love at first bite

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Chapter 4- The interview

Jenny makes sure Betsy has been fed and Lilly rose’s diaper has been changed before Jenny heads out of the door.

“Now it’s my turn to get ready!” Says Jenny

Jenny cleanses, uses a toner and moisturises her face. She places a small amount of foundation on her face. She places her eye shadow over her eyelids with black eye liner to fill the inner parts of her eyes with a black liquid eye liner to emphasise her brown eyes and a dab of mascara.

Jenny had a blow out to fix her hair. The dress goes on and Jenny wears her kitten heels followed by a black blazer. She wished Dave were here to see her all dressed up, but he used to love undressing her as he loved what was underneath!

Jenny looks at herself in the mirror.

“Hmmm, not bad, Sexy and elegant!” Says Jenny

Jenny feels on top of the world, she grabs her Gucci book and places Lilly rose on her right hip and grabs her accessory bag containing Lilly rose’s milk bottle, wipes and diapers.

Betsy tries to follow Jenny out the front door.

“Not today girl, I’ve got an interview and no dogs allowed in the building. So be good as you’re staying home.” Says Jenny

Jenny strokes Betsy’s soft fur on her head and scratches the back of her ears.

“Who is a good girl!” Says Jenny

Jenny closes the door and makes her way to Angela’s house. She drops off Lilly rose and gives her a big hug and kiss.

“Mama loves you. Be a good girl for Angela” Says Jenny as she waves goodbye.

The interview has been scheduled for 2pm. Jenny looks at her watch. It is only 1.15pm

There’s still plenty of time to get to the interview!

She hails a cab to Manhattan but to her dismay, there’s a traffic jam.

“Please driver, put your foot on it as I’ve got an interview at 2pm and I can’t afford to be late!”

“Sorry lady, there’s a lot of traffic and there’s a grid lock. An accident just happened. So, there’s nothing I can do!” Says the taxi driver hunching his shoulders.

The taxi is moving at a snail’s pace. It’s 1.40pm

Jenny makes an executive decision to get out the cab and run as fast as she can.

Luckily for Jenny, she was part of the athletics team and was good at Sports.

Jenny gets to the building with five minutes to spare. She feels slightly out of breath and can feel the perspiration on her skin. She takes deep breaths and looks up at the tower called Glaxo International. She walks through the glass doors and heads towards the reception.

The security guard asks for Identification and asks if Jenny is okay. Jenny asks for the bathroom.

The security guard points her in the right direction.

Jenny heads towards the lady’s bathroom. She takes out her deodorant and points it towards her body and then squirts her favourite perfume Coco Chanelle on her wrists, on her neck and on her blazer. She applies her favourite berry flavoured lip gloss on her full lips. She then blots it using a tissue and making sure there’s no gloss on her teeth!

“I’m ready to land this job.” Says Jenny triumphantly walking out of the lady’s bathroom.

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