconut milk.

“Hmmm, smells so good!” Says Jenny stirring the saucepan with her wooden spoon.

Lilly rose starts cooing!

Betsy starts wagging her tail and barks softly.

Jenny adds the fish stock and the coriander, she then adds the freshly squeezed lime juice. With her wooden spoon, she checks the seasoning!

“Hmmm, delicious!” Says Jenny closing her eyes.

“Decittee!” Says Lilly rose trying to copy Jenny.

Jenny gets the rice ready in the rice cooker , they always say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach! Dave loved Jenny’s cooking!

James arrives at 8.30pm, Betsy starts to sniff him and follow him round the house. He plays with her. He picks up Lilly rose and pretends she’s a plane by holding her up in the air!

She giggles with a cheeky grin on her face.

James has brought some cheese cake and a bottle of wine. Jenny chats to James whilst he sits on her couch with his casual shirt and khaki coloured jeans. Jenny sets the table with the plates and cutlery and then serves the food.

“Oh Jenny, this smells really great. Here, have a glass of wine!” Says James with a glint in his eyes.

He pours Jenny a glass of wine, she remembers what happened last time with Darius!

“Okay, just the one glass please!” Says Jenny with a smile on her face.

“Here’s to good company and good food, cheers!” Says James

“Cheers!” Says Jenny, clicking her glass with James glass.

James and Jenny tuck into their food.

“This is so yummy, how did you know I like Thai food?” Asks James.

“A little birdie told me!” Says Jenny with a smile on her face.

Jenny sips her wine slowly and before she realises it, her glass is empty!

James tries to pour Jenny another glass of wine, she puts her hand over the glass.

“No thanks James, I’m fine!” Says Jenny.

“Come on, live a little! It’s the weekend after all!” Says James with a glint in his eyes.

“Okay, just one more glass!” Says Jenny starting to feel happy.

“So tell me about your next assignment, what are you working on?” Asks Jenny.

“I’m writing an article on the attacks that took place at central park.” Says James.

“Why are you so interested in that story?” Asks Jenny.

“ The attacks took place when the full moon was out, I think there’s something fishy going on!” Says James looking at Jenny.

“ What do you mean fishy?” Asks Jenny.

“Do you believe in the supernatural?” Asks James.

Jenny raises her eyebrows.

“The supernatural?” Asks Jenny

“You know, vampires and werewolves! I believe these attacks and killings were not carried out by humans but by werewolves. My boss wants a juicy story and I’m going to give him one!” Says James winking at Jenny.

“Werewolves are not real and they don’t exist!” Says Jenny.

“Well I’m going to prove they do exist and I’m going to Central park on the 10th January as there’s a full moon that night and I’m going to get my story!” Says James with a determined look on his face!

“Please be careful as it could get quite dangerous out there! I should know because my friend got attacked on December 12th at Central park!” Says Jenny with a lump in her throat!

“I’m sorry to hear that, how is she?” Asks James.

“Her recovery is slow and she feels very traumatised but apart form that, she’s okay!”Says Jenny.

She feels guilty for lying, of course werewolves exist but how could she tell James the truth?

James helps Jenny clear the table and wash up the dishes! Jenny gets two small plates ready as she cuts out two slices of the strawberry cheese cake!

The alcohol makes Jenny start to giggle.

She picks up a spoonful of the cheesecake and puts into her mouth.

“Hmmm, this is so delicious! It feels like a piece of heaven!” Says Jenny closing her eyes.

“Hmmm, so delicious!” Says James licking his spoon.

“Here let me feed you!” Says Jenny excitedly taking a spoonful of the cheesecake.

Jenny is aiming the cake for his mouth but it ends up falling onto James’s shirt!

“Ooops, I’m so sorry!” Says Jenny putting her hand over her mouth. She grabs a tissue to wipe the stain but it just makes it worse.

“OMG, take your shirt off, I’ll get you one of Dave’s shirts to wear.” Says Jenny walking out of the dining area.

Jenny goes to the bedroom and swings open the wardrobe where Dave kept his clothes. Most of Dave’s clothes were given away to charity but Jenny kept the brand new items.

