Twice a woman

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Medical practice in Nigeria is lucrative only when you have your own medical establishment and this had always been the dream of Dr. Idowu to own his own hospital apart from his job at the government medical centre, he also did some private medical consulting and within a period of time, he was able to rent a building where he decided to use as his own private hospital. He couldn't wait to give Bose the news as he drove home that evening from work. His hard work had finally paid off after all his years in public medical practice.

"Hi honey I'm home" he said as he walked into the kitchen where Bose was preparing supper. "How was work today?" she asked. "Work was fine dear" he responded. As he broke the good news to Bose, she couldn't hide the joy she felt as she knew how hard her husband worked and sometimes she would wish he was working for himself rather than in a government owned establishment so that he would at least have more time for his immediate family. "This calls for a celebration" Bose said as they both held hands and screamed for joy. They both shared a bottle of Italian red wine after supper as they discussed the plan Dr. Idowu had to equip his new hospital to ensure that it is of standard by the government rating.

It took about two months for Dr. Idowu's hospital to be equipped with all modern and state of the art equipment. The project was really cost effective and he had to partner with a consortium of banks to provide the funding that he needed. The new hospital was indeed a master-piece and Dr. Idowu promised to make sure that he would deliver affordable health care to all and sundry.

The hospital was indeed a cutting edge in the community where it was located. Despite being in a posh and aristocratic neighbourhood, Dr. Idowu ensured that services rendered by his hospital were affordable and this gesture attracted patronage from several individuals and companies from within and outside the state. The state governor even recognized Dr. Idowu and gave him a state award for excellence and news of his endeavours went far and wide and before too long, Dr. Idowu became one of the most successful medical practitioners in the country.

Life was really settling in for Dr. Idowu and his family and he couldn't have asked for a better life than the one he shared with Bose. Most times, he would see Bose as the angel who helped him achieve his dreams.

Dr. Idowu made sure that Bose was enrolled into a part time school so that she could complete her education and this made Bose very delighted because she had always wished to complete her education which was cut short due to her father's demise. Most mornings, Dr. Idowu dropped off Bose at her part time school before heading to work to make sure she doesn't miss her early morning lectures.

In less than two years, Bose completed her program and graduated from the part time school. Bose had always been an intelligent girl and it wasn't a surprise to anyone that she graduated with good grades.

The oil drilling company where Frederick worked had just opened up a new branch in Lagos and Frederick was assigned to go and supervise ongoing work at the new branch. "How long will you be in Lagos for?" Susan asked, " about two weeks or at least till the basic work over there is completed" Frederick replied. This was going to be the first time Susan will be away that long from Frederick since they met and she knew she would miss him very much. "I wish you could come with me." Frederick said. "I would have loved to but you know the external auditors are coming to audit the accounts for this quarter and I need to be present and available" Susan remarked. "Well I'll just make sure I get the basic things done and then I'll be on my way back" said Frederick.

The next morning, Frederick took the first flight to Lagos where he would be for the next two weeks supervising the ongoing work at the new branch in Lagos.

As he got out of the plane and walked towards the waiting area where the company's driver was supposed to be waiting for him, he realised that the crowd at the airport that morning wasn't much and it didn't take him long to spot the company's driver who was holding a placard with Frederick's name boldly written on it.

"Good afternoon sir", the driver greeted as he took the luggage from Frederick. "I hope you enjoyed your flight?" He asked. "I sure did" Frederick responded as they both got into the car and headed for Victoria island where the company had booked accommodation for him in one of the five star hotels. As soon as he had checked in and dropped his luggage, Frederick set out with the driver to the New company branch office where he met the contractor in charge of the project as well as other workers on site.

It was indeed a hectic day as Frederick made his way back to his hotel. Lagos traffic hasn't really changed much Frederick thought to himself as he sat at the back of the car whilst the driver was taking him back to his lodge. "Is there any alternative route to beat this traffic?" Frederick asked as he was already becoming impatient with the traffic. "No sir" the driver responded. Frederick was made to endure the nerve breaking traffic till he finally made it back to the hotel.

He was just in time for the hotel's scheduled dinner which he really appreciated because he was so famished after all the travel and work for that day.

Frederick decided to retire early as he had a long and busy next day ahead of him. After taking his shower, he decided to give Susan a call and after talking for some few minutes with her he went off to sleep.

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