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Number by Accident

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Alia Coleman was always a "I don't care" girl who loved pranking people in the worst way possible. She always despised the Number Ceremony at her school thinking that this is just a new way for thirsty boys to get desperate girls but what happens when her brother and best friend decide to get back on her for all of those years she pranked them and put her number inside the box... ○■●□ •° ■□○● °• □●■○ •° ●○□■ Lucas O'Conner is your typical shy boy who can't look girls straight in the eye. It was never his wish to take part in number ceremony but unfortunately he gets caught up in the prank that involves our Alia. What happens when these two are obliged to go on a date because of Number Ceremony rules. Will this be a total disaster or will Something good come out of it?

Romance / Humor
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Alia pov

"When will doing this turn into an illegal activity?" - was the first thought in my mind that I accidentally said out loud while waking up. Nobody can blame me though. If I were to become a law writer one day, I would for sure put it into constitution.

The door to my room was rudely open by my so dear brother who would never let me have the dreams of making this law come true peacefully. "You still busy thinking about being a law writer?" - he said with a hint of amusement in his voice. I did not wait for anything else from him. The thought of sleeping in on a school day has never occurred to my brother's mind considering that he needs good grades for that basketball scholarship that some colleges are ready to give him.

"Are you serious right now barging through my door like that? What if I was naked?" - I asked this while knowing that he will throw a smart remark right back at me. "Don't you remember the "I will never do it" book. In the 159th line you wrote that you would rather give up on sleeping than sleep naked." - he could barely keep the laugh inside him while trying to say it seriously. What was I waiting for? The things that I wrote in that book practically dug my own grave.

The "I will never do it" book was introduced to the world of me and my twin brother when both of us were 5 years old, him being two minutes older than me. The person who brought us into the world of this book was our brother, he was also the one who ended up making it in his freshman year of high school. It has been some kind of tradition in our family that only the three of us know. It has been in use for 12 years now and still has not lost its purpose.

"Can you stop using the things I said or wrote against me!" - I said while banging my head on the pillow to which I have to apologize later for this disrespectful action. Yes, I am obsessed with sleep and everything it involves. And yes, I need some special help. "What kind of brother would I be if I don't do it?"- *chuckle*

"Okay, but can you please get out of my room dear brother, so I can change?" - I said with a big smile plastered on my face which really hurt the muscles on it. "Say the special word and I will go." - the way that he was trying to keep himself from laughing got on my nerves even more than the stupid "special word" that I had to say.

I coughed a little, readjusting my voice to say it while burning inside with embarrassment "ABORTION!" - the special word that became special just because I mistook abort mission for abortion at the age of 6 when we were playing mission impossible. Alec and Reid have been teasing me about is since the moment that I said it and turned it into a special word that I have to say loudly if I want them to do something.

The problem is - every time dad hears it, he thinks that I am taking a pregnancy test and while seeing the positive results I shout it out. "I am leaving now and good luck when you come down." - I took the nearest fluffy animal that was near my bad and threw it at him while knowing that his fast reflexes won't let me win this round either. He threw the little dog right back at my head which I ducked from too. You though he was the only one with fast reflexes in our family? Hell no.

I knew that at some point I would have to get out of my bed and decided to get done with it as fast as possible. First thing that occurred to me was a cold shower which would for sure be able to wake me up fully. When I got out of shower, I brushed my teeth and then looked in the mirror to see my damp hair that I so did not want to dry, but I knew that Belle would practically kill me if I did not do this because of what is going to happen today.

7th November - I have never loved this date considering that every year on this day our school has a stupid rule to help the friendship of girls and boys grow. The only exciting thing after that is an annual "Number ceremony" made by the basketball team that I never participate in. Number ceremony is like a phone number exchange but accidentally.

Every year a week before this day the basketball team puts a number box in the best place at school where everyone will notice it. The thing is, they only made it to get girls because they can't get them without these games. At least half of the girl population at our school participates in it. They just put their number in the box and on 7th November after the principal finishes his speech, the boys go onto the stage and take out a number from that box, then they call a girl, set up a date and "Fall in love".

I can't even count enough times when boys did not get the girls they wanted or girls did not get the boys they wanted. What did they even expect while trusting such thing like fate?

I was finally done with drying my hair which meant that it was time to choose an outfit. On this date, I don't have to think about what I wear because of the special uniforms for special occasions. Rules said that boys wear pants and shirt, while girls wear skirts and shirt, but I was still able to fish out pants for myself considering that the skirts were ridiculously designed.

When I finally got dressed, I decided to put my hair up in a messy bun. It looked pretty cute, if anyone asks me. And the final touch - my special bracelet that I got by heritage from one of the great grandmothers.It is said to have a good luck and maybe, just maybe it will be able to help me get through this day. After I finished dressing up, I looked at my phone to see that time which slapped me on the forehead and made me understand that if I don't move my ass then I will be late and being late is something that my dad can't close his eye at.

