Cupid'S Heart

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Lola is a young woman of 28, who lives in anger and disgust at belonging to a man. For fear of living in depression, she will then fight a battle against love, making innocents suffer and even taking revenge on all the men she had known.

Romance / Drama
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An Omnipresent Past

Facing herself, in front of the cracked mirror of her deplorable bathroom, she promised never to love again. No more tears clutter her pretty hazel eyes. She had already fought them all. She didn't realize it, but her past was gradually transforming her into a sad and embittered character. She was Lola, as charming as her first name. But alas, his heart was no longer that delightful.

“What am I going to do with myself?” She asked her glass, with a poignant air. “I am condemned to live without love, without passion, without ... they destroyed my innocence, nothing lives in me anymore”. She took a break before telling herself, “I will avenge you ....“.

Time passed, she knew it, and it was surely not a burning pain that would prevent her from working. She took a shower, dressed in a black skirt and a white shirt, all that was most basic. She had chosen the job she always dreamed of, but yet, two hours later, in the workplace (WILSON COMPANY), the idea of ​​creating new delights did not revive her, her spirit was elsewhere and roamed her past up and down. Being intrigued by Lola’s behavior, the president of the company asked to see her.

“I’m listening to you !” said his boss, Adrian, heir and in his thirties, handsome, muscular, everything a woman could dream of.

“Sorry sir but you asked me at your office so ... I don’t understand ...”

“You seem to be lost, and this for a week, the customers ask for something new and you did not offer anything at the last meeting. Next week ... same time, there is another meeting. I count on you!”

She dressed her face with a smile that did not have to be and shook her head as to agree, but Adrian did not stop there, he continued “if you want a vacation, please make me happy then you will have it!”.

“You know what I think of the holidays, sir ... I am going to recover from it I have just terrible headaches for a week .....”

“So go see a doctor because I don’t know if you forgot but I put you at the head of the employers of this company.”

She asked for permission, then left the office to go to the locker room. She got hydrated when one of the gossips in the office came out of nowhere.

“So? How was it? Ask the latter, excitedly.”

“What? Lola answers with a puzzled look.”

“it’s ok, you can stop it now, we all know. How is he in bed?

“Believe me I am not as lazy as you and if I dated him I would not hide, unfortunately for now I have better things to do with my life", responded Lola.

Lola left the room, annoyed by all these rumors.

After working all day, she decided to go home. By pressing the call button on the elevator, she recognized this scent, it was Adrian, he seemed to be going home too. No matter what, she couldn't focus on what he was saying. She couldn't stop thinking about what the people thought about her, "date Adrian?" She whispered looking at him one last time, before getting into the taxi she called earlier.

"Adrian, could he be a door that leads to my revenge?" she asked herself.

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