Twice a woman

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Belema was at work when she received the call from Dave. She needed an excuse to leave work early and she thought of what excuse she would give. She went up to her shift manager and told him that she just received a call from one of her neighbours that her grandmother wanted to see her at home and it was urgent. Belema was permitted to leave work early that day and she rushed off to her home. When she got home, she met her grandmother's absence because her grandmother had gone to the market where she usually trades in palm oil. Belema quickly packed a few things so that her grandmother wouldn't know that she was leaving. It hurt her so much that she was leaving 'mama' like this. Mama is a name Belema fondly called her grandmother. Belema was feeling very sad at the thought that she was leaving her grandmother all alone so she pulled out one of her boxes from under her bed and opened it. The box, apart from containing some of her clothes, also served as her safety deposit box. She took out all the money from the box which were proceeds from her hard work that she was saving for her education and counted it. After counting the money, she lifted her grandmother's pillow on the bed and placed the money under it. After packing the basic things she would need for the trip, she patiently waited for Dave.

Dave was also packing the things he would need for the trip and when he was done packing, he picked up the duffel bag containing the money and left the hotel.

After leaving the hotel, he drove to Belema's house and picked her up and headed for the international airport. The tickets Susan purchased were scheduled for the following night but from his experience, Dave knew that if he decided to travel with the tickets earlier than scheduled, he would have to pay a little money which he didn't consider a problem. He and Belema went into the airline's booking office at the airport and rescheduled their flight to London for that night.

They waited at the airport till the departure time. Belema and Dave each had a luggage which they checked in while Dave held on to the duffel bag containing the money as hand luggage.

The time was 8:35 pm and the flight was scheduled to leave at about 9:30 pm in less than an hour.

When Susan had finished packing her luggage, she decided to leave Frederick a note to inform him that she was leaving him and going away with another man who happens to be the father of her unborn child. She mentioned that Frederick shouldn't look for her because he wouldn't find her.

She placed the note on top of the bed and took off her wedding ring and placed it on the note and then she left the house and headed for Dave's hotel.

When she got to the hotel, she dialed Dave's number but it was switched off. She dialed it a couple more times and it was still switched off. She then went over to the hotel front desk and informed the receptionist that she would like to speak to the guest in room 294. The receptionist looked through her register and told Susan that there was no guest in the mentioned room and Susan said to the receptionist, " I think there is a mix up somewhere, my fiance is in that room, I was with him this afternoon "." I am sorry madam, but the guest in that room checked out sometime in the afternoon today. Susan couldn't believe her ears and the whole thing started playing in her head over and over again. All of a sudden, her head became heavy and her legs became too weak to carry her body and once again, Susan slumped and fainted.

The time was 9:45 pm. Fifteen minutes after the London bound flight departed from the airport carrying amongst it's passengers, Mr. Dave Dike and Ms. Belema Hart. Belema was so excited to be going overseas for the very first time in her life. Dave saw the excitement in her eyes when she was looking out of the window as the plane took off before it maintained an altitude. She watched the houses get smaller and smaller as the plane went higher and higher into the sky. This was something she had never experienced all her life and to her, it was a dream come true.

Susan's father had just been notified that Susan was admitted in the hospital. After Susan slumped at the hotel, an ambulance was called in and she was rushed to the hospital. The police were also invited so that the hotel would be free of all legal liability implications. It was while the police were going through the contents of her bag that they came across her diary containing the name and contact number of her father.

Susan's mother was very hysterical when she heard the news and she fervently prayed for Susan and her unborn child to be well.

It was when Susan's parents got to the hospital and saw that Susan was still unconscious that Susan's father called Frederick on the telephone and asked him to take the first flight the following morning and come back home because there was an emergency.

Frederick took the first flight as instructed. He had to be at the airport early enough to catch the first flight and as such, he didn't have enough time to take a shower that morning and it was when he arrived at Port-harcourt, that he decided to get home first and take a shower before announcing his arrival to Susan's father.

When he got into the house, he did not see any sign of Susan so he simply assumed she had gone to work. It was only when he got to the bedroom and was about to undress to have a shower that his eyes caught a glimpse of Susan's wedding ring and he initially thought she had forgotten the ring at home until he saw the note addressed to him underneath the ring.

