Twice a woman

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Frederick stood at the doorway startled with surprise because standing right there in front of him was Bose. Frederick never believed that he would set his eyes on her again in his lifetime and she was standing there looking even more beautiful than she had ever been or was he dreaming.

While Bose was still in shock, he stretched out his hands and said to her " good evening madam." Bose reluctantly held out her hand once again and shook his hand. "

" This is my wife Bose." Dr. Idowu said to Frederick. " Pleased to meet you." Frederick said and they all walked into the living room.

While Frederick sat down with Dr. Idowu, waiting for dinner to be served, he started thinking about how he had failed in his promise to come back for Bose after his program and the more he thought about it, the more he became ashamed of himself and he decided to look for a way to make amends with Bose.

Dr. Idowu tried to engage Frederick in some discussion but even though Frederick was responding to the discussion, his whole attention was on how he would make amends with Bose.

Dinner was finally served and they all had to move over to the dining room and Dr. Idowu and Frederick took their seats while Bose dished out the meal. As they were about to start eating, Femi ran into the dinning room dreaming ' daddy, daddy, daddy ' and hugged Dr. Idowu who he has always considered as his father and Dr. Idowu carried him up and hugged him after which he placed him on a dining chair close to him at the dining table. " This is our son Femi." Dr. Idowu said to Frederick and Frederick gave him a warm smile. Bose decided to go to the kitchen to prepare something for little Femi to eat since he had come to join them at the table. It was while Bose was in the kitchen that something very remarkable happened. Femi had carried Dr. Idowu's glass of water to take a drink from it when he spilled water all over his shirt. Dr. Idowu quickly took the glass from Femi and dropped it on the table and proceeded to remove his soaked shirt. All this while, Frederick was eating away at the delicious meal Bose had prepared and the moment Dr. Idowu took off Femi's shirt, his eyes went straight to Femi's bare chest and he saw the same birthmark that he had.

As Frederick was staring at Femi's bare chest, Bose walked in from the kitchen and saw the situation. Immediately, she rushed to Femi and grabbed him by the arm and informed Dr. Idowu that she was going upstairs to feed him.

The rest of the evening was uneventful as Bose never came back downstairs and when Frederick was ready to leave, Dr. Idowu ordered for a taxi for him and when the taxi arrived, Dr. Idowu bid Frederick goodbye and walked out of the gate and he was about to get into the taxi, he turned round at Dr. Idowu's home and looked up at the window overlooking the gate and saw Bose staring at him and when she saw that he had caught her state, she quickly closed the curtains. Frederick got into the taxi afterwards and the taxi took him back to his hotel.

That night, neither Bose or Frederick could get a wink of sleep. They both kept thinking of the evening's events and both of them found it quite difficult to comprehend.

Bose was in a confused state of mind because Frederick was the last person she expected to see that day and she didn't know whether or not to tell Dr. Idowu everything but as she turned to face Dr. Idowu who was lying down by her side, she saw that he was already fast asleep and didn't want to disturb him so she turned of the lamp by her bed side and faded off to sleep.

Frederick hadn't remembered to call Susan that night while he was lying down on the bed in his hotel room because his mind was so engrossed with Bose and when Bose called him, him, he made sure the call was as brief as possible and ended the call. Frederick knew that Bose was his first true love and the truth of the matter was that he was still in love with her but he knew that he had offended Bose and he decided he would do everything possible to make it up to her. Then he thought about Femi. He knew within him that Femi was his son. How could he not have known that Bose got pregnant for him after that last night together in his campus room. If only he had reached out to Bose, he would have known. A feeling of guilt overtook Frederick as he kept pondering over the mistakes he had made since he left Bose. Although Susan played a major part in the life that he enjoyed, but he knew nothing in this world could ever compare to the love he shared with Bose. But will Bose ever forgive him and give him a chance? He knew within him that it would be difficult but he also knew that he would do whatever it took to win back Bose's love. By the time Frederick fell asleep, it was already past 2am in the morning.

The company driver was already at the hotel as early as 7am to drive Frederick to the new branch and it took Frederick a while to get ready and when he got into the car, he informed the driver that he would like to go somewhere first before going to the office and he instructed the driver to proceed to Marigold plaza estate. When they got into the estate, he instructed the driver to locate Scarlet close and when they got there, he asked the driver to park few blocks away from Dr. Idowu's house.

