love at first bite

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Chapter 2- The beast.

Jenny struggles to look ahead as her eyesight is very blurred as it’s full of tears which start to roll down her cheeks. She can see the outline of a huge creature, dark grey fur on its body, big ears and sharp teeth.

“Please don’t hurt me and my baby! “Says Jenny screaming

Jenny protectively covers Lilly rose. The Beast comes closer and its inches away from her face bearing its large teeth!!

Jenny can’t move as she’s frozen on the spot!!

The Beast plunges its teeth into Jenny’s neck!!

“No!” Screams Jenny at the top of her voice.

And then suddenly..........................

Woof Woof!” says Betsy wagging her tail.

The baby monitor starts to go off and Lilly rose is up. It’s 10am. Jenny has had another nightmare!

The tears roll down her cheeks. Her body starts shaking. Betsy looks at her placing it’s paw on Jenny’s arm. She starts stroking Betsie’s fur feeling a great sense of relief!!

The baby monitor is still crackling

Jenny suddenly jumps out of bed and pulls herself together.

“Okay baby girl, Mama' s coming. Says Jenny walking into the nursery to pick up Lilly rose and gives her a big hug!!

“Hello, my darling little cherub. Oh, dear what is that smell? “

Jenny lifts up Lilly rose and takes a whiff of her diaper

WHOA that’s a stinker!! Says Jenny.

Lilly rose chuckles and makes a cooing noise.

“Mummy’s going to change your diaper and give you a quick bath!”

“Woof Woof!” replies Betsy with her tail wagging.

“Why are you so anxious all of a sudden? Of course, you need your breakfast!” Says Jenny.

Jenny pats Betsy’s head and strokes her fur.

“I need to deal with you one at a time!”

It’s hard work looking after two little ones.

Betsy looks up at Jenny with her puppy dog eyes. Jenny feels safe having Betsy around as a guard dog. She was bold, courageous and a little trooper!

Jenny starts to drift off and thinks about how she got into this position. She and Dave were high school sweethearts from Chicago.

Dave became a Doctor and Jenny became a high school Science Teacher.

(As she graduated in Biochemistry) from the University of Chicago.

Jenny and her husband married young. Dave was offered a job in the big Apple (New York) as a junior Doctor.

She followed the love of her life to a new city. A fresh start but she missed Chicago, her parents, her sister because she followed her heart.

DAVE was murdered one night when he was making his way home from work. It was January 4th, 2019. Jenny remembered the date well.

The police said he was attacked by some wild dogs as there were claw marks on his face and bite marks on his body. She could feel the pain and tears rolling down her cheeks.

She later discovered she was pregnant with Lilly rose. The one little reminder for the love she shared with Dave.

Jenny was 25 years old and a widow. A single parent trying to make ends meet. Her teaching job paid the bills but it wasn’t a great salary.

She went on Maternity leave but decided not to return to work as she needed bonding time with Lilly rose. Now that she was a little toddler, she decided it was time to go back to work as she needed the money and the widow’s benefit was not enough to pay the bills.

Lilly rose starts cooing and Betsy's tail hits the side of Jenny's legs.

“What am I going to do? “Says Jenny with a big sigh.

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