Twice a woman

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The week Frederick returned to the Niger delta area of Nigeria, he was determined to make good his promise to return back to Bose after his youth service program as he had promised her, but as the week turned into months and the months almost into years, the feelings he had for Bose began to diminish. Frederick was absorbed by an oil you drilling company in his local town where he served out his youth Corp program. After his youth service, he was retained by the oil drilling company and was promoted to the level of a senior staff.

There were benefits that came with being a member of the senior staff of the company, these benefits included a new house, new car and a bigger salary amidst other allowances.

It was during his youth service with the oil drilling company that Frederick met Susan. Susan was an accountant with the oil drilling company and she was also the daughter of one of the company's directors. Susan had taken a liking towards Frederick a month into his service with the company and she did not hesitate to make it known to him. She had always opted to take him to lunch most of the days as well as shower him with expensive gifts and on learning that her father was one of the executive directors of the company, Frederick easily accepted her offer of love.

It is a known theory most times, that out of sight is out of mind and the closer Frederick and Susan got, the easier it was for him to forget about Bose.

Bose quickly became a forgotten memory and on the day of Frederick's promotion, Susan hosted a big party in his honor and it was at this party that Frederick proposed to Susan and got engaged to her.

As the weeks turned into months, Bose suddenly grew worried and she began to wonder if all was well with Frederick. On several occasions, she had thought of taking a trip down to the Niger delta but she didn't know where exactly in the Niger delta to start her search.

In the early months of her pregnancy, Bose enrolled in the government established clinic for her ante natal and it was at this clinic and during one of her sessions that she met Dr. Idowu Lawson. Dr. Idowu was a young doctor in his mid thirties who was transferred to the clinic from the federal capital territory in Abuja where he had worked in a military hospital.

Dr. Idowu had initially thought that Bose was married until one day, he asked Bose to see him in his office.

"Good day madam, I invited you to my office to inform you that the clinic form you completed during your registration, is lacking some vital information" Dr. Idowu said. "We need to have the name and contact of your husband in case of any emergency" Dr. Idowu continued until Bose cut him short. "I'm not married." Bose almost shouted. "What about the person responsible for your pregnancy?" Dr. Idowu asked. "I don't know where he is and I don't know if he's alive or dead, I'm confused and worried" Bose blurted out.

There was silence for the next few moments because neither Bose nor Dr. Idowu knew what to say. After prescribing some drugs for her, Dr. Idowu asked if he could drive her home. "Do you mind if I gave you a ride home?" He asked. "That will not be necessary because I don't live that far" Bose replied. Dr. Idowu insisted and Bose obliged him.

Bose knew the ride to her home would be a very short one, but Dr. Idowu had other plans. "Where are you going? this is not my route, you have missed my turning" Bose said. "Just relax my dear, I only just wanted us to have a meal together before dropping you off at home". Dr. Idowu replied. "But you didn't have to bother yourself about me, I'll eat something when I get home" Bose continued. "OK then, let's just say it's for the baby and not you" Dr. Idowu said as he gave Bose a smile and a friendly pat on the shoulder.

Dr. Idowu took keen interest in Bose during her months of antenatal with the clinic and anytime Bose didn't show up, he always made an effort to drive to her house to check on her and to see if everything was alright with her. It was during one of these visits that the unexpected happened. Bose had just finished doing the laundry that morning when she started having cramps in her abdomen and the pain was so much that she decided to rest a while until the pain reduced.

When Dr. Idowu arrived at her home, he asked about Bose from a neighbour who directed him to her apartment where he saw her lying on a couch half asleep.

Seeing Bose half asleep was one of the most beautiful sights he could behold and he walked towards her and sitting at the edge of the couch, he placed the back of his hand to her forehead to see if she had a temperature and as he did so, Bose gently opened her eyes. "Oh Doctor, I didn't know you were here" Bose said. "I only just came in a moment ago" Dr. Idowu replied. "I came to check on you because I didn't see you at the clinic today." Dr. Idowu said. "I wasn't feeling too good." Bose replied. As they both sat there alone discussing the issues, Dr. Idowu lost track of time and when he received a call on his mobile phone, he realised that he had appointments scheduled for him at the clinic. As he got up to leave after his time with Bose, he asked her if she would be at the clinic the following day which she responded in the affirmative. As Bose made to get the door for Dr. Idowu, he simply laid his hands on her shoulders and pulled her back and as she faced him and before she could say anything, Dr. Idowu planted a kiss on her lips.

Bose wasn't expecting the kiss and she quickly pushed Dr. Idowu away and said to him, "I think you should leave now" "very well then" Dr. Idowu responded and left through the corridor to the place where his car was parked and drove off.

Bose didn't know what to make of what just happened between her and Dr. Idowu. She had always known that Dr. Idowu was fond of her and probably liked her but for some reasons, she didn't feel the same way towards him.

Few months later, Bose was in the labour room. "Push, push, push, you can do it" the midwife said as Bose was screaming in pain. Bose felt like her world was coming to an end because she had never known any pain like this. She thought she was never going to make it until she heard the cry of a baby, her baby. "Congratulations madam", the midwife and nurses said in unison. " You have yourself a bouncing baby boy" one of the nurses said. Bose's heart was filled with joy and as the midwife placed the baby in the hands of Bose, her eyes suddenly saw it. "Oh my God, how can this be?" She thought. On the chest of the new baby was the same mark she had seen on the chest of Frederick during their last night together.

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