James looks like he’s the same size as Dave. As Jenny comes back into the dining area, James is standing there topless! Jenny gasps when she sees his toned chest. James closes the distance between him and Jenny and gives her a hug.

“Jenny, I know you’re my best buddy’s kid sister but I’m in love with you and I will always be in love with you.” Says James with passion in his eyes.

His lips land on Jenny’s. It’s starts off with a soft kiss and then becomes passionate! She puts her hand on his chest. His hand moves down to jenny’s right boob and he gives it a squeeze. James and Jenny pull apart looking at each other breathless.

Lilly Rose starts crying because she wants some attention from her mother and Betsy wags her tail.

“I’m sorry, I have to check on my baby, please put this shirt on!” Says Jenny giving James Dave’s blue shirt whilst she checks on Lilly rose.

“I’m sorry, it’s getting late and I think you should go, I’ll return your shirt to you the next time I see you.” Says Jenny.

James looks at you with a solemn expression

“No worries thanks for the shirt, it’s a good fit, take care of yourself and Lilly rose!” Says James kissing Jenny on the for head.

Betsy starts to bark, he strokes her fur and walks out of the door.

January 10th 2021

It’s Sunday and it’s the day of the full moon. She makes arrangements for Angela to look after Lilly rose. It’s still quite cold outside. Jenny wears a hooded coat to keep her warm.

Jenny takes James shirt (which she had dry cleaned and pressed) and

Places it into a bag to return to James at the park.

Darius calls Jenny before she leaves the house.

“Jenny , the transformation serum is ready, Please be careful and we will meet you near the Alice in wonderland statue at 8pm!” “Says Darius.

“Thanks Darius, I will see you later!” Says Jenny.

Jenny tries to call James but it goes to voicemail.

“Damn it, pick up your phone!” Says Jenny.

Jenny then dials Claire’s number but there’s no answer, it also goes to voicemail.

“Claire, where are you? I’m worried about you and I’m on my way to Central park. So please call back when you get this message!” Says Jenny in a frustrated tone.

Jenny catches the cab to take her to central park, she waits patiently for Claire to call her back but she never does! Jenny feels her heart pumping very fast and her adrenaline flowing.

As Jenny enters the park, there are a few people around jogging and a few dog carers walking their dogs. She feels safe for the time being but the further she walks into the park, the darker it gets and the quieter it becomes!

Jenny dials James mobile number, this time he picks up! Phew, what a relief!

“Hey Jenny, I was just thinking about you, how are you? Are you okay?” Asks James.

“Hi, I’m well, I’m actually in central park, where are you? Are you star gazing? Says Jenny laughing.

James also starts to laugh.

“What are you doing in Central park?” Asks James.

“I wanted to return something to you and I think I can see you now!” Says Jenny sounding relieved!

James sits on the bench with his camera in his hand and waves at Jenny as she approaches him.

“Hi stranger, fancy bumping into you here and I see you’ve brought back my favourite shirt!”

Says James with a smile on his face. He stands up to give Jenny a hug!

There’s an overcast of many clouds in the sky, Jenny can’t see the moon as it’s hidden!

“I’m meeting some friends who have a lot of knowledge about the paranormal as they like to do documentaries! Why don’t you come and join us?” Says Jenny excitedly.

“Sure, there’s not much going on here!” Says James with a big grin on his face.

They interlock their arms together as they walk off together.

“So what did you study at University?” Asks Jenny.

“English literature and language. I loved Shakespeare and I read all the Harry potter books, I was a real geek.” Says James winking at Jenny.

“What made you want to become a Journalist?” Asks Jenny.

“I loved writing stories and I was part of a committee that reported events that were important to students and we printed the magazines to be sold afterwards!” Says James

Jenny hears a couple of twigs breaking and a low growl, her heart skips a beat and her hands start to sweat!

“Did you hear that?” Asks Jenny.

“No, what did it sound like?” Asks James.

“A low growling noise!” Says Jenny with a lump in her throat. As she turns around, she notices a fox walking near the trees looking for food.

