love at first bite

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Chapter 3- Shop till you drop.

Jenny feeds the dog and gives Lilly rose a bath. Jenny changes Lilly rose into her clothes. The baby looks up at Jenny with her beautiful green eyes and her cute little smile exposing her baby teeth!

Jenny’s train of thought comes to a big halt as her mobile phone starts to beep!

She takes her phone out of her bag and checks the Calendar. There is an important event which has completely slipped her mind!

“OMG! I’ve got an interview at that new Pharmaceutical Company Glaxo international and I’ve got nothing to wear!”

Jenny checks her purse and remembers she has her Credit card for emergencies!

“This will do!”

The interview has been scheduled for Tuesday. She feels relieved as she has time to prepare for it and get ready for this exciting opportunity.

Jenny loves Science and the fact it means working for this Pharmaceutical Company made her feel incredibly happy.

Jenny lives in Jamaica estate (a detached house)

Dave’s salary paid well but on a single income, Jenny needed the money so she could live comfortably and look after Lilly rose and Betsy.

Jenny starts calling Claire (one of her old colleagues from work) who became a good friend and was there for her when Dave died.

“Hey girl, how are you?” Says Jenny.

“Hi Jenny, nice to hear from you. How are you and Lilly rose?”

“We are well thanks. Listen, I know it has been a while, but I was wondering if you fancied meeting up for a coffee and some cake.” It will be my treat!” Says Jenny with excitement.

A sudden Virus pandemic had reached the USA (from China) Many people had died, and all the Western countries were trying to create a Vaccine to help cure the disease but to no avail! Lockdown was put into place with no contact with family and friends.

It is November 2020. The Lockdown had been lifted and Jenny missed not being in touch with close family and friends. She held her breath as she waited to see what Jenna would say about meeting up. Jenny was praying she would say yes!

“Yes, I would love to meet up. I could do with some fresh air. Just tell me the time and place!” Says Claire.

“Meet me at 12.30pm at Costa Coffee shop. See you later. Chow!” Says Jenny

“See you later!” Says Claire.

Jenny quickly gets changed wearing Jeans, a white blouse, and a Jacket. She wears her black ankle boots; she grabs her baby accessory bag and puts it on her left shoulder and Lilly rose on her right hip and Betsie on her lead.

“All ready to go!” says jenny.

Jenny walks a few yards to Mrs Angela Pistoia’s house (her next-door neighbour)

Mrs Angela Pistola has black hair with wispy grey bits. Her hair is placed into a neat bun.

Originally from Greece, her family were all grown up and had moved out.

She makes a Mousaka to die for.

Jenny presses the doorbell and waits for her to open the door.

Angela opens the door looking at Jenny through her Bifocal spectacles.

“Hello Jenny, lovely to see you. You look very tired, are you Okay?” says Angela

“I’ve not been sleeping very well, and I’ve been having nightmares. It feels so real, I feel so frightened!!” Says Jenny

“Don’t stress, I’m here for you but please be careful and don’t be scared. Please go to your Doctor who might be able to prescribe you something to help you sleep but in the mean time, I might have something herbal in my cupboard. Leave it with me!” Says Angela

Angela gives Jenny a reassuring squeeze and smiles softly.

“Thanks, so much Angela. Here’s Lilly rose and her accessory bag. I hope she’s no trouble!”

Lilly rose gives a little chuckle as jenny gives her a hug and a kiss on her right cheek.

Jenny waves goodbye as she heads off to meet Claire at the coffee shop. Betsy walks in front of Jenny as she holds onto the dog Lead.

Jenny spots Claire waiting for her outside the Coffee shop. Betsy goes up to her sniffing her scent. Claire pats Betsy on the head.

Jenny gives Claire a big hug and suggests going shopping first to pick up an outfit for her interview. Manhattan is lined up with designer shops and boutiques. She is spoilt for choice. Jenny squints her eyes in the bright sunlight to look up at the heading of a new shop called Zara.

“Hey, let us try this new shop called Zara. It’s extremely popular in Europe. My cousin raves on about it and I like the look of that dress.” Says Jenny.

Jenny points to the window where the Mannequin stands wearing the gorgeous shirt dress.

Jenny and Claire rush to the lady’s department on the second floor.

Claire points to a crisp white blouse, a black pencil skirt with a small slit and a black blazer. Jenny takes the items and changes into them. Jenny leaves the changing room to show off her clothes.