I took the bag and rushed down the stairs as fast as possible trying my best not to fall over. When I reached the kitchen, I felt the smell of my favourite pancakes which dad made when he was overly excited about something. "Good morning dad. Is that chocolate pancake I smell mine?"- I said with a childlike voice that I always got while excited.

"No-" - he said that and took the pancake away from me. "-you won't get any until you tell me what that abortion is about!" - here comes a strict, demanding voice that he certainly got while being in army.

I knew that breaking the rule of silence would look bad on my sibling report and decided to keep quiet even though it would end up with mw not getting my food. "Sorry dad. It is a secret." - I said hoping that this won't throw him off the edge. "A secret? Maybe it is a secret baby that you may have gotten from Alec's idiot friend that won't stop flirting with you even though I have beaten him up a numerous of times?!" - Well, I could not really blame my father for beating Dustin up. If I was a father and someone like him would flirt with my daughter, then...

"Eww...he is just a friend, not even." - It seems that the hard feelings scattered around kitchen were able to knock on Alec's head and make him take action.

"Hey dad, I will take the pancake if no one is eating then. And we have to go now or we will be late." - is he really taking my pancake? I decided to get up from the stool and not wanting to be rude, I still walked up to my father and kissed him on the cheek.

I still did not have my driver's license because of a little tantrum that I threw during the test, so Alec was practically my driver. When we got into his car, the first thing I did was turn up the music. Another thing that could calm me down while being on a road to hell.

"Here, take it." - I slightly turned my head to see Alec giving me a little plastic bag with pancake in it. The best thing about having an older brother is that he is obligated to care for you, even though it is only a 2-minute gap between us.


The parking lot was already full of boys trying to show off their cars and girls trying to predict their number soulmate. I know, I know, total bs.

The second I got out of the car I could smell Belle coming over. Yes, smell. Her perfume is so strong that even from this distance I can smell her coming. "Hey bestie, excited for today?" - the happiness seen on her face in the morning, on a school day just confirmed the fact that she was also one of the girls who put in their number in the box and was ready to meet her soulmate. "Yes, very excited to see the sad faces of people who did not get what they wanted."

"Come on girl. Are not you at least curious about who will get who?" - how can I say no without being extremely rude? "What is it to me? I never participate. Only time I did it was in the freshman year when I put the principal's number in." - I said while laughing at the reminder of what I did. I knew that these guys would not be able to stop themselves from sending dirty texts even at that age and decided to give them a little lesson.

"How can anyone forget that time?" - the slightly changed tone in her voice predicted that something happened, something that I would not like. "Okay...what did you do?" - at this question her pupils nearly jumped out only increasing my concerns.

"What do you mean? I did not do anything. Hey, was that a warning bell I heard just now. I have to hurry, bye!" - with that being said she took off like crazy towards the school entrance.

Well, this was strange...

"Hey sis, you are coming to ceremony, right?" - Alec, who just got out of the car asked me with a suspicious tone.What is up with these people today? "You think Belle won't drag me there, even though I don't want to?" - Belle was like those crazy best friends who made you do things that you did not want to. Some see her as toxic, but for me she is caring. I would not have achieved many things in my life if it was not for her dragging me out of my comfort zone.

"Just a reminder, Dustin will be there and he is hoping to get your number." - He said with a guilty smile.

"Oh, don't worry. I- Wait, but I did not put my number in the box." - I started looking suspiciously at him which he must have noticed considering his change of facial expression. He always made that face when he wanted to think of something to cover up his previous mistake.

"I meant, he wants to get your number from you and not from the box because how can your number be in there when you did not even put it there, huh?" - If basketball does not work out for him, then acting it is.

I decided to let him off for now knowing that he will try other ways to cover up what he said. "Oh, that sounds pretty believable. But tell him that I won't give him my number. No matter how much he will annoy me till I do that." - I saw Alec's teammates coming over at that moment and decided that it was time to leave, not wanting to interact with Dustin.

Alec pov

"AT LEAST HUG YOUR DEAR BROTHER BEFORE LEAVING." - I shouted as loud as possible when Alia was already at the entrance getting a loving sign that you show to people you really love.

"Are you ready to get hot girls Coleman?" - This was the first thing Dustin asked when the boys finally came over. "What are you so happy about? You will never get Alia's number." - Another one of my teammates, Adam crushed the dreams that Dustin had since middle school.

Every year since middle school Dustin hoped that my sister would finally put her number in the box and fate will do everything else.

"Well, I never got it because her number was never there but now. Watch and see." - Dustin said with a satisfied smile. I have been friends with this guy for a long time, but I never liked his obsession over my sister.

"Listen, you know that if you make her angry, I will have to beat you up, right?" - After my little comment everyone went silent.

"And as it seems, she does not even know that her number is in the box, so keep quiet, will you?"

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