Twice a woman

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Bose had not been the same ever since Frederick visited her the previous day and all she could do was to think about him and she couldn't help herself. Frederick was right, there's no way she could deny him his son after all, he didn't know she was pregnant after the first time they made love and it would have been a different thing altogether if he had known and abandoned her. She thought to herself. When Dr. Idowu returned from work that evening, he noticed she wasn't her usual self and he asked her what the problem was and she said she was just tired that's all. All through the night, Bose couldn't sleep a wink and each time Dr. Idowu moved beside her, she would close her eyes and pretend to be asleep to avoid unnecessary questions from him.

That morning, she decided she was going to give Frederick a call and meet up with him if necessary. She waited till Dr. Idowu left for work and after she dropped off Femi at school, she took out Frederick's card from her handbag and dialed his number on her phone.

" Hello" Frederick said when he picked the call. Bose could not get herself to respond. " Hello. " Frederick said again. " Hello Frederick " Bose finally muttered out. " This is Bose." She said. " Bose?" Frederick asked in disbelief. " Yes Bose." She replied again. " How are you doing today?" He asked her. " How I am doing is not important." Bose said. " We need to see." Bose said again. " Okay, I was about to leave for work now but I'm still at my hotel and I'll wait for you." Frederick said. After getting the location of his hotel, Bose set off to meet with him.

When Bose got to the lobby of the hotel and called Frederick to inform him of her presence, he instructed her to come up to his room and gave her his room number.

By the time she got to his room, the door was already opened in anticipation of her arrival and she walked into the room and closed the door.

" Good morning Frederick." She said. " Good morning Bose." Frederick replied and directed her to a sofa where she sat down. " I'm really surprised to see you here this morning. As a matter of fact, I was even surprised to receive your call this morning." Frederick told her. " You left me with no choice." Bose said. " I had to come here to sort things out with you once and for all." Bose said. " Ok then, let's get it started." Frederick said. " If I may ask, what exactly do you want from me?" Bose asked Frederick as she looked directly into his eyes. Frederick bent his head while thinking of the best answer to the question and as he gently lifted his head and looked into Bose's eyes, he said " I want you and my son back in my life ". Bose was surprised at his answer and she said to him " but you know that's impossible, I am married now and I have a new life different from what I was used to ". " Nothing is impossible my dear, you can come back to me and I will make things better for all of us. We can become one happy family ". Frederick said. " Please all of this is too difficult for me to process all at once. Besides, I know you have a wife." Bose said. " Yes I have a wife and I'm ready to sacrifice everything and anything to have you back ". Frederick said. Bose sighed in complete confusion not knowing what to say. " Do you know how long I waited for you? Do you even know what I went through with the pregnancy did you even know how difficult my life became after you left ". Bose asked Frederick almost in tears. " I can't say I know, but I'm sure it must have been really hard for you." Frederick said to her. " You said you were going to come back and you never did." Bose said. " I said I was going to come back and here I am now. You also promised you were going to wait for me and you didn't." Frederick said to Bose. " I tried to wait but the pressure was too much for me and my mother didn't help matter." Bose said. "So what do you want us to do now?" Frederick asked Bose ". " I don't know." Bose replied. Frederick moved closer to Bose and placed his hands on her shoulders and said to her " do you still love me?" Bose moved her eyes away from his stare and kept quiet. " Bose please look into my eyes and tell me you don't love me anymore more and I promise, you will never see me again." Frederick said. As soon as he said this, Bose looked at him and said to him slowly and in a very low and shaky voice " I still love you Frederick but…." Frederick put a finger on her lips and hushed her and like magic, he planted his lips on hers and kissed her. " Oh Frederick, I've missed you. " Bose said as she closed her eyes and kissed Frederick passionately.

Bose and Frederick couldn't resist the passion of the moment and they both lay down and made sweet love to each other.

It was almost noon when Bose left Frederick's hotel and before she left, Frederick made her promise that he would see her again and when Frederick told her to make arrangements for her and Femi to leave Dr. Idowu so they can go away together, she said it was not going to be an easy decision but she was going to think about it and let him know as soon as possible.

After Bose left, Frederick dressed up for the second time that day and left for work.

Bose got to her boutique later that day and thought about her meeting with Frederick. There was no doubt that she was still in love with Frederick and the intimacy she once shared with him had been ignited once again. She thought of Dr. Idowu and all he has done for her and her family and she felt pity for him. It wasn't going to be easy leaving him she knew but she obviously loved Frederick more than she loved Dr. Idowu and Frederick, was her first true love and she wasn't ready to let him leave her life once again. She finally made up her mind that she will leave with Femi and she picked up her phone and called Frederick to inform him of her decision.

After Frederick received Bose's call and heard about her decision, he was so delighted and for the rest of the day, he started making arrangements on how to execute his plans of going away with Bose and his son.

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