love at first bite

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Chapter 7- Second chances.

A week goes by and She turns on the news. There’s been another murder in Central park. The volume is too low for Jenny to hear the girl’s name, but she gets to see the girl's image!

An attractive girl in her twenties with long brown hair. The reporter says the victim had claw marks on her body and her throat was slashed open!

A cold chill goes down Jenny’s spine and it reminds her of what happened to Dave when he died.

The reporter then says there were no witnesses and the police did not make any arrests. The killer is still out there. The Police are not crossing out the idea of wild animals being on the loose from the Zoo.

The baby monitor goes off as Jenny goes to check on Lilly rose. In her haste, she drops her mobile phone on the floor.

“Hey baby girl, mama’s here. Are you hungry? Do you need your diaper changed? “

She takes a quick whiff but can’t smell anything. She gives Lilly rose a big hug and Lilly rose places her little hand on Jenny’s face.

“Mama!” cries out Lilly rose

Jenny lifts Lilly rose in the air. She looks into Lilly rose eyes; Jenny can see so much of Dave in her as she has Dave’s green eyes.

Betsy barks frantically.

“What is it Betsy?” Says Jenny.

Lilly rose rests on her right hip as she goes to see what the commotion is with Betsy.

Betsy continues to bark as Jenny’s mobile phone rings and she’s merely trying to tell her about the phone call.

Jenny smiles at Betsy.

“Aren’t you a clever girl!” Says Jenny

Private caller appears on her screen.

"Who could this be?" Whispers Jenny

“Good Morning. Jenny Raymond speaking. Who is this?”

“Good Morning Ms Raymond, Its Darius Hameed here. Is it convenient for you to talk?”

Jenny’s heart jumps in her throat, she feels so nervous and excited at the same time.

That sexy British accent makes Jenny go weak at the knees.

“Yes, I can talk!” says Jenny

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the other candidate has pulled out and there is an opening at the company for the reception position. The jobs yours as you were a strong contender during the interview process, how do you feel about the news?” says Darius

Jenny feels like crying and laughing at the same time. Her heart skips a beat. Every cloud has a silver lining. She wants to scream form the roof tops. She smiles from ear to ear.

“Ms Raymond, are you still there?” Says Darius

“Yes Mr Hameed, I’m still here and yes I will accept this job!” Says Jenny

“Great, I’ll get the contract and paper work sorted, Drop by to the office tomorrow and sorry for the short notice but can you also start tomorrow as we are short staffed and I need someone on the reception desk asap.

“That’s fine Mr Hameed, Thank you for this opportunity. I just need to make childcare arrangements but that shouldn’t be a problem. I look forward to working with you.”

Says jenny

"Just one more thing Ms Raymond, please come to Glaxo for 2pm as there will be a staff briefing. I will see you then. Goodbye.” Says Mr Hameed.

“Goodbye Mr Hameed.”

Jenny puts the phone down and does a celebratory dance. Betsy joins in by wagging her tail. Lilly rose waves her hands and legs as she dribbles with saliva.

“I've got to call Claire.” Says Jenny

But there’s no response, Jenny leaves Claire a voicemail message on voicemail and Jenny then sends a text message to Claire remembering she’s at work.

“Hey girl, I got the job, I feel so happy that I’m having a mini party with Betsy and Lilly rose but I could do with some adult company; Let me know when you’re free. Love jenny”

Lilly rose starts yawning and her eyelids look very heavy. Jenny places Lilly rose on her bed and she lays next to the baby. Jenny can feel her eyelids feeling heavy and she too drifts into dream mode.

As Jenny falls asleep, she starts to dream of Darius who’s in her bedroom giving her a tight embrace.

He slowly strips down to his boxer shorts and slowly takes off her clothes until she's standing there in her black lingerie bra and panties. His eyes are hungry as his pupils dilate and he licks his lips as he looks at Jenny with hot desire.

“You are so gorgeous, you’re the woman I’ve been waiting for my whole life.” Says Darius.

He kisses Jenny passionately, pushing his tongue into her mouth teasing her tongue gently with his tongue. She never knew French kissing could be so erotic!

He kisses Jenny’s neck and her collar bone. He puts his hands on Jenny’s breasts and gives them a squeeze. Playing with the nipple on top of the fabric.

“Ah Darius!” Says Jenny!

Jenny is drawn to his boxer shorts. She puts her hand over his man hood. He gasps as he feels pleasure.

“I want you; I want to make love to you.” Says Darius

He grabs Jenny’s buttocks and pushes her onto the bed. She feels so wet.

“Oh Darius, I want you too, I need you inside of me!” Says Jenny

Darius places one of his fingers over her lips to silence her. Darius takes her fingers and starts kissing them. Jenny feels a wet sensation on her fingers and on her face.

Jenny suddenly wakes up realising that Betsy has been licking her fingers and face the whole time to get her attention!

Jenny suddenly jumps out of bed.

“Betsy why did you have to ruin my fantasy? Silly little dog!” says Jenny

“Woof” says Betsy

Betsy looks at Jenny with mischief in her eyes.

“I know what you’re after, you want some snacks!” Says Jenny

Jenny quickly goes to the kitchen and checks the biscuit tin for doggy snacks (which she keeps inside a cupboard)

“Here you go Betsy, knock yourself out and enjoy your treat!”

“Now can I get back to my fantasy?" Says Jenny smiling.

Betsy starts to wag her tail. Lilly rose is still asleep.

Jenny starts thinking about her dream.

“Wow that was some wild erotic dream but would it ever come true?” Jenny says to herself.

She can only hope!

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