Wicked Love

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Chapter Six

*Lift your head princess, if not the crown falls.*

The rest of the weekend went by uneventfully, besides our regular schedule of going to the playground every day. Now it's Monday and I've successfully been able to avoide Julian. I came in early to school and went to my first period and read until class started to avoid talking to him.

I know I can't avoid him forever, especially since I'm heading to fourth period now. I'll just ignore him. Hopefully, he'll realize that I'm only going to bring him down, and then maybe he'll stop talking to me himself.

As I sit down in my seat, I keep my head down into the pages of my book. Soon the lesson starts and Julian still hasn't shown up to class. We're halfway through the class when the door opens and Julian hands Mrs. Mason a tardy note. It must be excused because she doesn't yell at him.

The teacher resumes her lesson and I keep my head down, taking notes from what she's saying and off the board, ignoring Julian's presence.

"Hey," He tries. "Why didn't you wait for me on Friday?"

I keep writing, ignoring him and his piercing gaze.

"Did something happen?" He tries again.

"Why are you ignoring me?"

"Mr. Reed," Mrs. Mason says angrily. "I've excused your absence, but if you keep talking you will go right back down to the principal's office."

He turns in his seat, facing forward. Looking angrily up at the front.

During the remainder of the period, he kept glancing at me and I kept avoiding his gaze. The bell rings, cutting off the teacher mid-sentence. She tells us to do the homework she assigned as the students start filing out.

I quickly grab my stuff and book it towards the door. I'm on my way to my locker to switch my books when Julian suddenly grabs my arm and leads me to an empty hallway.

I jerk away and push him away from my. "Don't touch me!" I tell him, rubbing my arm where he grabbed it and looked around skittishly. I try to walk past him, but he steps in my way.

Everyone has gone to their classroms by now, leaving just me and Julian.

"You're making me late," I said, trying to side-step him, but he follows.

"What!" I shout after a third attempt at getting past him.

"Why have you been ignoring me?" He asks.

"Maybe I just don't want to be around you?"

"Well, you seemed perfectly fine being around me before," He says, getting angry. "Did something happen? Did someone do something?"

"No! Now let me go to class," I say.

"What's the matter with you?" He asks, reaching for me again.

To anyone else it would look like he was about to embrace me as he reached for me. I open my mouth to reply when I hear someone walking closer. I look over and see Spencer walking towards us and immediately pale in fear. Julian notices the change in my face and turns around.

Spencer stops a few feet away from us.

"What's going on here?" Spencer asks, giving me a pointed glare.

Julian raises his eyebrow at Spencer.

"What's it to you?"

I gape up at Julian, shocking filling me. No one has ever talked to Spencer that way.

It's only going to make him angrier.

Spencer took a threatening step forward.

"What did you just say?" He hissed in Julian's face before setting his cold eyes on mine.

I made myself as small as possible, shrinking into myself and wrapping my arms around my stomach.

"Ah, so you're nosey and hard of hearing. Got it," Julian replied.

Spencer's face grew red in anger as he got into Julian's face. Any closer and their noses would be touching.

"Do you have any fucking idea who I am?" Spencer snarled.

Julian shrugged his shoulder as if to say he didn't care. Fuming, Spencer's face reddened even more and suddenly he smashed his fist into Julian's face. I let out a shriek as he stumbled back a step, but didn't seem too bothered.

"That's all you got?" Julian taunted, a cold smirk on his lips. I've never seen him look so scary before. It's the same look dad gets when he's about to beat me for something.

Spencer swung again, but Julian ducked and landed one on Spencer's jaw. Julian got him a second time in the stomach, causing him to double over, his hand holding his stomach. He quickly recovered and charged at Julian, hitting him square in the ribs. I let out another shriek, backing away from them.

Spencer tried to swing again, but Julian ducked under his arm again and punched him in the stomach. I let out a hiss as I watched Spencer clutched his stomach again. That is really going to hurt.

Not like he doesn't deserve it though.

Julian went for another hit but Spencr dodged to the side and swung at Julian and hit the bridge of his nose. Blood spattered down his face and shirt as Spencer shot him a satisfactory grin.

Julian grinned and lifted up the bottom of his shirt, showing off his toned chest and deep V covered in tattoors. Wiping away the trails of blood flowing down his nose, he let out a brief chuckle, throwing Spencer off guard for a moment.

"What are you-"

Like lightnight, Julian slams his fist into the side of Spencer's face, eliciting a pained groan. Spencer staggered back as Julian refused to give him a second to recover. Instead, he let loose fist after fist into Spencer's face. I flinched every time I heard the sound of fists hitting skin, reminding me of dad hitting me.

"Stop it!" I cried, staring in horror as the two boys wrestled on the ground. "Stop!"

My shouts were drowned out by the loud grunts and punches they were both throwing. Spencer was blocking most of Julian's punches and was on top of Julian now.

"What is going on here?!"

We all froze, Spencer with his fist poised mid-air as the loud screech from the principal filled the hallway. My heart sank in my chest when her glare landed on me.

"All of you in my office!" She shouted, her face turning a light shade of red in anger. "Now!"

My heart fell in my chest. She might call dad, and then I'll get the beating if a lifetime.

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