Sela baby

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two girls who fall deeply in love just from high school feeling then to one of them getting kidnapped and one having to admit she a cartel boss

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

this is a story about a lesbian couple who story started off at school and having feeling but once got deeper from a kidnapping
Sela is a 17 year old who goes to Tucson Hugh school. and has a great life with her friends and family and she a lesbian stud.

Selena is a young 17 year old cartel boss . she took over her family cartel business when her parents died.
one day Selena had to moved to Tucson because she had some cartel business to do there.
while there she had met Sela at school and they ended up getting feeling for each other.
Selena knowing she had enemies from the cartel and from the mafia which is shocking she knew she had to protect Sela from any dangers because she really cared about her .

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