Twice a woman

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Dave and Belema had been getting along so well and their relationship was getting stronger. Belema's grandmother was very happy with the relationship between Belema and Dave and she was looking forward to seeing them tie the knot soon.

That evening, Dave had just dropped off Belema and was on his way back to his hotel when this mobile phone rang. He was surprised to see it was Susan calling him and he picked the call. " Hello Susan, it's been quite a while." He said. " Where are you, I need to see you immediately." Susan said. " Wait,wait, hold on dear, what's the rush?" Dave demanded. " Like I said, I need to see you and it's very important." Susan said. " Where are you?" Dave asked. " I am at the hotel but I was told you are no longer a guest here." Susan said. " No I don't stay there anymore but wait for me there and I will be with you shortly." Dave said to Susan and after they ended the call. Susan decided that it would be better if she paid for a room in the hotel at least she would have the privacy to discuss with him and so she proceeded to the hotel front desk and paid for a room where she decided to wait for Dave.

When Dave arrived, he called Susan to inform her that he was at the lobby and Susan directed him to her room.

Dave knocked when he got outside her door on the first floor and when she opened the door and saw him, she left the door open for him and went back to sit on the bed. Dave came in and closed the door and sat on the sofa in the room.

" Not even a hello from you." Dave said after he sat down looking at Susan. " What is so urgent that made you want to see me tonight?" He asked. " Looking at him, Susan said, " how come you left the hotel and didn't even bother to notify me?" " Well, the last time I checked, I was the one who was calling and sending messages and you didn't even bother to respond." Dave said. " I am really sorry about that, a lot has happened in the past few weeks and I've really been disorganized." Susan said as she handed Dave a glass and poured him a drink from the bottle of scotch she had ordered before his arrival. " You look bothered." Dave said to Susan. " What's the problem?" He asked. Susan sighed and looking at him, she said " I'm pregnant." "And so?" Was the response Dave gave to her. " What do you mean and so? What I am trying to tell you is that I am pregnant for you." She said. Dave dropped his glass of scotch on the table beside him and said to Susan " how can you be pregnant for me when you have a husband?" " I think I should know who is responsible for my pregnancy and as it is, you are the only man I've been with in the last one month." Susan said to Dave.

Dave was silent for a while and he pondered a bit over what Susan said to him and he asked her, " does your husband know that you are pregnant?" " No he doesn't." Susan replied. " Do you want to abort it?" Dave asked her. " No I don't even if I wanted to because my parents are aware that I'm pregnant." Susan said as she started sobbing. Dave got up from the couch and moved to sit with Susan on the bed and he put his arms around her and drew her closer to his chest to console her. " I'm so afraid." Susan said as she continued sobbing. " You don't have to be." Dave said to her as he brought out his handkerchief to wipe the tears away from her face. And as she looked up to face him, he couldn't resist the sumptuous look of her rosy lips and he placed his lips on hers and kissed her deeply. Susan couldn't resist him either as she put her arms around his neck and lay back on the bed. " Please give it to me, I want you right now." She said as Dave undressed her and took off his clothes and started making love to her. " Tell me Dave, do you love me?" Susan asked as they made love. " Yes I do." Dave replied. " Then let's go away together." Susan said to Dave. " Do you really mean that Dave asked. " Yes I do, I will go anywhere with you just name it." Susan said. Dave continued to make love to her and she moaned continuously as the sweet sensual feelings took over her.

After they had finished making love, they both lay on the bed naked and Dave asked Susan if she meant what she said about them going away together and she said she did. " What about your husband?" Dave asked. " He won't matter anymore as long as I am with you." Susan said. We can both leave tomorrow if you wish, I have some money saved up." Susan said to Dave. " How much are you talking about?" Dave asked Susan. " About a hundred and fifty thousand dollars." Susan said. " It should be enough for us to settle in." Susan continued. " Okay then, let's leave in a few days time. But where exactly will we be going to? Dave asked Susan. " What about London?" She asked. " Well, London is a good destination, but the visa I have in my passport doesn't permit me to enter the United kingdom." Dave said. " That shouldn't be a problem my dear, the British Ambassador to Nigeria is a good friend of my dad and he will gladly give the visa" Susan said. " Oh that is so good." Dave said as he held Susan and kissed her all over and as she started to moan again, he made love to her again and again after which they both fell asleep.

Susan and Dave woke up quite late the next morning. Susan had made up her mind that she wouldn't be going to work that day. She had told Dave that she wanted to spend the whole day with her in the hotel and he obliged her. They were both so hungry that morning from all the drinking and love making throughout the night so they decided to have breakfast in the hotel room that morning. As Dave went into the bathroom to take a shower, Susan picked up the intercom and ordered breakfast for herself and Dave.

Belema got to work very early that morning as usual and went about her duties. She took a couple of orders from the guests who were seated in the restaurant until the shift supervisor told her she needed to take an order for breakfast to a female guest in one of the rooms on the first floor. After getting the order ready, she took the elevator and got off on the first floor. When she got to the door, knocked gently and said " room service ".

As soon as Susan heard the knock on the door and the voice saying room service, she got up from the bed with the bed sheets wrapped around her chest, went straight to the door and opened it. Belema walked into the room with the order and Susan directed her to drop the food on the table near the couch and as she did, she asked Susan if she would be paying immediately or if she wanted it charged to the room and Susan said to her, " I think we will be staying another day, so it's better you charge it to the room." As Belema turned to leave the room, Dave came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.

Dave froze when he saw her and couldn't utter a word. Belema at the same time couldn't believe her eyes and she hurriedly left the room. " What's the problem honey?" Susan asked. " Nothing dear." Dave said. " I wasn't expecting another female to be in the room and I was only thanking my lucky stars because I almost came out naked." Dave said to Susan.

When Belema got back to the restaurant, she was so heart broken that Dave could come with another woman to the hotel where she worked and spend the night. She felt so bad that she went into the dressing room to cry.

Dave was very disturbed with Belema seeing him with another woman in a compromising situation because that was the last thing he wanted Belema to see. He didn't know what he would do to pacify her because he knew she would never trust him again because he promised he would never hurt her and now he was very sure he had hurt her and he could only but imagine how she was feeling at the moment.

Susan noticed that Dave was lost in thought and she said to him, " honey, are you sure you are okay?" " I just remembered a little sister of mine who I can't leave behind if I'm going away with you. I don't know if it will be possible for us to get a visa for her too so that she can come with us." Dave said. " That will not be a problem, just get her passport along with yours." Susan said to Dave. " Thank you so much my dear, you are indeed an angel." Dave said and gave her a kiss and they both sat down to have their breakfast.

After work that day, Belema switched off her phone before leaving the hotel premises so that Dave would not be able to reach her. As soon as she got out of the hotel, she stopped a bus and went straight home. When she got home, her grandmother saw her mood and asked her what the problem was but she refused to say anything and when her grandmother brought out food for her to eat, she refused to eat saying she was not hungry. Belema couldn't take the pain of the hurt that Dave made her feel and she went to the back of the house to cry so that her grandmother wouldn't see her.

Dave knew the time Belema closed from work everyday and he kept calling her phone but each time he called her phone, the operator would tell him that the subscriber's phone was switched off. Dave really needed to see Belema to explain things to her.

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