love at first bite

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Chapter 20- Tough choices.

Things have gone back to normal and the killings have stopped for now!

Darius is busy working on his transformation serum and James works on his next article!

It’s two days before the valentines ball event on the 14th of February!

Another charity event and she has been invited by both men.

Who will Jenny choose to go with? Jenny was thinking about flipping a coin but then changeS her mind as she thinks it's a silly idea!

She weighs up the pros and cons for both men. She loves them both but for different reasons. Who does she want to spend the rest of her life with?

Lilly rose is asleep, Jenny grabs a piece of paper to write down the pros and cons for both guys!


Pros- He’s handsome, clever, kind, has a good career, rich, very articulate, romantic, a gentleman, very wise, mature, good with kids, sexy and hot! Lilly rose adores him.

Cons- He’s immortal, needs to drink blood to survive, forever young, will outlive you, won’t be able to have children!


Will the transformation serum work?

Will he stick around when Jenny has grown old and he’s for ever young?

And if the transformation serum does work, will Darius go back to his chronological age of 60?

He will look old enough to be her father!


Pros – Good looking. Smart. Kind. Very romantic, funny, he’s a journalist, settled, mature and good with kids. She can extend her family by having a brother or sister for Lilly rose and they can grow old together.

Cons- Doesn’t earn a good salary as he’s just started out in his new career.


Jenny still hasn’t slept with him as she’s taking things very slowly but is he good in bed?

Will there be that physical attraction there?

How will Jenny’s older brother feel about her dating his old buddy?

Jenny checks the list and sees James has less cons!

“Errggghh! I don’t know what to do!” Says jenny shaking her head.

Jenny feels like the Bachelorette, she also has a rose to give to her valentine. She puts her head down on the table.

Jenny calls Claire but there’s no response, she then calls violet but it goes to Voicemail, she doesn’t bother to leave a message.

Jenny decides to give Angela a call, she could do with her wisdom right now. The phone rings and she picks up her phone.

“Hi Angela, good morning. How are you?” Says Jenny.

“Good morning Dalimou, I’m well thanks. How can I help you?” Says Angela

“I’ve been asked out by Darius and James to go to the Valentines ball on Sunday evening. I love them both (in different ways) and I don’t know who to choose. Please help me as I don’t what to do!” Says Jenny.

“Oh Dalimou, that’s a tough one, what is your heart telling you to do? You need to think about Lilly rose as well. Who would be a good father figure for her? It’s a tough decision but only you can decide. Good luck Dalimou!” Says Angela.

“Thanks Angela.” Says Jenny biting her bottom lip, she puts the phone down and sighs.

After a couple of hours, she starts typing two separate text messages.

First text message

Hi, looking forward to going with you to the Valentines ball on Sunday.

Please make sure you pick me up by 6.30pm!

I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us! See you later.

Love Jenny xx

Second text message

Hi, sorry I don’t think it’s going to work out between us. I’m very fond of you but I have to think about my future and what’s best for my baby girl and me.

Take care and best wishes.


Jenny then sends the two different text messages to the two men.

In his Manhattan penthouse, Darius has a velvet blue box which he takes out of his pocket to reveal a Harry Winston Diamond ring!

He gets a text alert and picks up his phone to read the message.

In another part of the city at Greenwich village, James is typing away on his notebook for his next article. When he looks at his mobile phone as he has just received a text alert.

But which guy received which text message and who has Jenny chosen to spend the rest of her life with?

That’s the Million dollar question!


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