Love Does Cost A Thing

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Chapter two

Luigi's POV

"Can we get going?" I impatiently ask my best friend of many years, Paris Davies Smith. Your typical fashion goddess. She invited me to a musical programme at her church, Kingdom Baptist and here she is delaying us with reapplying her make up. Sometimes I wonder how I ended being best friends with her, she's unpredictable. I kept wondering how a fashion goddess like her is going for a church programme on a Friday night.Don't get me wrong but we all know these goddesses prefer attending fashion shows and busying themselves with latest fashion trends than being elsewhere.

One minute she's in Italy, doing a modeling gig, the next she's in Dubai vacationing away and the next she's in Africa helping war zone areas with money. She has a big heart and I know that was what drew me to her.

Paris checked her face one more time in the mirror and turned to me batting her long lashes at me, "how do I look boo?"

"You know I'll always tell you, you're looking pretty." She's aways looking pretty no matter what she's wearing. Her model like body appreciating any dress thrown her way. It's a mystery to our friends and family why we aren't together after all these years. The answer is simple, I consider her a sister. I'm not religious but I'm definitely not committing that abomination with someone I see as a blood.

She rolled her eyes and pouted, "don't I look flawless? Don't I appeal to you?"

"Get over yourself love, we're already late."I told her laughing and got out of the car. Paris slammed the door in fury and stalked off without me. I love her very much but when it gets to times like these, I want to strangle her. Lmao just kidding but she easily gets angry over small and irrelevant issues.

I shook my head and entered the church. The church was fully packed for a Friday night. I scanned the area looking for where Paris is seated. I eventually found her sitting alone on a pew four pews away from me. Walking up to her, I sat down and took out my phone to text my other friends. They planned a Friday night out at the club. My approval to escort Paris here was impromptu so I gotta text them to go without me.

"So next on our list happens to be the last performer for the night, with a round of applause, let's welcome our very own singing star, Zuri." The host said with excitement into the microphone. The crowd cheered at the supposed Zuri. She seems to be famous and a favorite around here. "Who's Zuri?"

My question wasn't answered when the lady in question came up on stage., she looks kind of familiar, it's like I know her from somewhere but can't remember where. There was nothing extraordinary about her, she was dressed in a simple African print dress. Her natural hair in a big bun on her head and feet covered in a moccasin I rolled my eyes, so much fuss and excitement over nothing.

I was even bored and took out my phone to check my Instagram account where I command a huge fan base. There were a few post from my celeb friends living their best life.

Zuri or whatever her name is cleared her throat and smiled. I huffed in annoyance, hurry the hell up and let's get outta here.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I'm honored to stand here to minister the gospel to you through a song, I'll urge you to meditate on the words that are coming, for God to bless your life, Amen." Did she come to give a speech or a goddamn song?

🎶 "I was just a child, when I felt the Savior leading

I was drawn to what I could not understand

And for the cause of Christ, I have spent my days believing

That what He'd have me be, who I am

As I've come to see the weaker side of me

I realize His grace is what I'll need

When sin demanded justice for my soul

Mercy said no

I'm not going to let you go

I'm not going to let you slip away

You don't have to be afraid

Mercy said no

Sin will never take control

Life and death stood face to face

Darkness tried to steal my heart away

Thank You Jesus, Mercy said"🎶

I opened my mouth wide, stunned. My expression mirrored those around. My skin was covered in goosebumps, there are born singers and trained singers. This lady standing on stage right now is a born singer, she's the girl with the big voice. She's that kinda girl who's singing floods your skin with goosebumps, yes she's that.

She finished her solo and bowed gracefully. "Thank you once again." With that she handed back the microphone to the host and went back stage.

"Who's she?" I managed to ask a now calm Paris.

"She's the lead singer and singing star here, nothing special." She shrugged her shoulders and went back to typing on her phone. I wonder what she came here for. The only thing she's being doing since we arrived is type angrily on her phone, huffing once in a while.

"There's something special about her, just listen to her voice." I rule out all the negative things I said about her earlier. This girl is extraordinary, I'm kinda smitten by her but no way is she my class. I prefer my girls sexy and classy, they're a good show off during awards and events. She's too simple and meek to stand a chance of being with me.

I zoned out the rest of the talking being made and concentrated on my phone. I'm planning on landing a date with this new model I'm trying to hook up with for the mean time. I don't do relationships, flings and friends with benefits kinda thing.

They're way more easier than relationships, there's no catching feelings in this. I felt someone tug at my hand. I raised my head to see Paris with a bored look, "the programme is over, let's go.”

"I don't even know what we came here for."

"I was invited to come, that's why."

"And you chose to drag me here with you too?"

"What are best friends for."

"Hey I think I know you." A young lady came up to us, smiling broadly.

The lady beside her, equally gave a broad smile. "It's Luigi Gianni, my favorite actor of all time." She squealed loudly causing the others around to look at us. They also gasped and making their way to us.

Oh gosh, not tonight. Paris came to my rescue, "sorry guys tonight is a bad time, we promise to come back again just for a meet and greet. For now, I would have to steal him away." She flashed them a fake smile and held my hand ready to drag me away.

"I recognize you too, you're sometimes in disguise and sit at the back when you come to church but I always know it's you, socialite Paris Davies Smith." A teenager exclaimed bubbling with excitement.

"Like I said, we will come back for a meet and greet." She dragged me away from the crowd. We walked briskly to the car and got in.

I breathed out relieved, "whew that was close, I was in no mood to meet with my fans.”

"You always aren't in the mood." She started the car and sped away. I caught people pointing at the car with smiles on their faces. They're probably telling their friends they saw us.

I like meeting with my fans but sometimes it gets so tiring. I kinda dislike it offlate most especially when I've taken a break from my career to focus more on our family automobile empire and I'll be starting work on Monday.

Speaking of that, geez, I have a meeting with some clients tomorrow, which is my first task assigned to me by my father and if the meeting goes as planned boo hoo, we're moving from billionaires to multi billionares. Oh yes! And possibly make me the heir apparent to the empire out of my three siblings and guess what? Most richest actor in the world, how does it sound? Fantastic! I know right.

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