After reading the note Susan dropped, Frederick simply just sighed and wondered what could have prompted Susan to cheat on him and decide to leave him in the company of another man who she was pregnant for. Frederick knew he would never have the answer to those questions and he went into the bathroom to have a shower.

Frederick was asked to come to the hospital and he was given the name and location of the hospital. Susan's parents were already there by the time he got there and he walked up to Susan's parents and asked them what was happening.

When he was told that Susan was hospitalized, he just simply started laughing. Susan's parents considered his laughter to be rude and Susan's father said to him, " Frederick, do you think this is a funny joke?" " My only child, your wife is in there lying unconscious and all you can do is laugh?" Susan's father said. Frederick didn't utter a word, all he did was take out the note Susan left for him from his breast pocket and handed it to Susan's father and then he turned around and walked away.

At this point, Frederick was ever so determined to reunite with Bose and his son Femi and he called her that morning and asked if she would be able to leave with Femi that day and take a flight to meet with him in Port-harcourt and Bose said she would.

Bose checked in with some online schedules to know what time the next flight to Port-harcourt would be and she was told that the next flight to Port-harcourt was by 4:30 pm so she decided she would pack very few important things for herself and Femi.

Bose didn't want to drive her car that day so she called a taxi that would take her to Femi's school. She picked up Femi early from school that day and headed home to get him ready for the trip. The traffic was so much that day and she didn't want to miss their flight to Port-harcourt that day so she promised the taxi driver that if he could get her to her destination in ample time, she would give him a very generous tip. So the taxi driver decided to beat the traffic by going into the lane of oncoming traffic which wasn't so congested as the other side of the road. The route the driver took seemed to be faster as other impatient drivers in the same lane of traffic decided to follow the taxi driver's lead. The route the taxi driver took seemed to be the best solution out of the traffic until it was too late. A truck fully loaded with gasoline was coming from the opposite direction at full speed and the taxi driver's attention was divided and as such, he didn't see the truck on time and when he finally saw it, it was too late and the next thing that happened was a head on collision with the truck. The truck and the taxi burst into flames but not before the occupants of the taxi were brought out. Bose and her son Femi were rushed to the nearest hospital which happened to be Dr. Idowu's hospital and as Dr. Idowu came out to evaluate the emergency situation, he was shocked when he saw Bose and his son Femi and shouted, " this is my wife and son please take them to the emergency room immediately." Bose and Femi were taken to the emergency room immediately but nothing much could be done as Bose and her son Femi couldn't make it. Dr. Idowu was so devastated that he started crying in anguish and the people around him tried to console him.

Bose had informed Frederick that they would be leaving on the 4:30 pm flight to Port-harcourt and it was almost 4:00 pm and Frederick decided to call Bose to find out if she was at the airport already. Frederick called severally but Bose wasn't picking the calls. At first, he didn't think there was a problem until he called several more times and when there was still no response, he thought maybe Bose had changed her mind about coming to be with him. It was when he was about to end the call that the call was picked. As Frederick was about to say something, he realized it wasn't Bose that picked the call but a man and he recognized the voice of the man as the voice of Dr. Idowu and he immediately dropped the call.

Dr. Idowu was still crying when one of the nurses came to him holding Bose's handbag and said " sir,your wife's phone has been ringing in her handbag for a while, I think you should pick the call. As Dr. Idowu took out the phone from the back, he received another shock when he saw the name of the caller stored as 'MY LOVE'. " Hello, who is this?" Dr. Idowu asked the caller and there was silence before the line went dead. Dr. Idowu knew whoever the caller was, was not expecting him to pick the call but Dr. Idowu was very curious to know who his late wife's secret love is so he decided to dial the number on his own phone, and he got the surprise of his life when his phone identified the caller as ' Mr. Frederick '.

Frederick had already made up his mind that Bose wasn't going to show up again and he felt a little bit disappointed so he decided to just stay home. Frederick was in the living room, flipped through the TV channels with the remote control when he suddenly stopped at a news channel and his eyes could not believe the news headline he had just read. Could this be true? He asked himself. " Oh no, this can't be." He said to the news headline boldly written across the screen that said ' Wife and son of popular Lagos doctor, Dr. Idowu Lawson Killed in ghastly auto crash '.

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