“It’s okay, its just a fox!” Says James

The moon suddenly appears in the sky with no clouds to cover it up, you then hear a loud howling noise. Jenny’s heart starts beating very fast. She starts to squeeze James arms!

A were wolf suddenly jumps a few meters in front of James and Jenny ………….

“What the f….k? Shouts James at the top of his voice. He grabs the camera to take some photographs, the flashes temporarily affects the werewolf’s eyes!

After a few minutes, the werewolf gains its composure and runs towards James lifting him up and throwing him towards a tree!

James falls on the ground with a big thud which knocks him out! The creature bares its teeth and starts to move towards Jenny jumping in the air!

“Please someone, help me!” Screams Jenny at the top of her voice.

As the werewolf lands on the ground, a quick flash appears, Nazreen and Darius have arrived barring their fangs and red eyes!

Darius takes out his sword and with one swipe, decapitates the werewolf by slicing through its head! The beast is dead and it morphs back into its human form. The severed head lies next to Jenny but she’s too frightened to look! She starts to tremble as there’s blood everywhere!

“OMG, thank God you both got here when you did!” Says Jenny sounding relieved.

Darius red eyes disappear and his fangs recede. He gives Jenny a hug and a soft kiss.

“We heard you screaming, Nazreen and I rushed over here to rescue you. Are you okay?” Asks Darius.

“Yes I’m okay now but James looks hurt.” Says Jenny in a concerned tone.

Nazreen quickly runs towards James. She checks his pulse and his breathing.

“He’ll be fine, he’s still breathing and his pulse is still there!” Says Nazreen.

“We’ll get one of our clan members to keep an eye on him!” Says Nazreen.

“Thank God but my friend Claire is still out there!” Says Jenny frowning.

“Stick with us, we will protect you!” Says Darius with a soft smile. He holds out his hand to help Jenny stand up.

“Thank you Darius,” Says Jenny feeling a warm sensation when she holds Darius hand.

Jenny walks further into the park with Nazreen and Darius. She feels safe and protected.

As the group walk along the pathway, another werewolf watches all of them from a tree!

It’s been twenty minutes but there is still no sign of the other beast.

“I don’t think we are going to get much action now, we really should start making our way home.” Says Jenny.

“I wouldn’t speak so soon, I’m picking up on a scent!” Says Darius scratching his head.

Just as he says that, another werewolf jumps in front of Darius and slashes his arm with its sharp claws. It howls loudly baring its large teeth.

Darius shrieks in pain as he rolls over to one side!

“OMG, Darius!” Screams Jenny.

The werewolf turns to look at Jenny, Jenny notices the gold pendant around the creature’s neck.

The same pendant she gave Claire for Christmas!

“OMG Claire, is that you?” Asks Jenny.

The creature stops howling and looks at Jenny with a soft expression. Then after a few minutes, the werewolf starts to growl showing off its large teeth.

With the distraction, Nazreen manages to slice off its flesh near the side of its abdomen!

The werewolf howls in pain.

Four other vampires appear who Jenny doesn’t recognise. The vampires pin the werewolf down on the ground! The werewolf struggles to set free.

Nazreen lifts her sword getting ready to decapitate the creature!

“No, please don’t kill her. She’s my friend Claire.” Says Jenny trembling, the tears building up in her eyes.

“It’s too late, there’s nothing we can do to save her!” Says Nazreen shaking her head.

“No Nazreen, stop! Don’t kill the creature, as we might be able to save by turning it back into it's human form again!” Shouts Darius.

Nazreen stops for a minute and looks at Darius with a puzzled look on her face.

“Jenny, take the transformation serum and inject it into its body.” Shouts Darius gritting his teeth as he’s still in pain.

Darius throws the syringe towards Jenny, she catches it with ease!

“Nice reflexes.” Says Mr Chang.

“You’ve got five minutes to inject that creature, if the serum doesn’t work, I will kill the beast. Is that clear?” Says Nazreen looking very stern.
“Yes!” Says Jenny trembling. She takes deep breaths.

Jenny takes the injection and injects the creature near the stomach region.

Everybody watches patiently, at first, nothing happens but then the creature morphs back into Claire. The pendant hanging off her neck. Jenna rolls over to one side, there are no wounds on her body!

