Twice a woman

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The traffic was a mess on that Friday evening as Dr. Idowu was driving down to Yaba on the Lagos mainland. As it is customary with anyone from Western Nigeria, every new born child must be named after seven days of its birth and on that Friday which happened to be the seventh day of Bose's sons birth, a big naming ceremony had been organised by Bose's mother and relatives for the baby in the new two bedroom apartment Dr. Idowu had rented for Bose and her immediate family.

Dr. Idowu had professed his love for Bose, some months before the delivery of her baby. Bose wasn't initially interested in any relationship with him but with Dr. Idowu's persistence and pressure from her mother, Bose eventually gave in to his advances. Dr. Idowu had gone to see Bose's mother on one particular occasion to tell her of his love for Bose and how difficult Bose was trying to be. On the day he went to see her, he made sure he bought a lot of groceries and provisions for her and as he was leaving her home, he gave Bose's mother a cash gift of fifty thousand Naira.

As soon as Dr. Idowu left, Bose's mother sent for Bose to have a word with her. "My daughter Doctor was here today" she said. " I think that young man really loves you." she added. "But mother, I don't think I am interested in having any relationship at the moment, all I just want to do is to focus on myself and my unborn child."I really need to get my life back together again" Bose said. "Don't you know that you are very lucky to have a man like Dr. Idowu coming after you even in your condition?" Bose's mother continued, "do you know how many ladies out there are praying to have someone like him?" Bose's mother added. "But mother, I am carrying another man's child and what if he comes back and finds me married to another man while with his child?" Bose asked. "And what if he never comes back and do you even know if he's alive?" Bose's mother replied. That has always been Bose's fear. What if Frederick never comes back, how would she explain to her child who his father is. After a lengthy discussion with her mother, Bose finally decided to give Dr. Idowu a chance.

It hadn't been easy at first because all she was doing was comparing him to Frederick in everything he did even though she did not voice it out but after a while, she found herself falling gradually in love with him. She started looking forward to seeing him every day and also getting used to everything about him and before she knew it, she couldn't live through a day without seeing him or hearing his voice.

Bose's mother noticed the changes and she was so happy that her daughter adhered to her advice and she most of all enjoyed the gifts that Dr. Idowu always brought to her as his prospective mother-in-law.

A week before Bose's delivery due date, Dr. Idowu had surprised them by relocating them from their single room apartment in Ojuelegba on the Lagos mainland to a two bedroom apartment in the Yaba axis of the mainland. Bose's three younger sisters were not left out of Dr. Idowu's generosity as he took upon himself to pay for their education. Dr. Idowu had really been a blessing to Bose's family and they were not ready to lose him or replace him.

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