Twice a woman

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It's been almost two weeks since Frederick and Susan returned from Lagos and Frederick had fully recovered from the accident and surgery and during the period, Dr. Idowu always made sure to call and check on Frederick to make sure he was taking his drugs regularly and his recovery was progressive.

With Frederick fully recovered, he was scheduled to return to Lagos and complete the work at the company's new branch in Lagos.

He and Susan got up early that morning and while Susan was helping him pack, he went to take a shower. They were both set and ready to leave the house and Susan opted to drive Frederick to the airport before going to the office. The got to the airport thirty minutes before his scheduled flight and Susan said to Frederick " Make sure you call me when you get to Lagos " I sure will " Frederick replied and as he got out of the car with his luggage, he kissed Susan and they both bid each other farewell and he walked towards the departure hall of the airport.

The traffic from the airport to the office was rather hectic and by the time Susan got to the office, she was already thirty minutes late and as she walked into the company, she was greeted by other company staff before she went into her office to start off the day's work.

Susan was called for a presentation that morning at the conference room and as she entered the conference room, all the company directors were already seated and she apologized for coming to the presentation later than scheduled and took the nearest available seat. One of the directors had just finished his opening remarks for the presentation when he called on Susan to give her presentation. As Susan got up and recognized all the protocols present and was about to deliver her presentation, she suddenly started feeling some dizziness within her, she couldn't understand why her head started feeling very heavy and suddenly her feet gave way and she fell to the ground and fainted. There was some confusion immediately this happened and the people in attendance at the presentation carried her up to her seat and tried to revive her and when they discovered that whatever was wrong with her could be serious, they decided to call an ambulance to take her to the hospital.

By the time Susan regained consciousness, she was already on a hospital bed with her mother beside her. " Thank goodness you have regained consciousness. I was so worried when I heard you had slumped at the office. Frederick has been calling ever since he arrived at Lagos and I didn't want to inform him of your condition so that he doesn't get worried which might affect his health again, you know he only just recovered from a major surgery " her mother said." I don't know what happened, I was standing to give a presentation at the office when I started feeling drowsy and that's all I remember ". Susan said. " I guess it's the recent stress you faced ever since your husband's accident. But not to worry, the doctor has taken your blood sample to run some tests. Susan imagined that what her mother said was the reason for her fainting at the office. The past two weeks have been somewhat stressful for her and she had overworked herself both at the office and at her home especially with taking care of Frederick.

The doctor came in at that moment with Susan's test results and allayed the fears of Susan and her mother. " There isn't much to worry about. " The doctor announced, " I have the test results and there is absolutely nothing wrong with her " the doctor continued. " The test results indicate that Susan is pregnant. So congratulations ". The doctor finally said. " Wow, that is some real good news, I am very happy to hear that. Congratulations my daughter, I am sure your father and Frederick will be happy to hear the good news " Susan's mother said.

Susan was quite perplexed at the news of her pregnancy, she didn't know whether to be glad at the news or not because she knew from her recent past activities that it wasn't Frederick who was responsible for the pregnancy but Dave. ' Oh goodness, what do I do now?' Susan thought to herself as she tried to fake a smile so her mother wouldn't suspect that anything was wrong. At that moment, Frederick called and Susan's mother said to Susan, " it's Frederick calling again, speak to him " and she handed Susan the phone. " Hello darling, I've been calling you and when you were not responding, I had to call the office and I was told you fainted and you were rushed to the hospital. Is everything okay?" Frederick asked. " Yes dear, everything is okay, it was just fatigue from the stress of the last two weeks ". Susan said and spoke for a while with Frederick and at the same time she avoided giving him the news of her pregnancy all through the duration of their telephone conversation. When she ended the call, her mother was surprised and she said to Susan, " why didn't you give him the good news?" . " No mummy, I don't want to inform him just yet, I want it to be a surprise and I want to see his face when I tell him the good news ". Susan replied. At that moment, the doctor said to them that Susan was free to leave after resting for a while and that the nurse will give to her some medication which she would take home and take regularly for the next few days.

After speaking with Susan, Frederick was relieved. He had arrived Lagos as scheduled and the driver was at the Lagos airport to pick him up. He called Susan to inform her of his arrival and her phone rang all through with no response and then he decided to call the office and that's when he heard the news of her slumping. His first instinct was for him to book a flight and return to Port-harcourt but the next available flight was scheduled for later that evening so he decided to finish whatever work he was able to do at the company's new branch and head over to the airport that evening to catch the flight back to Port-harcourt. But after speaking with her and she assured him that it was fatigue due to stress that was responsible for her fainting in the office, he felt that the explanation was satisfactory.

As Frederick settled in to start the business of the day, he decided to put a call through to Dr. Idowu and inform him that he is in Lagos.

