Twice a woman

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Susan had to get up early the next morning because it was Friday and the company usually had briefings every Friday morning with directors of the board in attendance and her father was going to be present. After talking with Frederick that morning, she set out for the office.

Susan had left her phone in her office while she attended the board meeting in the conference room and after the meeting that lasted about an hour, she went back to her office and realized that she had several missed calls from Dave and a message and she decided to return the call. "Good morning Mr. Dave " she said while trying to sound official the moment Dave picked the call. "Good morning Susan" Dave said. " I was calling to check on you and to find out how your night was" Dave continued. "My night was good thank you" she said. "When you weren't picking up, I thought you were still asleep so I decided to go use the hotel gym and call you afterwards" Dave said. " I am already in the office and I was in a meeting when you were calling and I only just finished from the meeting and decided to call you back." Susan said. " Oh you are at work already?" Dave asked. "Yes I am" Susan replied. "What time will you be getting off work?" Dave enquired. "I should be out of the office by five. " Susan said. "Well I was wondering if maybe we could hang out later today, remember you promised to take me around" Dave said. "Oh well, I don't know the possibility of that for now, because I had planned to pay a friend a visit after working hours " Susan said. "Come on Susan, it's Friday and besides you won't be working tomorrow so you can visit your friend tomorrow." Dave said. " You know I have very limited time to spend in town before heading back to Europe and it's boring for me alone and I wouldn't mind company and as it is right now, you are the only friend I have in town" he added. Susan was compelled by his plea and decided to oblige him. "Okay then, I'll let you know when I get off work". Susan said.

Later that evening, it took Susan a while to get dressed. As she stood opposite the mirror admiring her pretty short gown, her phone rang and it was Dave calling to inform her that he was parked right in front of her residence. "I'll be out, in a bit." she told him. She had called him as soon as she was leaving the office and had told him to pick her up at 8 o' clock that evening and she had also texted him her home address.

As soon as she stepped out of the house, she met Dave leaning on the hood of his car and she gave him a smile. " You look gorgeous" he said as he held open the door of the passenger side of the car for her to get in. "Thanks for the compliment" she said as she sat down in the car and Dave went round to the other side to get behind the wheel.

" How about we have dinner first, I know just the place" Dave asked. "Okay, anything you suggest is fine by me" Susan replied. They drove to a restaurant that overlooked the ocean and as they walked into the restaurant, Dave selected a spot where they would have the best view of the ocean. "This is really beautiful" Susan exclaimed as the sight of the ocean waves splashing against the reinforced glass excited her. "I've never been to this place or heard about it before" she said, "how did you discover it?" she asked. "Well it was recommended by the manager of the hotel where I stay, I told him I had a date with a very beautiful lady and he suggested this place" Dave responded. Susan gave him a smile as the waiter came over to their table with the menu for them to make their order. They ordered Chinese and spring rolls and a bottle of Italian red wine.

"I am really happy at how this city has rapidly developed since I traveled out of the country" Dave said. " It appears our politicians are utilizing public funds appropriately" he continued. " Do not be convinced about our politicians just yet because they are still in the business of misappropriating public funds" Susan replied. " The city is being developed by private citizens and businessmen who are investing in the state because of the large influx of expatriates in the state" Susan said. " Then I think it is indeed a welcome development" Dave put in.

They continued with their meal and discussion until Susan's phone rang out. As she reached into her hand bag to bring out the phone, she saw it was Frederick calling her. " Please give me a moment " she said to Dave, " it's my husband calling me ". " Go right ahead " Dave said. " Hello darling" she said as she pressed the receive button on the phone. During her conversation with Frederick, she had mentioned to him that she was out for dinner and would get home much later that night and Frederick had asked her to give him a call when she returned home.

After the phone call with Frederick, as she was putting the phone back into her handbag, she noticed Dave staring at her in a very funny way. "What, why are you staring at me like that?" She asked. "You do know that I'm married don't you?" She added. "Yes I know, I could tell from the first day that I met you that you are married" Dave said. " It was very obvious because of this. " he said while pointing to the ring on her finger. "Oh ok, I guess that settles it then" she said. "Yes it does " Dave replied. " But you know it doesn't stop us from being friends and I wouldn't mind also being friends with the lucky man who married you" Dave added as they both laughed and made to leave the restaurant after paying the bills.

