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• ONE •

Every morning I wake up to my mother shaking me awake then signing ‘get ready for school’ before scurrying towards the door. I really hate mornings but, there’s no way to avoid them so I’ve learned to push through.

As I walk to the closet to get my clothes I don’t notice my door opening and reveling my nuisance of a friend. ‘Why are you here so early?’ I sign. “Aww come one, you know I’m never late for breakfast” Doyun says clear enough for me to see. I take a second glance at him and proceed to get my clothes from the closet.

Doyun plops himself on the bed waiting for SeoJun to finish getting ready so they can go downstairs to eat and head to school.

I walk out of the bathroom and head twirls my sock drawer and notice Doyun on my bed. ‘Since you want to lay on the bed then make it up’ I sign with a smile. I’m from the corner of my eye I see him get up with a bit of irritation but still doing what I asked. I don’t mind, it saved me a chore.

‘Let’s go’ I sign as I grab my AirPods,phone, and tie off the chair. I run down the stairs and can feel the vibrations of Doyun not far behind.

‘I win’ I sign and sit down at the table. Doyun makes it to the table and sits down across from me. ‘Your dad wants you’ Doyun signs towards me.

I shift in my seat to face my father, ‘yes?’ I sign.

“What did he say?” Mr. Kang says to Mrs. Kang. “He said yes” she replies a little annoyed that it’s been 16 years and her husband still doesn’t know a lick of sign language.

“Oh” he says and averts his eyes back to his son SeoJun. “Don’t forget to stop by the office on your way back from school today” he says tooling at his son before he walks to his wife to give her a kiss and walks the door.

‘Did you understand?’ my mother signed. ‘Yea’ I signed back before turning around and beginning to eat my breakfast.

I look up at Doyun and he’s already scarfed down half of his plate. He must be in a rush today.


“Thank you Mrs. Kang” I say as I stand up and take my plate to the sink. “ you’re welcome and remember you’re always welcome for meals Doyun” She says with a bright smile.

“Oh Doyun please make sure SeoJun is safe at school and that he eats” she says with sorry written in her face. “Have I ever let you down” I say with a reassuring smile.

I then feel a hand in my shoulder causing me to jump, I turn around revealing a slightly confused SeoJun.

‘What are you guys talking about’ he signs. ‘Oh nothing let’s get ready for school’ I sign pushing him towers the door worried we’ll be late if we waste anymore time.

“Thank you again for breakfast” I shout from the front door.

“Hop in were going I be late” I say to SeoJun making sure he can read my lips clearly. He nods and hops in rather quickly shocking me in the process.

As soon as I enter the car I turn the radio on making sure the bass is on so SeoJun can enjoy the beat if the music as well.


I’m finally able to see the gates to the school. As we get closer I tap Doyun on the shoulder. ‘Do you think he’ll be there today?’ I sign.

‘Maybe’ he signs and shrugs. ‘Well I hope so’ I sign with a slight smile while slowly climbing out the car . I jog twirls the gate with Doyun not to far behind me.

‘Slow down’ Doyun signs while attempting to catching his breath.

‘Look I see him’ I sign while facing Doyun.


Hey loves so this is my new story I will try and update every two days or even weekly. It all depends on my schedule.

I hope you enjoy the plot so far because this has been an idea I’ve had for quite some time so 😊.

Hope you are all staying safe out there.

Thank you 😊🙃🙃💜💜


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