Twice a woman

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On a Saturday morning three months later, while Bose sat staring at herself in her bedroom mirror, she never expected that this day would come. The day when she would finally be married to Dr. Idowu. She had thought back to the day she had first met him and she never expected that someone of Dr. Idowu's status in the society would come to love and appreciate her despite all her flaws. As it was a tradition in the western part of Nigeria, women who have children outside wedlock were seen to be a disgrace to their respective families and no decent man with a good background and upbringing usually settled for such women but in Bose's case, Dr. Idowu had wiped the shame away from Bose's family.

The wedding was a very simple one and had few representatives from both families and after the usual traditional rites were performed and dowry paid, Bose was officially the wife of Dr. Idowu. Bose's mother's joy knew no bounds as she wept with tears of joy as she prayed for the new couple in the local Yoruba dialect. Shortly after the prayers, refreshments were served and Dr. Idowu and Bose left for their new home together.

This was the best time of Bose's life, she had never thought another man would be able to love her the way she expected to be loved but Dr. Idowu had cleared her of all doubts. Dr. Idowu showered her with all the love and attention she deserved and she couldn't have wished for anything less.

Dr. Idowu took two weeks off from work to enjoy his honeymoon with Bose, they honeymooned in the Obudu cattle ranch in Calabar, the Cross river state capital and Bose had so much enjoyed every minute of the honeymoon. Bose's mother had opted to take care of Bose's baby for the duration of time she was honeymooning and Dr. Idowu on his own part had paid for a nanny who would also assist Bose's mother in looking after the baby.

It was the final night of their honeymoon at the Obudu cattle ranch and while Bose was packing, Dr. Idowu came into the room from the reception where he had gone to make the final payment for the bills they had accumulated. As he stepped into the room, Bose got up and held him so tight and as she looked deeply into his eyes, all she could see was how much Dr. Idowu loved her and when she told Dr. Idowu how much she appreciated his love for her, Dr. Idowu placed a finger on her lips to prevent her from talking further. "I love you my darling wife and I will never stop loving you until the day I die" As Dr. Idowu said those words, Bose couldn't hold back the tears that welled up in her eyes and she prayed that indeed, the love between them would never die.

They made it the next morning to the Calabar international airport twenty minutes before the departure of their booked flight and as they checked in and finally boarded they held hands so tightly awaiting the departure of the flight from Calabar to Lagos.

The flight time was about one hour and during the flight back to Lagos, Bose couldn't help but reminisce on how wonderful and perfect the honeymoon had been. As a matter of fact, this was the first time that Bose had been to that part of the country and she had marveled at how hospitable the people of Calabar were and she hoped and wished she could visit Calabar again during one of her future wedding anniversaries.

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