4,000 Hours

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Chapter 1 - The Experiment

"If you don't get your a** out of bed right now I am not giving you a ride to school!" That right there is my dear brother Ashton.

Ashton is 18. He is in the 12 grade. He is the captain of the basketball ball team at school. That is the one thing me and my brother have in common. Basketball.

I turn over and turn off my alarm clock. That I guess has been going off for awhile. I am NOT a morning person. Than I go to my walk in closet and get my clothes for the day. Witch consest of a sweat shirt and workout shorts because I have Color guard first period. Then I go take a shower and brush my teeth and do my hair. My hair takes about 30min because I straighten it everyday. Than I go down stairs.

"Hey mom."

"Hey sweetie. Remember I won't be back until late. I have a meeting tonight. There is pizza in the freezer just heat it up for dinner." As you can tell that is my mom she work all the time. Ever since my dad died that all she does anymore.

My dad died when I was 8. I was really close to him. He is the one that got me into liking basketball. He thought me everything I know. I used to play for a team but I stopped playing for a team when he died.

"Lexi let's go or we are going to be late." I grab my bag and a apple and walk out the house with my brother. The trip to school takes about 10 min.

"Hi child, how i your day going." One of my bestfriend Ali says.

"Other then I had to wake up at this ungodly hour since our school has to start at 7 in the morning. And how many times do I have to tell you not to call me child. I AM older then you."

"I know but I am not going to stop." Of course she not I have been asking her to stop calling me that since we where like 10. Ali is the captain of the cheer team. I am not surprise she is the preppy, sunshine and rainbows girl of the school. She has always been this way. Sometimes it get annoying but I love her.

"Hey guys, what's up?" Sofia said. This is my other bestfriend. Unlike ali she is on tha color gaurd team with me.

"Nothing, this child over her is complaining about mornings again" I roll my eyes when she said "child" again but said nothing about it.

"I am not complaining I was just saying that-" before I could finish my sentence this loud engine behind me blocked out what I was saying. Without turning around I knew it was the person I absolutely hate but everybody loves. BRENT STIRLING.

"Could you get out of my way?" He says rudely.

Is he talking to me. No no no. You don't talk to me like that. I slightly turn my head and pull my glass slightly down and say.

"Make me."

He rolls his and and just stays there staring. So I start walking and I accidentally drop my keys and slowly picks them up. As I pick them I untie my shoe and then start to tie it again as slowly as I can.

Michael who is in the car with him honks the horn so I go slower. When I am done I get up and send him a glare.

I take out my phone and look at the time. Holy sh**. I have 5 min to get to class. That took longer then I thought. So me and soph start running to gaurd because we can't be late.

When we get there we start stretching with the rest of the team as me and her are talking our couch comes up and gives me a slip.

I look at soph and she is already looking at me with a questionable look.

"I have to report to the principals office right away?" I get up and go to the office.

When I get there Brent is there.

"Why is she here" he says while looking to me with glare.

"I could say the same."

"Will both of you stop arguing already and listen" Mrs.fifer our prince says looking both of us. We both nod our head because we are not trying to get in trouble he is the quarterback of the football team and a captain of the Color Gaurd team. So we definitely can't get on trouble.

"We are doing a new experiment. We have permission from your guys parents. So you can't back out." We just stare at her confused.

"We are pick two people a male and a female to live together for second semester. After winter break we are putting you too in one house together for the rest of the year. We will be providing you with a house and money for groceries."

Me and Brent look at each other and back to Mrs.fifer and say at the same time.


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