Twice a woman

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Susan had just finished from the company's audit meeting when she received a call from Frederick. "Hello darling,how did the meeting go?" He asked, "very well dear" Susan replied. "How is the work in Lagos going?" She asked. "It's kind of hectic but we are getting there." Frederick responded. "I'm about to leave the office now for a lunch break, I'm so famished" Susan said. "OK darling, I just called to check on you, I will talk to you later" Frederick said and ended the call.

Susan didn't have much work to do in the office that day as the only major work was the company's audit which had already been done so she decided to drive to a restaurant across town to have lunch. She had only driven for about fifteen minutes, when she discovered she had a flat and she had to park by the road side to attend to it. The tyre was really damaged and she saw it was a very bad puncture. She stood by the side of the road trying to put a call through to the maintenance department of the company to come pick up the car but her phone was out of network coverage and all her calls were not connecting. As she stood there not sure of what to do, a car pulled up behind her and a young middle aged man came out of the vehicle and approached her. "Hello beautiful, is there a problem?" He asked. "Yes there is a problem, I have a flat tyre and I can't seem to be able to reach my maintenance people " Susan said. "Do you have a spare?" The young man asked. " I think I do." Susan said as she opened the trunk of her car. The young man took out the spare tyre and within a few minutes he was able to get the tyre changed. "Thanks a lot, I really appreciate your assistance ". Susan said. "You have nothing to thank me for, any man seeing a damsel in distress would have done the same" the young man said as he and Susan laughed at his statement.

"Pardon my manners, my name is Dave" the young man said. "I am Susan" she replied as she stretched out her hand to give Dave a handshake. "Nice to meet you." Dave said. "The pleasure is all mine" Susan added. "I'm actually new in town and I am staying at the four points hotel here in Port-harcourt, I was just driving around for a little sightseeing" Dave said. "In that case, let me officially welcome you to the city of Port-harcourt " Susan said. " Well I was on my way to lunch, you can join me if you don't mind" Susan continued. "It'll be my pleasure" Dave said as he escorted Susan to her car and later got into his car and drove behind her.

Susan and Dave had a lot to discuss during lunch and Susan really considered him an interesting person with an admirable personality. While they had a meal of pounded starch and fisherman soup, Susan couldn't help but notice how intellectually sound Dave was as she listened to his stories about his sojourn in Europe.

Dave was actually one of the Niger-delta militants that the Federal government granted amnesty and sent abroad for a three year program.

At the time they were done with lunch, Susan checked her watch and saw that time had passed and it wouldn't make any sense going back to the office so she decided to go home from the restaurant where she and Dave had gone to have lunch. Susan insisted on paying the bills even though Dave opted to pay but being the kind of person she was, she thought it was only ideal for her to pay the bill since Dave really helped her out with her flat tyre situation and she felt that if she paid for lunch, it would be a way of expressing her gratitude to him. Before they left the restaurant, they both exchanged telephone numbers and Dave asked if Susan would be kind enough to show him around town sometime and Susan promised to do so.

By the time Susan got home, she was already very tired and she decided to go take a shower. As she dropped her bag and phone on the bed, getting ready to pull off her clothes, her phone rang and as she lifted the phone from the bed to check who the caller was, she discovered it was Dave. "Hello Susan" he said from the other end. "Hello Dave. " Susan replied. " I just wanted to know if you got home in one piece" he said. " Yes Dave, I'm home now, I got in not too long ago and I was just about to head to the bathroom to have a shower before your call came in" Susan said. "Okay Susan, I'm in my hotel room already and I just wanted to thank you for the meal once again" he said. "C'mon Dave, you don't have to keep thanking me, I'm the one who should be in your debt for rescuing me in my distress". "It's okay then, I'll let you have your shower and I think I'll better have mine too and take a little nap" Dave said and the both said goodbye and Susan went to the bathroom to take her shower.

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