The Beauty and the Beast

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She was my beauty and I was her beast. I could see in those eyes that I have fallen for. I would have never thought these pair of innocence would alter me. Her eyes intensifies the need in me to break her. To see her writhing . To see her begging. Her big chocolate brown eyes were the death of me. She took a step to her left. I copied. She did to the right. I blocked her way. The color red crept on to her neck to cheeks to the tip of ears. "Beautiful." I whispered, taking a step towards her. "H-Hamza." Shit. I was a goner ever since I saw her teary gaze. (Completed on Wattpad but not edited: )

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"I do not want to marry her!" I yelled at my mother how stared at me with a raging expression. Can she just mind her fucking business? I do not want to marry a girl who I never saw. She might be some ugly bimbo looking for a way out of a strict house.

"Dude marry her so you can get laid and if you don't like just divorce her." My best friend, Edward whispers to me causing my loving mother gaze to falter over to Edward. She always thought Edward is a bad influence on me but I think its the other way around.

I roll my eyes as the wheel go thoughts run in my head. Matter of fact, if I do get married, I get laid and she can cook, clean, and do anything for me. After about a year or less, I can leave her.

With a determined mind, I nod my head and smile widely at my mother.

"Okay, I'll marry her."


Hi, everyone!!!!

I started this book and completed it on Wattpad. If you have read it please do not spoil for readers who haven't read it. In addition, this version will be edited and a bit changed.

Thank you guys for the reading!!!!


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