“Tada!” How do I look?” Says Jenny

“Jenny, you look great! You could wear a paper bag and still look great! That’s definitely a contender!” says Claire with a wide grin on her face.

Jenny starts to ponder. She put on a lot of weight when she was pregnant with Lilly rose but luckily, the weight came off with the running around and the breast feeding.

Something was missing. The outfit did not look right with the ankle boots.

“I feel a bit restricted and not very comfortable. I’m going to try on the dress that I liked from the window!” Says Jenny excitingly!

Jenny quickly goes to the changing room and tries on the dress. It’s made of Polyester but has a nice feel to it. It’s a long dress with a collar and is nipped in at the waist. Showing off her curves. She looks at herself in the mirror and starts to smile.

“I wish you were here Dave to help me choose an outfit”

Jenny walks out of the changing room and gives Jenna a quick twirl!

“Jenny, you look so hot in that dress!” Says Claire

“That dress was made for you as it shows your curves so well!”

“Thanks Claire, I’m getting that dress as it has my name on it!” Says Jenny

Jenny and Claire head out of the store and make their way to the Costa coffee shop.

“Coffee here we come!” says Jenny

For the first time in ages, Jenny feels happy with all the tension disappearing.

Jenny and Claire look up at the menu board to make their choices.

“Can I have a skinny latte and a chai latte for my friend. Can I also have a strawberry cheesecake and a chocolate fudge cake. Thanks so much.” Says Jenny

The assistant rings up $11 dollars on the till and Jenny pays using her credit card.

The assistant gives her a receipt and says have a nice day.

Jenny places the receipt in her pocket and Claire finds a table at the back of the shop away from the glaring sun.

“Hmmm, the latte tastes so delicious and the cheesecake tastes so divine!” Says Jenny licking her lips!

Claire tastes Jenny’s cheesecake and Jenny tries the chocolate fudge cake.

“OMG! I’m in dessert heaven!” Says Jenny

“Yes, this is heavenly, and it tastes like paradise!” Says Claire.

After the indulgence, Jenny talks about the interview and she practices some interview questions with Claire.

“OMG, you have an interview at Glaxo international. The CEO for that company is super-hot and a billionaire. He just made the top 10 list of Bachelors in the Forbes magazine from the East side. His name is Darius Hameed. He is handsome, sexy and a man of mystery!”

Says Claire with excitement

“Well that’s very exciting but I need a job and couldn’t care less what he looks like!” Says Jenny

“Oh, come on, you’re telling me that you don’t get turned on when you see a hot guy dressed in a suit!” says Claire.

“Those days have long gone. Dave was my soul mate and he was the love of my life and I lost him. I don’t think I’ll be able to look at another guy again in the same way!” Says Jenny with tears rolling down her cheeks.

Claire stands up and walks over to Jenny to give her a big hug!

“I know you miss Dave and the pain is quite raw, but time is a great healer of pain and there will be a time when you’ll meet someone else and fall in love again. Don’t lose faith.” Says Claire.

Jenny looks out of the window and realises Betsy is still tied to a Lamp post and is barking at some strangers walking past.

“OMG. It is getting late and Betsy is outside. I need to go!” Says Jenny

She gulps down her coffee and gives Claire a big hug. She then waves her goodbye.

“Good luck for your interview, you’re going to pass with flying colours!” Says Claire showing Jenny her thumb.

Jenny smiles as she approaches Betsy and makes her way home.

She approaches Angela’s house to pick up Lilly rose. She rings the door and waits patiently.

“Hello dear, here’s your little angel!” Says Angela with a big smile on her face.

Lilly rose is so happy to see Jenny. She moves her little arms and legs in excitement.

“Hello my little darling. I hope you were a good girl for Angela!” Says Jenny

Lilly rose smiles and makes a cooing noise with saliva dribbling down her chin.

“She was no trouble at all. She is the cutest little angel. I have something to give you. Here’s some baklava and some Chamomile tea. The tea will help you sleep better my dear.”

Says Angela in her Greek accent.

Angela was like a second mum. So, caring and loving. Jenny loves baklava (rich in calories) but she was hoping it wouldn’t end up on her hips!

Jenny puts Lilly rose to bed; she feeds Betsy and then takes a nice warm bath.

She drinks the Chamomile tea and as soon as her head hits the pillow, she’s out like a light!

It is the best sleep Jenny has had in ages and its all thanks to Mrs Chamomile!

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