Twice a woman

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Everything seemed to be going quite well with Bose and Dr. Idowu. Bose's son who was named Femi was rapidly growing and before long, he was enrolled in a kindergarten class and Bose was always very lonely each time Dr. Idowu leaves for work and Femi to kindergarten class. She discussed with Dr. Idowu about opening a business for her which would keep her busy during the day and which would also enable her to earn some money on the side so that she would be able to take care of her immediate needs and other things for Femi's upkeep. Although Dr. Idowu considered it a brilliant idea, he made sure to inform her that he was agreeing to it because it would keep her busy and not because of the extra source of income because he believed that he was making enough money to take care of his family's needs. It was decided that the business that would be ideal was to open a boutique for women within the neighborhood. A shop was rented and equipped for that purpose in a posh aristocratic complex within the neighborhood and Bose was grateful to Dr. Idowu and within a short period of time, Bose's boutique became a place where the nouveau riche within the area came to do their shopping and business was going very well for Bose and she couldn't believe the turnover she made within the first month of sales.

It was a rainy Tuesday morning and whenever it rains in Lagos, the traffic is usually heavy due to the bad roads and poor drainage system in the city and that Tuesday morning, the traffic was crazy. Dr. Idowu was on call that morning and he had to leave quite early in order to beat the mad traffic but all the same he was still held up in the traffic. The GPS system seemed to be leading him to dead ends that morning so he decided to take a shorter route that morning that would enable him avoid the traffic and lead him to a road that would connect him to an adjoining route that would cut off the unnecessary traffic. The route was not all that good but he managed to maneuver the bad roads and connected to the lane that would lead him to the route through which he would connect to the expressway that will take him to the road that would take him closer to his destination. As soon as he connected to the expressway, he decided to speed up so as to get hospital on time and at that moment he saw saw that the traffic ahead was static and as he applied his brakes, he discovered that the road was slippery due to the rain and the brakes couldn't slow his vehicle down enough and his car slammed directly into the vehicle in front of him causing a lot of damage.

Frederick had just stepped out of the hotel to the waiting car that would take him to the company's new branch to supervise the work that was being done. He had discussed with the engineer in charge of the project to make some amendments prior to that time and so he wanted to be at the site early enough to make sure the work was done right. The driver had informed Frederick that there was a broken down truck along their route which had caused a lot of traffic and the traffic wardens had created a diversion for other vehicles to take in order to avoid increasing the traffic and it was after taking the diversion that a vehicle suddenly slammed into the rear of their car and the impact of the accident made Frederick almost jump through the windshield from the back seat where he was seated.

The accident was so much that other road users had to alight from their vehicles to ensure that there were no casualties. For a brief moment, Frederick was stunned because he didn't know what happened until onlookers came to his vehicle to bring him out to make sure he wasn't injured in any way. The driver of Frederick's vehicle was already out of the car to assess the damage to the vehicle and saw that the car was completely totaled.

When Frederick got out of the car, he stood at the side of the road to recover from the shock when Dr. Idowu came out from his car and approached him to check if he was alright and not harmed from the accident.

" Are you alright sir? " Dr. Idowu asked. " I am fine. " Frederick replied. " I would like you to sit down so that I can examine you. " Dr. Idowu said. At that moment the police arrived at the scene to take record of the accident and arrangements were made to tow their vehicles away from the scene to avoid more traffic after which they drove Dr. Idowu and Frederick to the police station.

At the police station, they had to go through the normal procedure of being interviewed by the police and putting down their statements in writing. Frederick had already made it clear that he wasn't ready to press charges against Dr. Idowu for reckless driving after Dr. Idowu told him that he was a medical doctor and was on his way to the hospital to attend to an emergency. Frederick and Dr. Idowu exchanged complimentary cards and they were discussing when suddenly Frederick started feeling dizzy and fainted at the police station. The police and Dr. Idowu mobilized an ambulance and rushed Frederick to Dr. Idowu's hospital.

