Twice a woman

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It's been almost three days since Susan saw Dave or heard from him and she was already getting worried. Ever since her last encounter with Dave, he hadn't called her on the phone or texted her and she was already feeling very uncomfortable. Her weekend had been uneventful and asides going to visit her friend and going shopping, she had spent most of the weekend at home reminiscing about her moments with Dave last Friday evening. She had spoken to Frederick a couple of times on the telephone and tried to get her mind to stop thinking about Dave but the more she tried, the more she realized that it was very difficult to do so and each time her phone rang, she silently prayed for it to be Dave calling her. She wanted to call him many times but convinced herself not to do so because she didn't want to portray herself as being cheap even though Dave had gotten the best of her.

That Monday morning while Susan was at the office, she was very restless as she wanted so much to see Dave and because of this, she lost concentration while at the office. By noon, she decided to swallow the humble pie and put a call through to his number but she was dismayed when she put a call through and the operator notified her that the number she was trying to call was not reachable at the moment. She tried so many times again after that and it came back with the same response. The first thought that came to her mind was maybe Dave was on the run thinking maybe she had reported the rape case to the authorities and she hoped he hadn't gone away from her because of that. She decided that after the day's work, she would check on him at the hotel where he said he was lodged.

After work that day, she drove from the office to the four points hotel and when she got to the reception, she asked to see Dave and the receptionist ask her if she knew his room number and she replied that she didn't and after the receptionist went through the computer on his desk to check through the list of guests and she was quite devastated when the receptionist returned to her and informed her that they had no record of such a person staying at the hotel. At this point, she didn't know what to do anymore and she thanked the receptionist and decided to go have a drink at the bar. After inquiring about the direction of the bar from the receptionist, she headed towards the bar.

The bar was dimly lit with and the flat screen TV sets hanging from the walls provided enough light for her to see that they were about fifteen people seated in different places and some of them were expatriates who were probably working in the oil rigs because the availability of crude oil in the city prompted the heavy presence of foreigners who were in the oil industry. As she moved to sit in the far corner where it was less conspicuous for anyone to notice her, she beckoned to the waiter to get her some shots of Johnnie walker double black. As she sat down alone sipping her drink and listening to the soft and cool jazz music playing from the suspended speakers, she began to wonder if all that Dave told her was a lie. After several more shots of double black whiskey, she began to feel quite tipsy and she called on the waiter to get her check. The waiter returned and informed her that she didn't have any bills to pay and when she tried to tell the waiter that there must have been some sort of mix up, the waiter informed her that the gentleman at the other end had sorted the bills on her behalf. She wasn't too pleased with this sort of information because she knew that most young girls usually came to such hotels to solicit for men who will have and sex with them in exchange for cash and she wasn't ready to be placed under such category and she asked the waiter what her bill was because she intended to refund the Mr. Nice guy who had paid her bills for her. As she walked towards the gentleman to refund the money, she stopped short when she discovered that the gentleman was indeed Dave.

She didn't know exactly how to react at the sight of him as she moved closer to where he sat. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "The question is what are you doing here because I'm the one who stays here" he replied. " I've been trying to reach you on telephone but your number hasn't been reachable and you didn't even bother to call me ever since you took advantage of me last Friday night" Susan said. "Well, I'm really very sorry about that, I tried to reach you but couldn't because the last time we were together, the ocean water got into my phone and destroyed it so I lost all the information I had on it, I had to get a new phone and new line this morning and that's the reason why I couldn't reach you" Dave said as he held out a new phone and showed it to Susan. Susan felt so relieved that at least she wasn't jilted by this one time lover of hers. As she made herself comfortable next to him, Dave ordered for more drinks and they began to talk some more. " I was told by the receptionist when I got here that they have no record of you lodging here or did you lie to me?" Susan asked. " If I lied to you, then you wouldn't have seen me here" Dave said. " I lodged under the name of Me. Dike, my name is Dave Dike" Dave said.

" And why did you come here?" Dave asked, " I thought you were mad at me after what happened the last time?" He asked. " Well, I was mad and as a matter of fact, I'm still mad at you for ruining my hair" Susan said and they both laughed. After a couple of drinks, they both began to talk dirty to each other and the jazz music playing in the background gave the moment all the ambience it needed. By the time Susan realized what time it was, it was almost midnight and when she looked at the Cartier watch on her wrist she exclaimed " wow it's almost midnight, time went by so fast" she said. " Well I guess you have to start going now and I hope you will be able to drive after all these drinks you have taken" Dave said. " Who said anything about going?" Replied Susan. As she stared straight into his eyes and that was when Dave bent forward and kissed her just the way she liked it. And as she moaned softly, she whispered to him in a low tone, " please take me and do it to me again, I want you to do it again please".

