Twice a woman

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Dave had not been able to reach Belema since the previous day on the phone and he was already becoming worried. How would he explain Susan to Belema and make her believe that he has no atom of love for her and that all his love was for Belema. It was indeed going to be a Herculean task for him but he would do everything possible to make her love him again.

Susan was already making arrangements to elope with Dave in a few days time. She had gone to the bank to make some withdrawals which drew the attention of the bank manager. Susan's father was a major shareholder at the bank and when the bank manager noticed the volume of withdrawals Susan made and also saw she had cleared out all her deposits with the bank, he called her father to notify him and also find out if there was a problem because the way Susan was withdrawing funds was synonymous to someone who has been told to pay a ransom for a kidnapped person. Kidnap cases were very rampant in the Niger-delta area of Nigeria and people who were mostly kidnapped were either expatriates or oil company workers. After Susan left the bank, he father called her on the phone to find out if indeed there was a problem.

" Hello Susan." Her father said on the phone. " Hello daddy." Susan replied. " Susan is there anything going on you think I should know?" Susan's father asked. " Susan was quite startled and taken aback by the question and she started to think that maybe Frederick had heard about the pregnancy and probably registered his doubt about the paternity. A million thoughts rushed through her mind all at once and she finally said to her father " no daddy, everything is fine." " But I was informed that you made some huge withdrawals at the bank today and I want to know why?" Her father asked. On hearing that, Susan became a bit more relaxed and replied " yes daddy, I have a business proposal I want to invest in." " Are you sure that's the reason for the withdrawals or is it for a ransom?" Her father asked again. " Of course not daddy, it's not for a ransom or anything of the sort." Susan said. " Okay then." The father said and hung up the phone.

Susan's father was still not convinced that all was well after speaking to Susan so he decided to call Frederick and check to see if everything was alright. " Hello, good evening sir." Frederick said as he picked the call. " Good evening Frederick, how are you?" Susan's father asked. " I am very well thank you sir." Frederick answered. " Are you still in Lagos?" He asked again. " Yes sir, I am still in Lagos." Frederick replied. " And how is the work in Lagos going?" Susan's father asked yet again. " The work is going on well sir." Frederick answered. " Okay then, I said I should find out how you are doing." Susan's father said. " Oh, thank you very much sir." Frederick said. " You are welcome Frederick and by the way before I forget, let me quickly congratulate you on your wife's pregnancy." Susan's father said. " What was it you just said sir, did you say that Susan is pregnant?" Frederick asked. " Oh yes she is. Didn't you know about it?" Susan's father asked. " No, I didn't know sir." Frederick said. " Okay, I guess she was waiting for you to get back before breaking the news to you I guess." Her father said. " Okay I will speak to you later then. Goodbye." Susan's father said and ended the call.

Frederick knew that Susan wasn't waiting for him to get back to give him the news of her pregnancy. As a matter of fact, Frederick knew that Susan didn't want him to know about her pregnancy in the first place. Frederick knew how many times he had pleaded with Susan for them to start making babies but Susan refused saying motherhood at this point in time would halt her career. Frederick even remembered when his mother came visiting at one time and raised the issue of child bearing with Susan, Susan became quite uncomfortable with the topic that she started avoiding his mother throughout the duration of her stay. Susan never allowed him, make love to her during her ovulation and if he insisted, she would insist he used protection. Something was definitely wrong. Frederick said to himself. He wanted to pick up his phone and call Susan, but on a second thought, he decided against it.

After Belema closed from work that day, she sat in the dressing room for a while after she had changed out of her work clothes. She checked her time and saw it was getting late and decided to leave. After she had signed out and left the hotel premises, she saw Dave waiting for her outside the hotel. As soon as Dave saw her he got out of his car and walked towards her. " Hi Belema, I've been trying to reach you but your number always says switched off." Dave said. " What do you want from me?" Belema said to him. " Look, I know you are very upset but just hear me out." Dave said. " What exactly do you have to say?" Belema asked Dave again. " This is not the ideal place for us to discuss this, can we just go somewhere else and sort this thing out?" Said Dave. " Get into the car and let's go someplace else." Dave pleaded. Belema hesitated for a while and decided to get into the car and Dave drove to his hotel.

Dave explained to Belema that Susan was a friend he knew a while ago before he and Belema became involved and he explained to Belema that whatever happened between him and Susan was in the past and Belema was the woman alive who has his heart. After some convincing and assurance of love from Dave, Belema forgave him and that was when he decided to drop the bombshell. " I need you to go away with me." Dave said. " Go away with you to where?" Belema asked. " How about London?" Dave said. " Are you serious or are you joking?" Belema asked in disbelief. " This is not a joke and I need you to start making preparations immediately." Belema saw the seriousness in Dave's words and realized that he wasn't joking. " But how can I just leave like that, who will take care of my grandmother?" Belema asked. " Your grandmother will be well taken care of, that I can assure you." Dave said. " Do you have a passport?" Dave asked and Belema replied that she did. Dave decided to drive Belema home so that he could pick up her passport which he did.

The next morning, Susan met with Dave and asked if he had his passport and his sister's passport with him and Dave replied that he did. He brought out his passport and Belema's passport from the inner pocket of his jacket and waved it at Susan after which they drove to the British embassy where they met with the British Ambassador. Susan introduced Dave as a colleague of hers and went on to inform the ambassador the reason for their visit. The ambassador wasted no time in issuing visas on Dave and Belema's passports. As soon as the visas were issued, Susan thanked him and she and Dave left immediately.

As soon as they left the embassy, they drove to an airline ticketing office and purchased three business class tickets and left immediately.

On their way, Susan asked Dave to take her to his hotel and he did. When they got there, she picked up a duffel bag from the trunk of her car and followed Dave to his room.

Inside the room, Susan put the bag on the bed and opened it up. " This is one hundred and fifty dollars." She said to Dave. " Oh my!" Dave exclaimed. " You mean you have been driving around with this much money?" He asked. Susan chuckled and said " I'm used to it." They spent the next few hours making love and when it was past noon, Susan decided to leave but before she left, she told Dave that they would be leaving the country in two days and he should get himself and sister ready. She left the money and tickets in Dave's care and told him she would be coming the following night to spend the night with him in his hotel room from where they will both proceed the next day to the airport. This was agreed and Susan left to take care of other arrangements.

As soon as Susan left, Dave picked up his phone and dialed Belema and as soon as she picked up the phone he said to her, " get ready we are leaving tonight."

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