love at first bite

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Chapter 5- The interview continued

Jenny approaches the reception desk where she is greeted by a young woman who is probably in her mid-twenties with shoulder length blonde hair and black rimmed frames.

“Good afternoon, how can I help you?” Says the receptionist.

She stares at Jenny with her icy blue eyes. Her frames are almost falling down her nose and clearly too big for her face!

“Good afternoon, I have an interview at 2pm. My name is Jenny Raymond.”

The receptionist checks her schedule with raised eyebrows as she searches the list to find Jenny's name.

“Ah yes, Ms Raymond, please take a seat. Mr Hameed is expecting you.” Says the receptionist.

The receptionist points to the black couch as Jenny eagerly waits to be seen. She starts to feel nervous as her heartbeat increases.

A few minutes later, the receptionist calls out her name and escorts Jenny into an elevator pressing the button for the 20th floor. Her heartbeat increases and she can feel the butterflies in her stomach as she reaches the 20th floor. Ding. The elevator makes a ringing noise.

“Follow me.” Says the receptionist.

Jenny’s eyes are drawn to a large wooden door with two small glass planes giving her a glimpse of the conference room from the outside.

The receptionist quickly goes over to a tall guy dressed in a dark navy suit with dark brown hair. She has to look up to him as she whispers into his ear. He quickly turns around to look over at Jenny. Jenny’s pulse rate increases, and she has butterflies in her stomach.

Jenny tries to read Mr Hameed’s expression but can’t pick up anything as he has a poker face. He is very handsome with his hazel coloured eyes and olive coloured complexion.

He has broad shoulders, a muscular chest, a six pack, a gorgeous face to die for and those high cheek bones. He’s over 6ft tall as he towers above Jenny’s 5ft 6 frames. Jenny stands her ground. His cologne tingles her senses. He looks like an Italian model that has just come off the catwalk!

“Good after noon Ms Raymond. I’m Mr Darius Hameed and I’m the CEO of Glaxo International.”

He has a nice voice with a deep tone and his British accent is so sexy!

He puts out his hand for a handshake. Jenny feels an instant attraction towards him, and sparks start to fly which could light up a room. Any nerves Jenny was feeling have now disappeared as Jenny feels comfortable in his presence. His cologne hits Jenny’s senses like a fast-moving train! He looks incredibly young. Jenny tries to guess how old he is. Maybe in his late twenties.

“Take a seat Ms Raymond.” Says Darius.

He quickly introduces the people sitting round the table. Chloe the receptionist lowers her head to acknowledge you.

He introduces you to another exotic looking woman called Nazreen Sayeed who smiles at you whilst looking at her notes.

“Welcome Ms Raymond. Ms Sayeed and I will be asking questions and at the end of the interview, you will have an opportunity to ask us any questions. There’s a glass of water in front of you. Anything else you need, please let us know."

Says Darius

Jenny nods as she quickly takes a sip of water. It feels like she's sitting her exams but not as nerve wracking!

“Ms Raymond an impressive resume. It says here you were a high school teacher teaching Science. So why have you left the profession?” Asks Darius.

Jenny feels a lump in her throat. She takes a deep breath and answers slowly.

“After my husband passed away, I was feeling very anxious and traumatised.” Says Jenny pausing for a moment.

“Sorry to hear about your husband.” Says Darius

Jenny smiles at Darius thinking about his kind words.

“After my daughter was born, I was on maternity leave but the school couldn’t offer me flexible hours, so I had to resign. I want to work with some flexibility so I can spend some time with my daughter.

I lost my husband and she’s all I have. I want to be a good mother but at the same time, I want to put my qualifications and skills to good use as I feel bored and I need a challenge." Says Jenny.

Darius nods, smiles and scribbles something on his note pad.

Jenny glances over at Chloe (whose yawning) and not looking overly impressed.Her spectacles falling down the bridge of her nose.

“Hi Ms Raymond, my name is Nasreen Sayeed and I’m the managing director. My question is about working here at Glaxo International. Working here will involve working unsociable hours and working during the weekends. If you were offered a position here, would you be able to accommodate these conditions considering you have a daughter to look after?”

“Yes, I can work flexible hours. What sort time frame are we talking about here?” Says Jenny.

“You will be contracted to work from 2pm- 8pm. You might have to work longer hours but on rare occasions.” Says Nasreen.

“That sounds perfect. I also have a babysitter who will hopefully be able to help out with my daughter Lilly rose.” Says Jenny.

Nasreen smiles at you and then looks over at Darius to continue with the grilling!

“Ms Raymond, describe yourself in five words.” Says Darius

Darius looks straight over at Jenny. She suddenly thinks about what Dave’s top five words would have been to describe Jenny; Clever, articulate, gorgeous, passionate and sexy. Hmmm!

Jenny feels her face feeling flushed. She quickly gains her composure and puts on a serious expression.

“I’m conscientious, ambitious, creative, passionate and reliable.” Says Jenny.

Darius nods his head in acknowledgement and scribbles away on his notepad.

“Next question, why do you want to work for Glaxo International?”

“I’m passionate about Science as I graduated with an honours degree in Biochemistry. I want to give something back to the local community, put my skills to good use and I have a job that has flexible hours.” Says Jenny

“Next question, if you were a CEO of a pharmaceutical company, what would your vision be for the future?” Says Nasreen

“I would tackle famine and poverty by providing suitable eco-friendly fertilisers to increase the yield of crops, improve the quality of the soil and help countries that suffer from droughts.” Says Jenny

Jenny pauses for a few minutes.

“If I had the money and the resources, I would help create a vaccine to protect people from harmful infections.” Says Jenny.

Darius raises his eyebrows and smiles. Jenny can see how her response makes Darius’s eyes light up.

“That’s an interesting response Ms Raymond. I hope you have read the job description but just to remind you, the job will entail taking minutes for meetings, typing up reports, arranging refreshments for clients and organising events. Are you okay with this?” Says Darius

Jenny smiles to herself. A massive tick. She loves organising events especially theme parties.

“Yes, that’s absolutely fine.” Says Jenny.

“Do you have any questions you would like to ask?” Says Nasrin

“Do you have any creche facilities for working mothers?” Says Jenny

“Not at the moment but that is something we will consider in the future. I hope you don’t mind me asking but old is your child?”

Asks Nasreen.

"Lilly rose is 14 months old.” Says Jenny.

“That’s the end of the interview. We are waiting for your references to come through. We’ll be in touch. Thanks for coming in today.” Says Darius.

Darius holds out his hand to shake her hand. Once again, she feels the Chemistry and the connection.

She has not felt a connection like this since Dave was around. His eyes linger from her eyes down to her lips. It becomes very intense. She can feel the heat in her cheeks. There's a sudden interruption by a coughing noise.

“Chloe will see you out.” Says Nasreen.

Nasreen shakes her hand with a firm grip (Very unusual for a woman)

Jenny snaps out of her trance as Darius says goodbye. He closes the conference door.

Jenny gets into the Elevator; it starts to descend. There is no conversation between Jenny and Chloe (the receptionist) but an awkward silence. Chloe escorts Jenny out of the building.

“Nice meeting you Ms Raymond and good luck for the future whatever the outcome.” Says Chloe

She walks back towards the reception desk with her high stiletto heels clicking against the marble floors.

Jenny feels so relieved the interview is over and looks forward to going home.

“I think the jobs in the bag but only time will tell.” Whispers Jenny to herself.

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