Twice a woman

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Frederick's world was shattered the moment he saw the news and he began to weep bitterly. He wept for a long time and after realizing that the only woman he ever truly loved and his and only child were no more and the woman he married and called his wife was pregnant for another man and he decided that life wasn't worth living anymore.

Frederick pulled out a handgun from the drawer in his bedroom, checked it to see if it was loaded and saw that it was. He decided he didn't have anything to live for anymore and he decided to end it all but not before telling Dr. Idowu the truth he needed to know.

He dialed Dr. Idowu's number and Dr. Idowu picked up. " Is the news true?" Frederick asked. " Yes it is. Both of them are gone forever." Said Dr. Idowu in a low and painful voice. Frederick sighed and said to Dr. Idowu, " I am calling you because I know you have a lot of unanswered questions and I am ready to give you the answers you need." Frederick said.

Frederick told Dr. Idowu how he had met Bose during his final year in the University and everything that happened after then. He also told Dr. Idowu that Femi was his son and thanked him for taking care of him as his own. After telling everything, he said to Dr. Idowu, " I am going to go join Bose and my son wherever they are, I've lost them once and I'm not willing to lose them again." Frederick said. " What do you mean by that?" Dr. Idowu asked Frederick. " I hope you are not planning on doing anything stupid.

Dr. Idowu was still talking when he heard something that sounded like a gunshot and the line suddenly went dead.


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