The Day I Realized.......

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Chapter 3

The next morning I woke to the smell of fresh coffee grounds and pancakes. I breathed it in and smiled, the memories of the night before taking over my thoughts.

I was more than a little surprised to see Eli barge into my room. "Emma! It's a Sunday, and you still have to get ready for church."

I groand. "What time is it."

"Time to get your butt up and get ready." David said walking into the open door.

"Oh so now my rooms just open for anyone to come and party, is it."

I stretched and moved past both of my brothers, now crossing their arms. "I'm going, I'm going." I mumbled, sending a few glares their way.

I quickly brushed my hair, washed my face, and put on a simple light blue dress with polka dots, before making my way downstairs.

Snatching a few of the last pancakes, I drizzled syurp on them and sat down, checking my phone for texts.

Apparently while I was off talking with Tyler, Lily and Hope had found some boys to go to the movies. Sara was also now seriously grounded for trowing a party without her parents consent.

There were a few other things that happend, couples who broke up, the debate about who was the cutest guy, the shared overhang that many kids had. But this morning none of it seemed to interest me.

Tyler had somehow made his way into my deepest thoughts and the hidden corners of my mind. It was almost to the point of obsession, though none of it being spoken aloud.

Suddenly a hand was waving in front of my face, bringing me back to reality. "Yes?"

"You seemed a little dazed there." Alex said with a glance. Then he smirked. "Thinking about anyone in particular."

I should have know Hope would say something to him. He had been her childhood crush forever and did anything for his attention. She had to adimt, her brothers were good looking. Bright blue eyes and dark hair. Six packs and strong jaws.

It was no wonder that a few girls even went so far as trying to become best friends with her, to get closer to them.

"Um, what are you talking about" she said bringing her attention back to the conversation.

"Oh, you know, the fact that the boy you had a huge crush on is back in town."

She teasingly bumped his shoulder. "I have no idea what your talking about." She smirked, as she got up to put away her dishes before he came up with a retort.

After church she decided to take a walk. She went to her favorite house a few blocks away. It was white with light blue trim, giving off a very Belle's castle vibe.

As she turned towards the street someone tapped her shoulder. She turned around facing Jake. "What do you want Jake, I don't have time for this." She stated emotionless.

He glanced up at her, a strange look of worry hidden under the confident smile.

"I want you back" he said.

It almost seemed like time stood still. Emma had replayed this scene in her head to many times to count. Now stuck in the moment she didn't seem to have a reaction.

So she gathered herself and looked him dead in the eye, his smile disappearing. She raised her hand and smacked him. A satisfying 'pop' when her small hand met his face.

She practically strutted away towards the ice cream shop down the street. When she arrived tears threatened to overflow. He had cheated on her and then thought she was dumb enough to take him back. She put her face in her hands wonderd if she'd done the right thing. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding. Maybe he was really sorry.

But that couldn't be true. Just last night he had been making out with some cheerleader. Emma stood up not even in the mood for ice cream.

Again she felt a light tap on her shoulder. Emma whipped around. " Did you not!....", " Oh it's just you."

"Wow, I feel so appreciated."

Emma looked at him guilty. "I'm sorry Tyler, im just in a weird mood."

"Yea, well if it helps any, he deserved that smack"

"Wait you saw?"

"It's kind of funny, but that house, the one that's blue and white, well that's mine. I may have evesdropped."

I sighed, as if my day could get any worse. "Just please don't tell anyone. I couldn't be embarrassed again."

He took both if my hands into his own. "I would never, ever so something to make you feel uncomfortable." He said in a sure tone. "Now are you going to let me buy you a scoop of ice cream?"

I smiled, I had only dreamed of something like this for years. Even with Jake nothing seemed to be so sweet. As if I were there to give to him, not the other way around.

As Tyler stood in front of me I started to compare. He was easily 6'4 making my height of 5'3 seem smaller than it already was.

His smile was priceless as he handed me my cone. As we continued walking around town, I had to wonder at how lucky I was. That after my life has just gone through a hurricane, my parents 'stable' relationship crumbling down. My own boyfriend ending up being a fake. That him of all people would pop back into my life.

Later that day I thought about our goodbye. The small kiss he had given me in the cheek. The questioning glances I received from my brothers wheb I walked through the door.

Was he really back. After everything I couldn't call this anything besides a blessing. A miracle some may even say. I sat on my bed, a satisfied sigh slipping out.

Then a thought came to my head. A small nagging. Something I would rather ignore. But what if this to was just an act. This whole thing apart of some big prank? What ifs clouded my mind as I drifted off.

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