" Do you like adventure?" Dave asked as they were stepping out of the restaurant. "Well it depends, what do you have in mind?" Susan asked. " Well let's see how much of an adventurer you are" Dave said as he held Susan's hand in his. " I want to take you for a little walk". Dave said. Instead of heading to the car park where he had parked his car, Dave led Susan to the shore of the ocean and she was once again bewildered at the view at close quarters. " Aren't you scared of the ferocious waves?" Susan asked. " You forget that I was once a militant" Dave replied. " Back in the days, my fellow militants and I used to swim for miles in this ocean to and from the creeks" Dave said. " Oh that's true, I almost forgot that you militants swim better than fish" Susan said as they both began to laugh. " Why don't we take our shoes off so that we can get closer to the water" Dave suggested and they both took off their shoes and placed them on a nearby rock where it wouldn't get soaked by the waves.

As Dave held Susan's hand and led her closer to the banks of the ocean, Susan squeezed Dave's hand because she was so terrified of the water. She had never been a fan of any large collection of water due to the phobia she's always had for water right from when she was a little girl.

As they walked along the shores of the ocean, the waves kept splashing on to their legs until when the current increased and was coming at them with full force and by the time they realized it, it was already too late and the waves dragged them both to the ground. Susan let out a loud scream as all her body became wet with the ocean water. When the waves had retreated, they both looked at each other and laughed at each other. The water scare had turned into some sort of fun for them as they both continued to enjoy the waves washing all over their bodies until the unexpected happened.

Susan's short dress had become so wet and soaked with water that the gown almost became transparent and in the process showing off all her curves and underwear. Dave couldn't resist the sight of her and he pulled her close to him and held her very tight. " What are you doing?" Susan asked as she looked him in the eye and wondered what he was up to. "Ssshhh" he said as he ran his hands down on the outlines of her panties. "Stop it this minute, I told you I'm married" Susan said. As she tried to loosen his grip on her body, he overpowered her and laid her on sand and they both started struggling. Susan couldn't free herself from his strong hold and before long, she became quite weak from struggling with him because he was much stronger than she was and that was when he put his hand under her short gown and practically tore out her panties. He unbuckled his belt and pulled down his trousers and inserted his manhood into her and started pounding back and forth. Susan couldn't believe what was happening to her, it was all like a nightmare she tried to scream but the noise from the waves drowned her screams. As Dave continued thrusting back and forth without minding where he was, Susan felt the adrenaline rush through her body suddenly, and she began to feel the sweetness in Dave's manhood and she didn't know when she let out a cry of pleasure and dug her fingers in his back and held him very tight as she whispered to him in a low shaky voice "Don't stop, please don't stop". She had never had it so good like this before, Dave was actually skilled in the art of love making and she was beginning to enjoy every moment of it.

When Dave finally got up from her body, she didn't know what to do or say because while it was going on, she had wanted the love making not to come to and end and looking at Dave standing over her, she knew she wanted more of him but she couldn't bring herself to ask him for it. She finally got up from the sand and seeing how sandy her clothes and hair were, she tried to brush off as much of the sand as she could with her hands. " look at me now, I'm a mess. " she said to Dave. "I'm sorry about that Susan and I hope you can bring yourself to forgive me" he replied. "I think I would like to leave now, and don't bother dropping me off, I'll get a cab" Susan said as she hurriedly walked over to where she dropped her shoes and handbag and walked off to the main road to get a taxi.

By the time Susan got home and sat in the bathtub trying to soak away all the ocean sand that was all over her body and hair, the events of the evening kept playing back and forth in her head. She didn't know exactly how to feel at that moment. At first she was angry that Dave thuggishly took advantage of her without her consent but then again, what did she expect from an ex-militant. The truth was that Dave could never have been a gentleman despite the fact that he had spent couple of years in Europe. One would expect that with his exposure to the western world, he would have at least imbibed some decent culture but then again, once a militant always a militant. Any right person in Susan's situation would have incidented a case of rape to the appropriate authorities but she didn't want to because deep within her she enjoyed all of it. As a matter of fact, no other man had made her have such an ecstatic feeling all through her years and as she sat in the water filled bathtub wishing for more of Dave, her telephone rang in her bedroom and she rushed out of the bathroom with her bathrobe on thinking it was Dave calling, she felt somewhat disappointed when she saw it was Dave calling her.

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