The Day I Realized.......

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The Day I Realized, is a story about a teen girl struggling through her parents divorce. Not to mention the stress of school, friends, romance, and all around drama.

Romance / Drama
Lily Rose
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Chapter 1

As I sat down to start working on my history assignment, my phone buzzed. Picking it up I saw an insta post about my best friend's party. There he was, my ex, standing with a blonde hanging around his thick neck. He was smirking as he looked off in the distance. How I ever dated him was a mystery to me. He was gross. A disgrace to the real gentelman. That doesn't mean it hurt any less to see him. Whether in real life or on a screen. Especially with another girl.

We had dated for two months, he was my first real boyfriend and I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. After all he was and still is, the most popular person in the school and him dating me, a sophomore, himself a senior. Well it made me feel special. Like for once in my life someone really cared about me. (Besides my friends, and family of course), Now looking back I shake my head at how nieve I was.

The whole thing had been a joke. All the things he said and did were fake. Not one thing real, as he had some fun with all the girls in his grade. What's worse is that the whole school knew besides me.

Even when my best friends told me I didn't belive them. I thought that they were jealous of me. The night I saw him making out with a tall brunette at a party, was when I found out.

As the memories came rushing back. Tears threatened to start slipping out.

I looked up when I heard a banging on my door.

"Who is it?" I yelled. My house was a whirlwind. People came and went like they owned the place. Which is how I quickly learned to always keep your door locked.

"You know who it is" my best friend Lily responded. I sighed as I stood up from my desk. If there's anything you should need to know about Lily it's that she is the most extraverted person I know. Myself being an ambivert, I can't always handle the energy that practically rolled off of her in waves.

I sighed once again as I opened my door to an over excited Lily. "What's the drama this time" I asked. Knowing she was about to tell me all about another girl's breakup or rumor.

She quickly bounded into my room, flopping herself on the now messy bed.

"You don't have to sound so depressed Emma" she said with a roll of her eyes. "Anyways you'll never guess who showed up at Hope's party last night." She whispered in an enthusiastic but sad tone.

"Who?" I asked also whispering. Hope was one of our best friends. Though she was closer to Sara then the rest of us. She was by far the welthiest even though we all lived in gigantic houses. The smallest house only having 7 bedrooms.

All four of us had been best friends since kindergarten. The fact that all of us had names with only four letters made it seem like our destiny to meet.

Lily took a minute taking in my dismal state. She looked into my slightly pink eyes, a small frown appeard on her face. "You already know, don't you." We both knew who she was talking about.

"Emma" she said. "You need to let go. He's gone now."

"I know that Lily" I said while pushing my self off the bed. I looked at her now slumped figure. "I know".

Lily had been with me the whole time. Even when I tried to push them all away. She stayed by my side. How could I ever be so blind, I silently thought to myself.

A loud noise brought me out of my thoughts as I saw Lily digging through my closet. "What are you doing?" I asked as she threw a strappy black dress into my arms.

"We will not sit here moping around a day" Lily said with a determined glance.

I looked at her and back down at the dress. A small smile tugging at my lips. Whatever we were doing tonight would be fun to say the least.

I walked into the bathroom before putting on the dress. The black dress worked well with my black hair and made my ocean blue eyes stand out. As I stood there looking at my apprence, Lily busted in. As soon as she entered she paused, taking it all in.

"Omg! You look sooo good!" She squealed. I giggled at her commentary, before eyeing her. I think that she is by far the prettiest girl in our foursome. With her wavy dark brown hair and deep green eyes, not to mention her bottle figure, she could easily be a model.

"Sooo what are we doing tonight" I asked already slipping on my heels. I grabbed my purse as we headed for my car. My car was my baby. I got it when I turned 16 and the black lambo reminded me of the batmobile.

"Well I was thinking that we go to the party up at Sara's house and then we go to a movie" she replied with a mischievous grin on her face. "And maybe we'll take some others with us to the movies." She said wiggling her eyebrows at me.

"Oh my gosh, Lily, can't you spend one night without guys surrounding you" I rolled my eyes, trying not to let the smile pass my lips.

She looked at me in fake shock. "How dare you even suggest such a thing!" Her mouth open, hand on her chest.

We both burst into laughter as we stepped into the car.

When we arrived to Sara's house the party was already well in way. Lily and I stepped out while waiting for the chopher to take the car.

The house was lit up with music and people spilling out. As I walked up to the already open doors a strange feeling washed over me.

I looked up and immediately knew why.

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