Eternal Fire

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Meanwhile, David goes into a rage throwing stuff around the living room. falling to his knees and hanging his head in defeat against the monster inside that is begging for one more taste of Lexis blood, as he is hunched over he feels a pain burn into his wrist. a spiral flame pattern appears on his skin, he lets out a low growl as his skin burns he rushes to the sink and tries to scrub this pattern off.

back at the motel, Lexi holds back a scream just as the same mark appears on her wrist as well. she tries her hardest to rub it off and no matter how hard she scrubs, it won't smudge or wash off. "great just great what the hell is this?!" she hears a knock at the door "ma'am is everything alright?"

she opens the door and smiles "oh yeah I'm fine, I slipped getting out of the tub must have made more noise than I thought" she goes to close the door but the person's expression changes and they stop the door. "I must insist that you let me in, you're in danger"

Lexi struggles with the door trying with all her strength "you can't come, I don't invite you in!" she screams pushing on the door the man pushes through with the tiniest bit of pressure watching her with a slight smirk "I'm not a vampire, but at least you are already aware of what you're in danger from" Lexi steps back trying to straighten up as much as she can so she looks tough but on the inside, all she can do is scream.

David's head snaps up and the mark on his wrist glows red all he can do is think that its connected to Lexi in some way so he gets to his feet and heads out the door, driven by determination he shoots into the sky like a bat out of hell. feeling the cool october breeze brush over his skin he scans the land as his wrist begins to burn once more. "the closer I get to her the more it glows, dont worry lexi I will find you"

Lexi! wake up sweetie I made breakfast, your favorite blueberry and strawberry pancakes covered in syrup. a lady with long blonde hair and deep brown eyes leans her head in the doorway with a bright smile that could light up the night sky. lexi rolls over a little pulling the blanket back from her face except shes not looking at her mom she's staring into blackness and what she pulled back was no comfy blanket, she waits for her eyes to adjust and realizes she's in a trunk. her mom was just a memory a dream she wished she could return too, when life was simple and monsters were just in books and movies.

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