love at first bite

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Chapter 8- The secret is out!

First day at Glaxo International, her dream job and a good salary to match!

Jenny stands outside looking up at the tall building. Her adrenaline is pumping and she’s raring to go.

Jenny reports to the ground floor reception where she’s greeted by Chloe who has a cold frosty look on her face.

“Ah welcome Ms Raymond, there’s a staff briefing you need to attend. Please put this on.”

Chloe hands a temporary badge for Jenny to wear with her name written in bold letters with the GLAXO logo in green letters.

“Look this way please.” Says Chloe

Chloe is pointing a digital camera at Jenny’s face as she takes a snap. Jenny manages to smile. Jenny’s so glad that she checked her face beforehand.

“I need your picture for your permanent ID card which will be ready in a few days.” Says Chloe

“Follow me Ms Raymond.” Says Chloe pointing to the lecture room on the ground floor for the staff briefing to take place.

Chloe escorts Jenny to the front row where she takes a seat.

Jenny gasps as she spots Darius standing at the front with his grey suit and gorgeous hazel coloured eyes. Jenny reminisces about the dream she had of her passionate night with Darius.

As if on cue, Darius looks directly at Jenny. Jenny can feel her cheeks flushing and she starts to blush.

Darius smiles at Jenny with warm inviting eyes. She just wants to kiss him and rip his clothes off!

Jenny’s thought process is interrupted as a few more colleagues walk into the lecture room as they bang the door open. Jenny immediately comes back to Earth with a thud.

“Keep it together! He’s my boss and I need to stay cool and not behave like a desperate woman!” Whispers Jenny.

Darius clears his throat and addresses his colleagues. There are many people in the lecture hall. Over 100 people!

“Good afternoon Colleagues, as well as developing different types of drugs, we are now trying to work on a Vaccine for the COVID 19. This is a big project and you’re not allowed to share this information with anybody outside these four walls. I need you to sign a disclosure form for confidentiality outlining facts of where no discussion is allowed of the work going on at GLAXO as it’s our big secret. Anyone who breeches that confidentiality will be dismissed straight away. Is that clear?” Says Darius

People start to raise their hands to say they comply.

“The disclosure forms are at the front which you will sign before you leave the hall. There are four queues so please don’t rush at once and form an orderly queue."

“On a serious note, there has been another murder in central park. Please be careful as it appears the killer is targeting young professionals. Please stay safe!” Says Darius

People start talking and chatting as a sense of fear fills the hall. Darius raises his hand to get the attention of his colleagues. There’s an immediate hush where you can hear a pin drop. Darius certainly knows how to command an audience.

“On a positive note, please welcome our new receptionist Ms Jenny Raymond who’ll be working directly for me.” Says Darius.

Colleagues start clapping as Jenny is asked to stand up to introduce herself. Some people just glare at her whilst others smile and make her feel welcome. Jenny feels like she’s at School again.

The colleagues rush to the front to sign the disclosure form. The queue dies down as Jenny stands at the front to sign the form; she glances over at Darius. He is in mid conversation with Chloe.

“He’s so gorgeous and he’s too busy flirting with Chloe. Why would he be interested in me a single mother?” whispers Jenny to herself. She lets out a big sigh.

It’s as if Darius can read your mind, He turns to look at Jenny and gives her the most amazing smile.

Jenny’s heart skips a beat!

“Ms Raymond, welcome. It’s good to see you again. I hope you’ll be happy in your new role working for GLAXO international. Chloe will show you the ropes and mentor you." Says Darius.

Jenny's heart sinks as he mentions Chloe’s name.

Darius sticks his hand out for Jenny to shake. As Jenny’s hand touches his, she feels the magnetism and the strong attraction with sparks flying.

Jenny starts blushing and her heart starts to beat 75 beats per minute but for some reason, he makes her feel relaxed. She looks into his eyes. She wishes he would kiss her right there and then!

Her thoughts are interrupted by Chloe nudging into her.

“Sorry Ms Raymond but there’s a lot of things I need to go over with you and we don't have a lot of time. So please follow me!” Says Chloe.

Jenny’s heart sinks as she lets go of Darius hands and she heads out of the door. She feels Darius eyes follow her out the room.

Chloe shows Jenny the ropes and gets her to sign the work contract.

“Listen I’m not hear to make friends and watch your back. A lot of receptionists don’t last long working here!!” says Chloe

“What do you mean by that?” Says Jenny

“Never mind, forget I said anything and don’t even think about Darius, he’s out of your league. I’ve seen the way you look at him and besides, he’s already spoken for!” Says Chloe.

Before Jenny can respond, Chloe walks off with her stilettos clicking on the marble floor.

“How dare she speak to me in that way. Who does she think she is?” Says Jenny letting out a big huff!

Before she realises, Darius is standing in front of the reception desk looking down at Jenny with concern.

“Are you okay? How’s your first day going? I hope you’re not feeling too overwhelmed.” Says Darius.

“No, I’m fine.” Says Jenny.

