Eternal Fire

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jump into the life of Lexi a Starbucks college girl who thinks she has a boring life until she decides to be a hero and ends up falling into some interesting events with none other then her teacher who is not what he says he is

Romance / Thriller
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I remember always asking why this and why that to anyone and everyone I talked to. I was like a sponge just absorbing all kinds of information, it wasn't until I asked the wrong questions that my life started to change, my attitude changed and I became closed off from the world around me.

I have always been interested in the unknown, that being said you can probably guess that I'm not the popular girl in school with a million friends who is dating the head of the football team. Nope I'm that chick that sits in the library with her nose stuck in every vampire book under the sun, hoping no one tries talking to me, out of fear that I might clam up and run away.

My name is Lexi, everyone calls me Lex, looking at me. You would think I was ill. long black hair, glasses that constantly slip down my nose. fashion sense is well, if you haven't guessed goth, no piercings but I do have a tattoo on my right arm a coffin. mom was not impressed but then again she has never been interested or happy with my "phase of life" as she would say.

So back to the unknown that I mentioned, guess we should start with this morning, stick with me it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

I slowly peek out from under my blanket and hit my alarm just as it gets ready to scream, "ugh Monday" I mumble rolling over and covering myself up again. It's the first day of college and I am so not ready, maybe if I just slide even further under my blankets I'll disappear into another world.

I almost fall back into a sweet sleep when all of a sudden my roommate and best friend since we were like drooling in our sippy cups, Ruby, yanks the blanket back "get up lazy bones! first day jitters will be blasted away by my amazing pancakes!" she runs out of the room only to return with a stack of fresh blueberry pancakes drowned in syrup.

I grumble sitting up in bed and rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I look at ruby who has already started digging into what was suppose to be my breakfast, "geez slow down on the sugar" she hands me the plate of half eaten cakes and jumps up "we need to hurry, I don't want to be late to our first class"

Ruby and i have always been tight friends as soon as she heard I was accepted into the same school, she ran to the office to have me added as her roommate. "Lex you should wear this today" I look up as she hands me a red crop top and black skinny jeans, I almost spit my pancake out from shock, "uh yeah if I'm trying to impersonate buffy!"

I buckle and throw on what she picked, slinging my bag over my shoulder and rushing out the door with her trailing behind me. We pull up to this building, college ha more like prison, this place is huge, imagine a giant wide building that would constantly have a thunderstorm hovering over it like in the horror movies and it's only lit up when lightning strikes around it,

ok so I read too much, description may be too dramatic. We walk inside and get our class schedules, "shit! math first period" I roll my eyes and bow my head, think to myself there's still time to go back home and crawl under my safe blankets but ruby grabs my arm "lets go, it's just math you will be fine"

I walk into this big classroom and look around at the faces of everyone who will be suffering with me for what will seem like forever for me. I take my seat in the front of the class because ruby said the teacher won't call on anyone in the front so of course I'm gonna trust her.

I pull out my book and start writing down the problem on the board, there's a window to the left of me it was a sunny day which is why I was confused when it got dark, I looked up to see the teacher looking over my shoulder. a very tall and to my surprise buff looking man with long black hair.

guys don't usually catch my attention just cause I always feel like I will be rejected right on the spot so I don't try to flirt or go after anyone my heart might leap for, but my heart was jumping off a cliff for this guy. both exciting and confusing, why do I feel myself wanting to hug him, I don't even know him "dang Lex chill out first day and you already want to jump the bones of your teacher" I say to myself.

David clears his throat, "ahem, good morning students" he walks to the front of the class and pulls out the list of names "my name is David Knight and my beautiful face is the one you will be seeing for the next four years" he smiles at his own joke even though none of the students react.

ruby leans over and hands me a note, high school all over again. I open it and it says "bet that's a face you wouldn't mind seeing a bunch of times huh Lex?" I look up at her and roll my eyes. I look at David and brush my hair out of my face, ugh why is my heart racing so much.

the day felt like it dragged on forever but school was finally out and we had headed to Starbucks to get our white girl drinks for the day, I have the wonderful privilege of working at said Starbucks so my shift starts dreadfully after my last class. I clocked in and went around the counter to make rubies drink.

as I'm making the drink I hear the door open, "welcome to Starbucks, I'll be right with...." I trailed off as I looked up to see my math teacher standing in front of me, being caught off guard I dropped the drink and to my surprise he caught it, "oh shit! I'm so sorry, I must be butter fingers today but dang nice catch Mr. knight" I take the cup back from him.

David smiles " please call me David, Mr. knight is way to formal for me, just cause I'm your teacher at school doesn't mean I can't be your friend out here right?"

I smile and nod "I guess you're right um David" I clear my throat and extend my hand "Well, I'm Lexi most people call me Lex, it's nice to meet you" we shake hands and I feel something sting my palm almost like a shock, what is going on first my heart wont settle and now I'm feeling sparks " geez Lex get a grip girl"

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