" Hello doctor." Frederick said when Dr. Idowu picked the call. " Hello Mr. Frederick. " Dr. Idowu responded. " I believe that you are doing very well now Mr. Frederick " Dr. Idowu said. " Yes I am. I want to inform you that I just arrived in Lagos to do some work on behalf of my company " Frederick said to Dr. Idowu. " Oh that's great and I believe this time around, I will be afforded the opportunity to spend some time together " Dr. Idowu said. " I believe so doctor " said Frederick. " How about we start with dinner tonight at my home?" Dr. Idowu asked Frederick. " Sure, that will be great." Frederick said. " Ok just send me the location of where you are staying and I will pick you up right after work and drive you to my house " said Dr. Idowu. " Ok doctor, I will do so right away " and when they were both done talking, Frederick ended the call so that he could text the name and address of his hotel to Dr. Idowu.

Dr. Idowu was so delighted at the news of Frederick's arrival in Lagos. He had in recent times during his telephone conversation with Frederick, discovered that Frederick was a very interesting person. He was also amazed at the speed of his recovery and he looked forward to meeting with him again in person. After the accident, Dr. Idowu had told Bose of the accident and every other thing that happened and Bose was thankful that no life was lost and that the accident victim was responding to treatment but it never did occur to her that the accident victim was her one time lover, Frederick.

It was sometime later that day that Susan left the hospital. She couldn't go back to the office because she needed rest so her mother opted to drive her home. During the journey, Susan's mother asked that she come and spend some days in the family house since Frederick was not in town but Susan declined the offer saying she would rather be in her matrimonial house. The mother later decided that the best thing to do was to hire a maid for Susan who would be running errands and make the workload at home easier for Susan and this was agreed.

Throughout that evening, Susan was restless and confused, she didn't know whether or not to break the news of her pregnancy to Frederick. It was obvious that Frederick hadn't had any form of sexual relationship with her for one more than a month and how then will she explain the source of pregnancy to Frederick. She thought maybe she should open up to him and tell him how she was raped. Many thoughts raced through her mind and she thought it was best to get in touch with Dave so they could both decide on what to do.

She picked up her phone and tried to dial Dave's number but on a second thought, she decided against it and thought it best not to let Dave know about the pregnancy. If only her mother was not there with her when the doctor brought the test results, it would have been very easy for her to terminate the pregnancy. So she decided what she would do is make Dave believe he is the father of her unborn child after all, the doctor never mentioned how old the pregnancy was and that sounded to her as a good idea and the best thing to do.

It was almost 6:30pm by the time Dr. Idowu got to Frederick's hotel. Frederick was already waiting at the hotel lobby and as soon as he got the call from Dr. Idowu, he stepped out and got into Dr. Idowu's waiting car. The traffic that evening was very mild and as Dr. Idowu was driving, Frederick wasn't too comfortable sitting beside Dr. Idowu because of the phobia of the accident which he had. Whenever Dr. Idowu raised a topic for discussion, he tried as much as possible to make the discussion as short as possible so that Dr. Idowu would concentrate fully on his driving.

After driving for a while, Dr. Idowu negotiated a turning into a private estate and as he drove at a very slow speed, Frederick couldn't help but to notice how beautiful the neighborhood was and the magnificent houses it contained and he asked Dr. Idowu " what is this place called?" " This place is called Marigold plaza estate. " Dr. Idowu said. " This place is really beautiful. " said Frederick. " When I resume fully at my company's new branch here in Lagos, I would definitely get a house here ". Frederick said.

Dr. Pulled up a house not different from the other beautiful buildings he had seen and at the gate, Frederick saw that it was numbered 14 scarlet close. Dr. Idowu honked his horn and a security man opened the gate for them to drive in and after they parked, Dr. Idowu said to Frederick, welcome to my home. They both came down from Dr. Idowu's car and Dr. Idowu led him to the front door and pressed the doorbell.

Early that day, after Frederick notified Dr. Idowu of his arrival, Dr. Idowu placed a call to Bose and told her he was inviting a guest over for dinner and that she should make the necessary preparations to ensure they have an awesome dinner. Bose had to leave her boutique early that afternoon to go to the store to get some food stuff for dinner and from the store, she drove to her son Femi's school to pick him up. She got home just in time to start the cooking. All the while she was cooking, she let Femi sit in the living room and watch cartoons which really excited him. After she was done with the cooking, she went upstairs to the bathroom to have a shower.

She had just come downstairs after dressing up when the doorbell rang and she quickly arranged the toys that Femi, her son scattered all over the place and went to get the door.

As she opened the door, she was all smiles and she said to Dr. Idowu " welcome home honey." " Thank you darling." Dr. Idowu replied. " Meet our guest Mr. Frederick, he just came into town." Dr. Idowu said, and as Bose turned her attention to the person standing behind her husband and stretched out her hand in anticipation of a handshake, her hand suddenly dropped and she was short of words. She couldn't believe that the man standing in her doorway was no other person than the father of her child Frederick.

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