love at first bite

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Chapter 6- The outcome.

The next day, Jenny gives Claire a quick call. The phone starts ringing.

“Hi Claire, how are you?” Asks Jenny

“Hi Jenny, I’m well. How did your interview go? I want all the juicy details." Says Claire.

“I think it went really well and I felt very confident with my responses but why didn’t you tell me the CEO was so sexy and that British accent got my pulse racing!” Says Jenny

“I did try to tell you but you totally ignored me and weren’t very interested in Mr Hottie!” Says Claire.

“What’s the story with him? Is he married and what is his background? He looked like an Italian stallion!” Says jenny with excitement.

“As far as I am aware, he is single, and we haven’t seen him hang out with many women. He keeps himself to himself.” Says Claire

“Really? I’m surprised that he doesn’t have many friends and not that it matters, what about his ethnicity? He looks like a Greek god!” Says Jenny with a smile on her face.

“I read in the magazine, he’s of a mixed heritage. He’s half Persian and half British.” Says Claire

“Well anyway, he is gorgeous, and did I tell you how sexy he is. I have never felt this excited about a male species since my time with Dave." Says Jenny with her eyes lighting up.

“Yes, you did and next time, pay attention when I’m talking about a hot guy.” Says Claire

Jenny can hear another call coming through as the mobile phone starts to vibrate against her hand.

“Claire there’s a call coming through, it might be from Glaxo, I’ll catch up with you later.” Says Jenny

“Okay Jenny make sure you call back; I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!” says Claire

The conversation ends with Claire and Jenny takes the call from the other line.It appears on the screen as a private call.

"Who could that be?" Whispers Jenny.

“Good afternoon, Jenny Raymond speaking!”

“Good afternoon Ms Raymond, It’s Ms Sayeed calling from Glaxo International.” Says Nasreen

“Hello.” Says Jenny, her pulse rate increases and she can feel the heat in her cheeks.

“I’m calling on behalf of Mr Hameed as he’s busy with clients at the moment.”

Jenny can feel her heart in her throat as she waits for the news. Jenny starts to tremble with excitement and fear all rolled into one.

“I’m sorry to inform you we are unable to offer you the position on this occasion as there were many strong contenders and the competition was tough. The person we offered the job to had slightly more experience than you working in a cooperate environment." Says Nasreen.

Jenny pauses and doesn’t know what to say. The rejection is too painful to contemplate. Jenny feels a sharp pain in her chest!

“Ms Raymond you were a strong contender and we would like to keep your details on file for future applications and openings that appear in our company. Are you happy for us to do that?” Asks Nasreen.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel.

“Thank you, that would be great and thanks for getting in touch.” Says Jenny.

“Goodbye Ms Raymond and good luck for the future.” Says Nasreen

“Goodbye.” Says Jenny putting the phone down and feels extremely disappointed, cest la vie. It wasn’t meant to be.

Jenny realises Lilly rose and Betsy need to be fed and Betsy needs her exercise. She freshens up and gets changed. She feels too upset to talk to Claire, so she decides to take Betsy and Lilly rose for some fresh air and to clear her head.

As Jenny leaves the house, she gets a heavy feeling in her chest like something bad is about to happen. She looks up at the clouds above thinking about Dave, wishing he were still here.

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