Twice a woman

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Belema was at work very early the next morning. She had woken up quite early to do some chores around the house for her grandmother. Her grandmother was very excited the previous evening when she had told him about Dave. She also showed her grandmother the things Dave bought for her and the monetary gift from him. Her grandmother was excited at the news but advised Belema to be sure of Dave's true intentions. Her grandmother could see the look in Belema's eyes as she talked about Dave and her grandmother knew that Belema had also fallen in love with Dave and that was when her grandmother told her the story of how she met and married her grandfather. Belema was really surprised at the story her grandmother told her because her grandmother had never told her of any love story before. That evening, Belema and her grandmother talked of different love stories and laughed while they had dinner before they eventually went to sleep.

While Belema was at the hotel restaurant that morning, she began to wonder why Dave had not come down to have breakfast and each time the door leading to the restaurant opened, she hoped it was Dave coming in to have breakfast.

Dave had just finished packing all his belongings from the room and had called the reception and requested for a porter to come up to his room and help bring down his luggage. He had decided that morning to check out of the hotel. He realized that his continuous stay at the hotel was going to restrict his interaction with Belema and he wasn't going to let anything come in between him and Belema. He got to the reception and paid his outstanding bills and while the hotel staff was loading his luggage into the trunk of his car, he decided to go to the hotel restaurant to inform Belema that he was leaving.

When he walked into the restaurant, Dave could see the excitement on Belema's face and after the formal greetings, he informed Belema that he was leaving. The news of him leaving devastated Belema and she couldn't imagine the reason why he was leaving the hotel suddenly. " Call me after you get off work and I will come and pick you up and explain things better to you " he said to Belema before leaving.

Belema was sad for the rest of the day and it adversely affected her work performance. Her shift supervisor noticed that she was under performing in her duties and called her attention to know if all was well with her and asked if she needed some time off to rest just in case she was ill and she replied that she was fine. Belema couldn't wait to get off work that day and since the shift supervisor was of the impression she wasn't feeling too well, she decided to capitalize on that and take an excuse from him to get off work early.

By 3:15, Belema had already signed out of work and when she got out of the hotel premises, she decided to walk quite some distance to find an ideal place from where she would call Dave.

She got to a fast food shop and went in and placed an order for some snacks and soda and when they brought her order, she paid the bills and decided to call Dave. She called Dave and gave him her location and started eating her snacks.

Ittook Dave about twenty five minutes to drive to the fast food and Belema was already done eating by then and as he walked into the fast food, he gave Belema a warm smile and the smile melted all the sadness away from her heart. " How are you doing my angel?" Dave asked her. " I'm very well thank you ". She replied. And she got up and walked out with Dave towards where he parked his car.

While in the car, Dave asked her why she was off work early and she told him everything that happened that day after he informed her he was checking out of the hotel.

When Dave arrived at the new hotel where he had checked into after leaving that morning and he asked Belema to come with him. They both walked into the hotel and Dave picked up his key card from the receptionist and they both walked down a hallway and got into an elevator. The elevator took them to the second floor where Dave's room was located and they both walked to the end of another hallway to Dave's room.

As soon as they got into Dave's room, Belema sat on a single couch close to the window and Dave sat on the bed and picked up the intercom telephone in the room and rang the bar and requested for gin and tonic for himself and cocktail for Belema.

" So this is where you stay now?" Belema asked Dave. " Yes my angel, this is where I have decided to stay " Dave responded. " Is there any particular reason why you left my hotel to come and stay here or were you simply trying hard to avoid me?" Belema asked again. " The truth of the matter is that I actually decided to leave your hotel and get a different hotel because of you ". Dave said. " What do you mean by that? Are you saying I was the one who chased you out?" Belema started saying before Dave cut her short. " No my angel, you do not have to say that, I actually decided to leave so that I can be closer to you " Dave said. " But how?" Belema asked. " You know while you are working at that hotel, it will be difficult for us to see anytime I want to see you due to the Management's restrictions and hotel policy " Dave said. " You are here now in my hotel room which could never have been possible if I was still staying at the other hotel " Dave said in conclusion. Belema reasoned with what Dave had said and saw that he made a valid point. " I understand what you have said and I see that there is some truth in what you've said but I want you to promise me one thing " Belema said. " What is it you want me to promise you my angel?" Dave asked and as she was about to speak, there was a knock on the door and a voice from outside the room said ' room service '.

The waiter brought in their order and left the room and Dave handed Belema the glass of cocktail while he helped himself with the gin and tonic.

" So what is it you wanted me to promise you?" Dave asked. Putting the glass of cocktail on the table, Belema folded her arms and looked straight at Dave for a few seconds and said to him " promise you will never leave me and you will never hurt me " . Dave was so touched by those words and he got up from the side of the bed where he was seated and moved towards the couch where Belema was sitting and took her hands in his and gently dragged her up. He lifted her head up so that she could look directly into his eyes and he said to her, " from the bottom of my heart, I promise you that I will never leave you and I will never hurt you ". At that moment, tears filled Belema's eyes and Dave held her closely to his chest and made her sit on the bed with him and he softly kissed her until she began to let out soft moans as Dave undressed her before undressing himself and they both covered themselves with the duvet and made sweet love after which Belema fell asleep.

By the time Belema woke up and looked at her watch, she saw that it was about 8:35 pm and she quickly got up from the bed and saw that Dave was sitting on the couch and watching football on the television screen in the room. He was so engrossed in the football match that he failed to notice that Belema had woken up.

" I slept for so long and didn't know time had gone and I'm so late. You should have woken me up earlier than now" Belema said to Dave. " You looked so beautiful while you slept and I didn't want to wake you " Dave replied and they both laughed. Belema got dressed and Dave offered to drive her home since her house wasn't too far from the new hotel where he lodged. The drive to Belema's house took a little over fifteen minutes and when they got to Belema's house, Belema asked Dave to come in and say hi to her grandmother and Dave obliged her.

They both walked into the house and into a small room with two wooden chairs and an old cushion chair and Dave guessed the room served as a living room. There was no electricity and a candle was burning on a table at the center of the room and Belema asked Dave to take a seat while she went to get her grandmother. Dave sat on one of the wooden chairs and Belema went into an adjoining room that served as the bedroom she shared with her grandmother.

Dave had only sat down for about four minutes when Belema came out with her grandmother. " Mama, this is Dave, my friend that I told you about ". Belema said to her grandmother. " Good evening mama " Dave said to Belema's grandmother. " You are welcome my son and thank you for bringing my daughter home " Belema's grandmother said. " I was beginning to get worried because my granddaughter has never come back this late " Belema's grandmother said. " I'm sorry mama, it was all my fault, I should have brought her home earlier ". Dave responded. " It's fine my son at least she's home now " The old woman said. " What can I offer you my son " she asked Dave. " Nothing mama. It's late now and I should start going. I will come back some other time and spend some good time with you and your daughter ". Dave told her and before he left, he brought out his wallet and handed some currency notes to Belema's grandmother and said, " mama please take this and buy something for yourself " Belema's grandmother accepted the money and thanked Dave and afterwards he left.

Dave got back to his hotel and decided to take a drink at the hotel bar and that was when his phone rang and it was a call from Belema. She was calling to find out if Dave had gotten to his hotel and to thank him for the gift to his grandmother and after talking for a while, they said goodnight to each other and hung up the phone.

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