Love That Failed

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What happens when someone falls in one-sided love? Ridhima, she is an independent, fun-loving, and full of life. She loves to make friends. What happens when she falls in love with a guy named Shaurya? He is smart, handsome, and successful. For him, love is something fictional but not something true. He hates commitments. He wants to live life tension free. Is she able to forget her love or she will make him love her? What changes came to her life in this journey?

Romance / Drama
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Ridhima Gupta

My friends Aditya, Priya, and Nisha (My Nishu) were waiting for me at a mall, as we were going shopping for my best friend Nishu's marriage but as usual, I am late because of my meeting at the office. My friends are gonna kill me.

When I reached there all of them started shouting at me.

"Ridhima, this is not the way to treat your best friend that is too when her wedding is near," my best friend told me, sternly.

I smiled, " I was just busy with some urgent work, " I told her.

I apologized and gave them lots of excuses for being late and at last, I managed to lighten their mood.

Priya asked, " From where we should start our shopping?"

" Bride to be, have the right to decide " replied Aditya.

Aditya and Priya both are dating from the last 5 years and both are my good friends.

We started our shopping from a traditional wear store as Nishu wanted to select her wedding dress first.

As we entered the store I bumped into a person, I apologized and moved forward. When I was helping Nishu to select the lehenga, I felt someone's eyes on me. I tried to find those eyes. I saw the same person with whom I got bumped was smiling at me. What a weird guy I thought and ignored him.

" What color lehenga do you prefer, " I asked Nishu.

"My fiancee asked me to purchase something in red," replied Nishu.

After purchasing a beautiful red lehenga, we moved from that store to the next one. We were having a great time as we were shouting, singing, and talking about our school days. Then I realized that I am not in contact with my lots of school friends. I thought after reaching home I will surely search for them on social sites.

The whole day we shopped but I continuously felt someone's eyes on me, (I ignored it but that feeling made me uncomfortable). I ignored that but the feeling of that made me uncomfortable.

After reaching home in the evening I forgot about those eyes and I hurriedly opened my laptop and logged in my social site account and started finding my school friends.

Shaurya Singh

As I was new to Mumbai I totally depend on my girlfriend Disha if I wanted to go out. As today is Saturday so we are at last going out. She wants to buy some Sarees to gift her mother. We went to a mall and entered a traditional wear store. She was looking for all kinds of sarees and I was least interested in that.

She got annoyed as I was not paying attention to her.

"Shaurya, if you are not interested then why did you come with me" Disha scolded, me.

"Please do it yourself, "I shouted back.

I got angry on her scolding and I rushed towards the door as I wanted to go out of the store and then I bumped into someone, I got mesmerized by her.

She apologized and moved forward. But I don't know what got into me I was staring at her continuously.

I asked Disha to shop more and told her that I will pay for her shopping.

" Why you are paying for my shopping and why you want me to shop more," Disha asked surprisingly.

" This is my way of apologizing for shouting on you and upsetting you," I told her.

I took her in each of that shop where that girl entered as my eyes wanted to see her continuously. We moved from one shop to another. I paid for all the shopping bills for Disha, as I wanted to see that girl. We roamed in the same mall for the whole day.

At last in the evening she gave me an annoyed look as a warning and got into her car. She got lost in the traffic of Mumbai. I wanted to go after her but firstly this Mumbai traffic and secondly Disha who was continuously eating my head.

"Shaurya I am so happy today, I love you, baby," Disha chipped, before hugging me.

"Anything for you sweetheart," I replied.

Disha and I were in a relation from one year but I never felt something strong for her. She is a good person but I am not that much into her. I am just going with the flow and just maintaining the relation. I have no idea how long it will last?

After reaching home I was totally lost in the memories of that girl. Her board eyes, her smile, her anger look, I was recalling her every expression. I wanted to know about her, her name, her likes, dislikes, each and everything about her. I wanted her to be with me. I wanted to hold her in my arms.


All the characters in this novel are my true imagination. The content may not be up to your expectations. I am not a professional writer, I am also learning how to build proper character and proper plot lines.

The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this novel are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or dead), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

No one is perfect so my story characters.

I appreciate the feedback and try to improve accordingly.

I tried to write a better story, hope you people will like my story.

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