Jenny stares into Darius gorgeous eyes and she feels like he’s a good soul. Jenny catches her breath to calm herself down.

“I have some clients in the conference room (four people in total) please could you make some coffee and bring some cookies to go with it. The kitchen area is to your left.” Says Darius smiling at Jenny as he walks off.

Jenny goes to the kitchen and prepares Coffee. The coffee machine produces a decent volume of Coffee. She places into the glass pot; she places the milk jug and sugar cubes on to the tray. She gets the mugs ready and places the cookies neatly on the plate.

Jenny grabs the tray and takes it towards the conference room. She knocks on the door and waits for Darius to invite her in, he waves his hand to usher her in.

Jenny enters the room looking at the people sitting around the table. Nasreen is busy making notes on her tablet and has not noticed Jenny walking in.

Darius points to the table for Jenny to put down the tray.

“Thank you, Ms Raymond.” Says Darius.

“Please call me Jenny."

“Jenny, I would like you to meet Mr Chang and Mr James who are helping with the new vaccine.” Says Darius

Mr Chang smiles with a faint smile and Mr James looks at Jenny with a stern look mumbling something very faint. He starts licking his lips. This makes Jenny feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Let’s see how long this one lasts.” Mumbles Mr James.

“Excuse me? Did you just say something?” Asks Jenny.

“Ignore him Jenny. He’s just a bitter old man and he needs his caffeine!” Says Darius.

Darius glares at Mr James.

“Is there anything else you need before I finish my shift?” Asks Jenny.

“No, that’s fine Ms Raymond I mean Jenny, thank you and have a good evening.” Says Darius

Jenny smiles and feels sad that she won’t be seeing Darius until Monday but she catches something in the corner of her vision as she leaves the room.

Next to Darius, stands a dark green bottle that looks very ancient and dusty. Perhaps it’s a vintage wine that’s been left in the cellar. Jenny thinks nothing of it.

“Good night Sir.” Says Jenny heading to the elevator to leave the building.

As Jenny is on the subway, she looks through her bag to take out her mobile phone so she can check up on Lilly rose. She searches frantically but there’s no sign of it. She checks her coat pockets, still nothing. She traces her footsteps and then remembers that she took it out of her handbag whilst in the lady’s bathroom at work whilst she was texting Claire!

"God how could I be so stupid? Bloody hell!” Says Jenny

The passenger next to her on the train has a frown on her face.

“I’ve left my mobile phone at work.” Says Jenny looking glum.

She heads back on the opposite platform to take her back to work.

“It’s Friday night close to 9pm and I’m out trying to get my mobile phone which I have left at work. It's cold and I rather be at home with my hot chocolate and my romcom movie.” Whispers Jenny to herself.

Jenny reaches the Tower and feels relieved to see Jerry (the security guard) explaining to him that she needs her phone. The guard nods his head and lets Jenny in.

Jenny runs to the elevator and frantically presses the button for the 20th floor.

Jenny watches the lights above changing colour as the elevator moves up to the 20th floor. Her adrenaline starts pumping as she reaches the 20th floor.

Jenny goes to the lady’s bathroom to look for her phone. No joy!

Jenny quickly checks the desk. There’s no sign of the phone. She checks the drawers of the desk but there’s still nothing. She starts to panic!

Jenny notices a light underneath the door leading to Darius office. She does not want to disturb him but she desperately needs her phone as it’s a life or death situation.

Jenny picks up some confidential files lying around that need to be returned to Darius.

She knocks on the door but before waiting for a response, she barges into his office.

“Darius I’m so sorry to barge into your office like this but have you seen my mobile phone?” Asks Jenny

She gasps in horror as she looks at Darius standing in front of Chloe. Chloe’s wrist is in Darius mouth and there’s blood dripping onto the floor!

Jenny screams at the top of her voice.

“What are you doing? Please don’t kill her!” Shouts Jenny.

Darius turns around to look at Jenny. His eyes are Red and his sharp fangs are sticking out!

In a state of panic, Jenny drops the files onto the floor.

“You’re a Vamp……...!” Says Jenny

The words are stuck in her throat and nothing comes out of her mouth. She wants to get out of the office but she feels like her feet are glued to the floor and she can’t escape!

“Help somebody please!” Shouts Jenny.

She bangs on the door but nobody can hear her as she is on the 20th floor!

With one swoosh, Darius is standing right behind Jenny. He turns Jenny around. His red eyes have disappeared and his fangs have gone. He places his hands-on Jenny’s face staring into her eyes. She feels a sense of relief as she’s being hypnotized!

“I didn’t want you to find out like this!” Says Darius

He draws Jenny in as he continues to look into her eyes. Jenny feels very dizzy and then passes out on the floor.

Jenny wakes up a couple of hours later in her own bed with her work clothes on and her mobile phone on her bedside table. Jenny has got a splitting headache.

“How did I get here and why am I still wearing my work clothes?” Says Jenny to herself.

Jenny tries to retrace her foots steps but nothing makes sense as she checks on Lilly rose whose fast asleep in the nursery.

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