Frederick sat in the car for a few minutes deciding on what his next move will be. After some minutes of thinking, he finally got down from the car and started walking towards Dr. Idowu's house. He got into the compound of the house and walked straight on to the front door and pressed the doorbell. The door opened after a while and right in front of him stood Bose.

" What are you doing here? " Bose asked. " Do you mind if I come in?" He said to Bose. " You shouldn't be here." Bose said. " I know Bose, but I just need a few minutes of your time." Frederick said. Bose moved aside and allowed him to come into the house and she closed the door.

They got seated in the living room and Frederick began speaking. " I don't know where to start from Bose but all I want you to know is that I have messed up and although this wasn't what I planned for us but still, what has happened has happened and I want you to know that from the bottom of my heart, I am deeply sorry…" Frederick said before Bose interrupted him. " But why are you saying all these, what exactly do you want from me?" She asked. " If I could turn back the hands of time, all I will wish for is you and I want you to give me the chance to make all things right." Frederick said. " The only thing you can do to make things right, is for you to leave and never return." Bose said. " I know you are saying all of these because you feel I have hurt you but I need you to know that I have always loved you and I still love you and I will stop at nothing to win back your love." Frederick said. " You are crazy." Bose said as she burst into tears. " Yes my dear, I am crazy over you and I know deep in your heart you still feel something for me, please do not deny it." Said Frederick. " I saw our son." Frederick finally said to Bose. " What son are you talking about? He's not your son, he's my husband's son…..Dr. idowu is his father." Bose yelled. Frederick became quiet for a few moments and then he got up from the couch and took off his jacket and started loosening his neck tie. He took of his neck tie and unbuttoned his shirt. " What do you think you are doing?" Bose said to him. Frederick took off his shirt and pointed to the birthmark on his chest and said to Bose. " You see this mark right here, I saw it on Femi last night when I was here for dinner, you can deny me your love all you want but don't ever deny me my son." Frederick said. " Bose's tears increased and she said to Frederick "please leave my house right now." Frederick got dressed and as he turned to leave, he brought out his complimentary card and dropped it on the center table and said to Bose. " Call me when you can so that we can talk and if I don't hear from you, I will play it my own way". " Is that a threat?" Bose asked. " No my dear, it's a promise." Frederick replied and left the house.

After Frederick left, Bose sat there confused and not knowing what to do. A hundred thoughts ran through her head and asked herself if she should inform Dr. Idowu on what was happening, but she decided against it because she didn't want to complicate the situation and she thought it was best to leave Dr. Idowu out of it. She was already prepared to go to her boutique for the day, but after seeing Frederick that morning, she wasn't feeling up to it anymore so she just picked up Frederick's card, put it into her handbag and went upstairs to lay down.

Susan was in the office that morning, she was feeling much better having had enough rest the previous day and also taking the vitamins the doctor prescribed for her. She went about her work that day like nothing ever happened to her. Her parents have been calling on her regularly to check on her and to ensure she wasn't doing anything stressful. Her father had wanted her to take some days off from work to enable her to have some rest but she bluntly refused tell them she was fine. Susan was the only child of her parents and they were so excited at the news of her pregnancy that they were so eager and couldn't wait to carry their first grandchild.

During work, that day, Susan realized that Dave had not called her ever since he called her the last time and she refused to pick and so she decided to pay him a visit at his hotel when she was done for the day.

After work, that day, she drove home first and had a shower and changed into something more appropriate for her intending mission. She wore a pair of blue faded jeans, a silk long sleeve shirt and a face cap to make it difficult for anyone to recognize her at first glance.

When she got to the hotel, she went to the front desk to inquire about Mr. Dave Dike and when she was told that Dave was no longer a guest at the hotel, she thought it was probably another of Dave's little intrigues and as such, she decided to go the bar again to have a drink and maybe she could just run into Dave once more as he wasn't expecting to see her.

When she got into the bar, she looked around to see if she would see Dave but none of the men in the bar was Dave and so she sat down and ordered a few drinks.

She didn't drink much because she was trying to be very observant to see if Dave will walk into the bar. When she had stayed almost two hours, she finally came to the conclusion that Dave might not come and she paid her bills and left. As she was heading to her car, an idea popped into her head and she decided to check the spot where Dave usually parked his car to see if his car was there but to her utmost dismay, his car was no longer parked there and it finally occured to her that he had truly checked out of the hotel and at that moment, she began to panic.

She got into her car and after thinking for a while, she decided to call Dave's number.

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