As they got into the elevator, they continued kissing until they got out on the fifth floor where Dave's room was located. As Dave got out his key card and opened the door to his room, Susan pushed him into the room and slammed the door shut and took off the jacket of the the skirt suit she was wearing and slipped out of her high heels and said to him "take off my blouse" and as Dave made to unbutton her blouse, she said to Dave " I don't want any gentleman moves, I want you to be as rough as you were with me the first time even if it means you have to rip off my blouse" it was at that moment that Dave realized that the only attraction Susan had for him was the way he brutally made love to her and he didn't hesitate to rip of her blouse and removed her blouse and squeezed her breasts tightly while he kissed her. He pulled off her skirt and ripped away her panties and put his tongue in between her legs and sucked hard on her. Susan couldn't contain the vibrations that went through her body and she shivered in ecstacy and by the time Dave finally put his manhood in her she had climaxed many times over and she was saying to him " don't stop please don't ever stop" Dave kept on pounding her for almost a quarter of an hour before he finally climaxed in her.

All through this time, Frederick had been trying to reach Susan and the phone kept ringing and ringing before going into voicemail. He called several times and there was still no response and he started to wonder if everything was alright with Susan. He made several calls through to some of the staff at the office to find out if Susan was at the office that day and they all told him that she was at the office and left after the close of work that evening. Frederick had wanted to inform Susan that his scheduled return to Port-harcourt had been extended because the work at the company's new branch in Lagos was yet to be completed and as such he had to stay back to ensure that the work was properly done. This was the first time since he got to Lagos that he was unable to speak to Susan at their normal talk time, he had made it a point of duty to always speak with Susan before going to bed every night and not being able to speak to Susan that night really got him bothered and as such, sleep evaded him and he decided to take a walk to the hotel poolside bar.

When he got there, he ordered for some barbecued dried meat which was also known as suya and ordered for a chilled bottle of lager beer. He had again tried to reach Susan on the phone, several times and by the time he checked his watch, it was already 1:39 am and so he decided to go to bed.

Susan was up as early as 5:45 am and as she got up from the bed to go and take a shower, Dave pulled her back to the bed " good morning sunshine" he said, "where do you think you are going?" He asked her. " Good morning dear" Susan said, " I need to go take a shower and get ready for work" she added. " But I don't want you to leave just yet" Dave said. "C'mon dear I have to go to work and I don't want to be late" said Susan. "Not so fast my dear" Dave said as he made her lie on her back and kissed her deeply and as he penetrated her with his manhood, she let out some soft moans and held on to him tightly as they made some more sweet love.

It was almost 7:30 am by the time Susan left the hotel, she had driven straight home to get a change of clothes and head straight to work. During her drive home, she had thought about all the fun she had the previous night with Dave and she didn't know what to think of herself. She had always been the type of person to speak strongly against infidelity in marriage but she just couldn't explain what had gotten over her and whatever it was, she sort of enjoyed it and she decided within herself that she would continue to make out with Dave because he made her feel quite different like no man had ever made her feel. She knew that if what she had done with Dave ever goes public, it would destroy her marriage and tarnish her family reputation in the society and so she decided to keep it her little secret.

She had just stepped into the bedroom when her phone rang and by the time she brought out her phone from her hand bag, she saw it was Frederick calling and it was only then that she realized that Frederick must have been trying to reach her all night long and she wondered what reasons she would give to him for not responding to his telephone calls.

During her telephone conversation with Frederick, she lied to him that she wasn't feeling too well the previous evening due to the stress she faced at work and by the time she got home and had supper, she decided to take some pills that would put her to sleep and she didn't realize that she would sleep for that long. Frederick, also informed her of the extension of his stay in Lagos and the news only excited her the more because it only meant that she would have more time to spend with Dave except that she was careful not to make Frederick notice she was happy at the news of the extension of his stay in Lagos.

After the telephone conversation, she started feeling somewhat guilty for lying to Frederick but it was either that or have her marriage crash and she wasn't ready for that to happen so decided that there was nothing wrong with the little lie.

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