The news of the accident had gotten to Frederick's company after his driver put a call through to report the incident.

Susan was already at the office that morning thinking about her previous night's encounter with Dave and she rang him to tell him how much she was missing him already. She was talking with Dave on the phone when one of the company's secretaries walked into her office and informed her about the accident. As soon as she heard about the accident, Susan told Dave that there had been a problem and that she would call him right back and then she ended the call. Susan had subsequently called her father and also informed him of the accident and the decision was made for her to travel down to Lagos to attend to Frederick. Arrangements were made and Susan booked the next available flight and proceeded to Lagos.

By the time Susan arrived at the Lagos airport, a driver was already on ground to convey her to Dr. Idowu's hospital where Frederick was admitted. On getting to the hospital, she was informed that she couldn't see Frederick just yet as he was undergoing surgery at the theatre and would have to wait till after the surgery when he will be taken to the intensive care unit. While she was waiting, several thoughts raced through Susan's mind. She thought about how she lied to Frederick that morning and at that moment she started feeling quite guilty.

After about four hours, she was informed that Frederick was out of surgery and that she could see him even though he was still unconscious. She was led to the intensive care unit by one of the nurses and when she got there, she saw Frederick lying motionless and tears filled her eyes. On seeing the tears, Dr. Idowu approached her and comforted her and he assured her that Frederick was going to be alright. Dr. Idowu then asked her what her relationship was with Frederick and when she told him that she is his wife, he asked her to follow him to his office.

It was in his office that Dr. Idowu formally introduced himself as the medical director and owner of the hospital and he also told her about the accident. When Susan heard that Dr. Idowu was the reason why Frederick was lying motionless at the intensive care unit, she didn't know whether to be mad at him or just stay calm until Dr. Idowu gave her a piece of shocking news.

Dr. Idowu had told her that when Frederick had collapsed at the police station, from his experience, he suspected that it was probably a case of internal bleeding and when they brought him to his hospital and ran a scan on him, they discovered that an internal blood vessel had ruptured and had attended to it. Dr. Idowu also mentioned that during the scan, they also made another shocking discovery. The scan had diagnosed a tumor in Frederick's brain and they had conducted a surgery also to remove the tumor.

When Susan learnt of this discovery, she started to think that maybe the accident was a blessing in disguise afterall. She mentioned to Dr. Idowu that he should ensure that the best medical care was given to Frederick and no cost should be spared because she was ready to pay all the bills no matter how much it came to. It was at that moment that Dr. Idowu informed Susan that it wouldn't be necessary because he had taken it upon himself to bear all the costs of Frederick's treatment.

Frederick regained full consciousness very early the next morning and when he opened his eyes, he saw Susan lying down on the couch in the private hospital ward where he was given. At first, he was wondering where he was until he slowly began to remember the events that occurred but all he could remember was up to the point when he was at the police station with the doctor who rammed into his car. When Susan saw he had opened his eyes, she quickly stood up and went to his side and kissed him. At that moment, a nurse stepped into the room to check on him and saw he had regained consciousness and she quickly went off to get the matron.

Susan told Frederick all the doctor had said and she also mentioned to him that his surgery was successful.

Dr. Idowu was in the hospital very early that morning to ensure that Frederick was responding to treatment and he advised that Frederick should remain on admission for a couple of days to ensure adequate medical observation of his complete recovery.

By the following day, Frederick was able to move to and from the bathroom unaided and it was quite evident that he was indeed responding to treatment.

By Friday later that week, Dr. Idowu gave Frederick a clean bill of health and subsequently discharged him but not before advising that he needs to get enough rest and also to avoid strenuous activities for the meantime. Frederick and Dr. Idowu exchanged pleasantries and Frederick promised to check on Dr. Idowu when next he was in Lagos and after bidding farewell to the hospital staff who he had gotten quite used to during his short stay at the hospital he and Susan left for his hotel in Victoria island and later that afternoon, Susan and Frederick boarded a flight and returned to Port-harcourt.

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