Twice a woman

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The oil industry was booming and a barrel of crude oil was selling at over a hundred dollars at the international market and Frederick was making a headway in his job. Everyone at the office had come to consider Frederick as the boss's inlaw even though he was yet to marry Susan but they saw their marriage as inevitable and as such, many of the junior staff as well as the senior staff accorded him so much respect hoping that one day when he eventually marries Susan and takes over the company, they would get favours from him.

Susan's family had gotten so used to Frederick, especially her father who seemed to think that Frederick was hard working.

Susan and Frederick's families were so pleased with the union and between them and both families agreed that it was time for them to finally tie the knot. Susan's father had invited Frederick to have dinner with them one evening and it was during this dinner that Susan's father had asked Frederick to get married to Susan." My young man, why are you delaying in marrying my daughter or don't you have plans to settle down with her?" Susan's father asked. "I have plans sir, I am just waiting for the right time" Frederick said. "When it comes to marriage, there's no such thing as the right time, just make the necessary arrangements and I will support you financially" Susan's father said. " I will sir." Frederick said. "Just make plans to wed my daughter before the end of next month and my family will provide the logistics." Susan's father said. Susan was so delighted by the news and she couldn't wait to start the shopping for her wedding, she also couldn't wait to give the news to her friends who have so patiently waited for when it would finally happen.

The next two weeks were so busy for Frederick and Susan as they had to start all the arrangements for the wedding. They had both taken time off from work to see that they were able to meet up with the deadline Susan's father had given Frederick.

They started with the printing of the wedding invitation cards and they made sure it was printed on time so they could send them out without much delay to family and friends. Susan wasn't taking any chances with her wedding gown as she made sure it was the best ever and she wasn't going to spare any cost. Her bridal train was also not going to be a child's play as she made sure that fifteen of her prettiest friends made the train.

A week before the set date of the wedding, everything was set and the forthcoming wedding was already the talk of town.

It was the type of wedding anyone would expect, Susan's father did not spare any cost to make sure his daughter's wedding was memorable. It had notable Nigerians in attendance, the state governor, dignitaries in government, captains of industry and members of the diplomatic corps. Also gracing the occasion were award winning musicians from all over Nigeria and few from neighboring African countries. All roads lead to the wedding venue. Susan and her parents rode to the wedding venue in a Lincoln town car limousine amidst tight police security and all pomp and pageantry were not left out.

The wedding indeed was a success and Frederick's parents were happy that their son was able to win the heart of one of the most sought after heiresses in town.

As expected, the new couple received various gifts from the dignitaries in attendance. Susan's father gifted the new couple a new house in the government residential area of the state capital as well as a brand new car. The state governor gifted them an all expense paid honeymoon to the United States of America and two brand new sports utility vehicles. They also received cash gifts ranging from ten thousand United States dollars and above from captains of industry in attendance. The most remarkable moment was during the reception when the new couple were asked to have their first dance together, currency of all kinds were sprayed on them from all angles of the wedding hall. The wedding was indeed a memorable one and would continue to be the talk of town for a long time to come.

Shortly after the wedding, Susan and Frederick flew to New York where they started their honeymoon in the Waldorf Astoria hotel.

Frederick could not have asked for a better bride, he felt so lucky and accomplished having married the only daughter of one of the most influential men in his country and every other thing that came with it was seen by him as an extra blessing. Their stay in New York was also memorable until one night when Frederick suddenly woke up from sleep in the middle of the night after having a dream and in the process, Susan had woken up as well.

"What is the problem?" Susan asked, seeing Frederick dripping all in sweat. "Nothing dear" Frederick replied, "I guess I must have had so much to eat tonight" he continued. "You are really sweating, do you want me to turn up the air-conditioner?" Susan asked despite the fact that the temperature in the room was at the lowest. "Don't worry dear, I guess I just need to go and take a shower" Frederick said.

As he stood under the shower, Frederick couldn't help but think about the dream as it kept playing in his mind. He had dreamt about Bose and he didn't understand why he would be dreaming about her at such a time and for the first time in years, he started thinking about Bose and asking himself if he had betrayed the love they once shared together, but at the end of his thoughts, he took consolation in the fact that Bose could never have offered him the type of life he was enjoying at the moment and he brushed off every thought of the dream and returned back to the bedroom after having his shower.

Few days after, they returned back to Nigeria after their honeymoon.

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