Twice a woman

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It's been almost one year and eight months and Bose had not seen or heard from Frederick, she had been counting the days ever since that last night she spent with Frederick shortly before he traveled back to the Niger-delta.

After his exams, Frederick had stayed back on campus for a few days to wait for the exam results to be pasted on his departmental notice board. On the day he went to check his examination results, he was accompanied by Bose and both of them could not hide the joy and excitement when they both saw that Frederick had passed his examination and graduated with good grades. "I'm so happy for you." Bose said as she hugged Frederick. "Thank you dear, I couldn't have done it so good without your encouragement" Frederick responded. Frederick's other friends were so excited and happy for him as they also passed and graduated with good grades.

"Why don't we all go and celebrate" said Charles, who was also Frederick's friend and coursemate.

That afternoon, they all spent time in a bar off campus where they had a meal and lots of beer to celebrate their graduation.

It was after the second semester examinations, and because of this, the campus was almost empty as most of the students had gone back to their various homes except for the few who wanted to wait for their examination results. Frederick's roommates had gone home so Frederick was virtually the only one in his room. It was almost dark and Frederick's friends had left the bar and it was just Bose and Frederick left. "Why not follow me back to my hostel tonight because as you know, I will be leaving tomorrow" Frederick said to Bose. "What about your roommates?" Bose asked. "They've all left for their homes and I'm the only one left in the room" Frederick replied. "OK then I will go with you" Bose said as they both got up and left hand in hand. As soon as they got out of the bar, they stopped a taxi that took them back to the campus.

The taxi stopped them right in front of Frederick's hostel, and as they got out of the car, Bose realized that she had taken a little bit too much of alcohol as her steps were sluggish and her breathing was heavy.

As Frederick unlocked the door to his room, he suddenly stopped and looked Bose straight in the eyes and lifted her off her feet and carried her into the room.

" I think I've had a bit too much to drink." Bose said as she was just stepping out of the bathroom where she had gone to take a shower. "What you need is a glass of juice" Frederick said as he walked across the room to the refrigerator to get a glass of juice for Bose. As he returned with the juice and handed the glass to Bose, he couldn't help but to admire how beautiful and seductive Bose looked with his crimson towel wrapped around her chest. As Bose drank up the whole glass and kept the cup on the desk beside the bed, she noticed the look on Frederick's face and she asked him "why are you staring at me that way?" "because I have never seen an angel half as beautiful as you" Frederick replied. As Frederick came close to Bose and pulled the towel from her chest, Bose felt the butterflies rumble in her stomach as Frederick planted a kiss on her lips. Bose moaned as he gently lay her on her back and kissed her all over her body. Bose could not resist the feelings and the sensation as Frederick made to penetrate her. She moaned with sweet pain as she had never felt such feelings before as it was her very first time being with a man.

Bose's moan grew louder and louder as Frederick probed further into her. The session took almost twenty minutes but to Bose, it felt like an eternity. When Frederick let out a loud moan and gushed into Bose, he realized that this was his most pleasurable and memorable moment since he enrolled as a student on campus.

"You didn't tell me you were a virgin" Frederick said. "Well now you know but as it stands now, I am no longer one" Bose said and they both laughed about it. As she lay close to Frederick, she began to remember that Frederick would be leaving the next day to the Niger-delta and these thoughts saddened her. All Bose wished for was that this moment together would last forever.

As these thoughts kept playing in her head, she noticed a strange mark on Frederick's chest and asked "what is this strange looking mark on your chest?" "It is a birthmark." Frederick replied. "Every male child in my family is born with it" Frederick continued. "My grandfather had it, my father has it and I have it and any son I have in future will have it as well" Frederick said. "But what is the reason for such a birthmark?" Bose asked. "Well, I was told when I was a little child back in the Niger-delta that my great grandfather was a high chief who had so many wives and because he could not give equal attention to all his wives, some of his wives decided to have extra-marital affairs and in the process gave birth to sons by other men. But unknown to them, my great grandfather the high chief had been informed by the village oracle upon ascending the throne that any son from his loins will bear this strange birthmark and that was how he was able to differentiate his true sons from others and that trend has since continued till this very day" Frederick explained. "But do you believe it?" Bose asked. "Well I don't know what to believe" Frederick responded. Bose pondered about what Frederick said as they both drifted to sleep.

The next morning was very emotional for both Bose and Frederick as they stood at the bus park waiting for the departure of the bus taking Frederick to the Niger-delta. For the first time in her life, she was in love and she wasn't ready to trade this feeling of love for anything. "Promise me you will come back for me" she said to Frederick with tears in her eyes. "I will definitely come back for you my love". Frederick replied.

As she stood on the terminal and watched the bus drive off with Frederick, she kept waving until the bus went out of sight and that moment, she felt an emptiness within her.

For the past one year, she had been used to seeing Frederick every single day of her life and right now, she didn't know how she would cope without him.

This was almost two years ago since she last saw Frederick. Barely a month after Frederick left, Bose started feeling very ill. It wasn't until she went to the government established clinic near her home that she discovered she was pregnant. "How could this be?" She asked herself as she kept thinking if it was actually a result of her first and last night with Frederick. When the news of her pregnancy got to her mother, it devastated her mother who was already finding it difficult to cater for her immediate family's needs. Bose had to leave the kiosk on campus three months later to look for a job that would enable her to cater for her baby and herself.

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