love at first bite

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Chapter 9- Memories Forgotten

Jenny settles into work over the next few weeks. It’s almost coming up to the Christmas holidays. Jenny still can’t recall what happened in Darius office that evening. It was like her memory was wiped clean like a sponge.

It's Friday evening and Jenny texts Claire if she fancies coming round for dinner and going out for a stroll to see the Christmas lights.

“Hi Jenny, that’s a great idea but I can’t make dinner this evening, Look it’s the weekend tomorrow. Why don’t we have lunch tomorrow and hang out together for the whole day?” Says Claire

“Okay babes, I’ll see you tomorrow. I look forward to catching up with you. I hope you love Italian food, bye for now.” Says Jenny

Luckily for Jenny, Angela had made a Spaghetti Bolognese which was in the fridge and Jenny had a bottle of wine that was waiting to be opened.

Jenny quickly puts her mobile phone away in her bag.

Darius calls Jenny on the phone at the reception desk. She picks up the phone.

“Jenny, my clients and I would love some coffee. Please bring it through with the usual snacks. Thank you.” Says Darius

“Okay Mr Hameed, I’ll bring it in soon.” Says Jenny.

Jenny makes her way to kitchen and gets the pot of coffee ready and the mugs on the tray, the milk pot, sugar cubes with an artificial sweetener. There are no cookies, so Jenny takes out the biscuits and arranges them nicely onto the plate.

Jenny is wearing her white blouse and a pencil skirt which really emphasises her curves.

Jenny knocks on the door and quickly enters the room and places the tray on the table.

They're different clients who Jenny doesn’t recognise.

Darius doesn’t notice Jenny as he’s in deep discussion with his clients. As she leaves the office, a brown folder catches her eyes with the name Hannah Michael written on the front.

“Hannah Michael, why does that name sound so familiar?” Whispers Jenny to herself.

Jenny scratches her head. It’s 8pm. Jenny checks on Darius and asks if he needs anything before she leaves for the evening.

Darius looks quite stressed and tired; he looks up at Jenny to make conversation.

“No Jenny, that’s fine, Thank you!” Says Darius.

“Have a good evening and please make sure you don’t leave behind any belongings such as mobile phones etc!” Says Darius.

Jenny Looks at him surprised raising her eyebrows.

“What does he mean by that? I know I have a baby brain but when have I ever left anything behind? She whispers to herself.

Jenny makes her way home.

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