Jenny smiles as she’s so relieved the transformation serum has worked. Jenny takes off her coat and covers Claire’s naked body!

“OMG, it worked, are you okay Claire?” Says Jenny with tears in her eyes.

The other vampires look relieved and Nazreen lets a big sigh and puts her sword down,

“Jenny, where am I?” Asks Claire. Jenny gives Claire a big hug and a kiss on her for head.

“Who are these people and why am I naked” Asks Claire with her mouth wide open.

“You really don’t remember anything do you? It’s cold, please put my coat on.” Says Jenny helping Claire put the coat on.

“I’m just glad, I’ve got my best friend back, you gave me quite the scare back there!” Says Jenny with a big a smile on her face.

“What happened? I don’t remember anything!” Says Claire with her mouth wide open.

“Even if I told you, you won’t believe me!” Says Jenny with a big grin on her face.

“Darius is down, he’s losing a lot of blood and he’s not healing!” Shrieks Nazreen.

“I know what to do!” Says Jenny going over to Darius.

Darius looks very weak, very pale and his wound is not healing!

Human blood is what he needs, Jenny roles up her sleeves to expose the skin on her right forearm.

“Here drink my blood!” Says Jenny smiling softly.

Darius looks up at Jenny through squinted eyes.

“Are you sure?” Asks Darius still looking very weak.

Jenny nods her head,

Darius eyes turn red and his fangs descend.

He bites into Jenny’s forearm, the blood starts dripping out, he starts to suck and drink the blood. Jenny feels so much pain and pleasure at the same time. After a few minutes, his wound heals very quickly and his skin goes back to normal. He starts to get his strength back and stands up. He gives Jenny a hug.

“Thank you, you saved my life!” He whispers into her right ear.

Darius puts his thumb over the bite mark on Jenny’s forearm, after a few minutes, Jenny’s skin heals up!

“Looks as good as new!” Says Jenny with a big smile on her face.

The other vampires are happy to see Darius on his feet and they give him a group hug.

“That’s what you call a family!” Says Jenny.

“What were you doing to Darius?” Asks Claire.

“Its been a long evening, I promise I will explain things later but not right now as you look very tired and we need to get you home!” Says Jenny squeezing Claire’s hand.

“Guys, we have a 911 situation and we need to do a sweep!” Shouts Darius.

“What is a sweep?” Asks Jenny.

“I can hear the cop sirens and we need to clear the evidence!” Says Nazreen with some urgency.

The were wolf body is removed and disposed later by the vampires. The other vampire brings James back to the group.

“What did I miss and who are all these people? I blacked out and I don’t remember anything” Says James rubbing back of his head.

“Oh f….k, my camera is broken! There goes my story!” Shouts James looking disappointed.

“You didn’t miss much anyway, it turns out there were no creatures and it’s a hoax!” Says Jenny winking at Darius.

“We really need to get going as the cops are coming!” Says Nazreen in a panic.

Everybody starts to run as fast as they can to reach the exit and into a dark vehicle.

James is dropped off at the hospital Lennox hill. James has dislocated his shoulder. The Doctor does a little move to put the bone back into the socket.

“Ahhh!” Gasps James.

His broken arm is put into a plaster cast to heal. Claire is dropped off home, she still can’t remember what happened to her that night in Central park.

Mean while back in Central park, Detective Andersen and Detective Jackson have turned up at the crime scene. They turn on their torches and notice there has been a scuffle!

Detective Anderson crouches on the floor wearing surgical gloves, she shines her UV torch onto the ground and identifies some blood stains.

The detective gets her mobile phone out to contact her colleagues at the station.

“This is Detective Andersen calling from Central park, I need the forensics team pronto as there has been an attack!” Says the Detective with a frown on her face.

Jenny has reached home and feels too exhausted to collect Lilly rose from Angela.

Jenny quickly dials Angela’s number to tell Angela she’ll pick up Lilly rose in the morning!

“Thank God, this day is over!” Says Jenny letting out a big sigh.

As soon as Jenny’s head hits the pillow, she’s out like a light!

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