Sinners kiss

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First touch

I look into her eyes and shake her hand something stings me, i know she felt it. what is it about this girl that has me feeling so weird. damn i just had to move back to this town. “so what drink would you recommend lexi” her name slides off my tongue and i feel my body tingle what the fuck was that? i say to myself.

Lexi turns around and says “well i have only been working here a week but i would say my favorite drink so far is the Ferrero Rocher Frappuccino" David smiles and nods "then i will take your word for it and give it a try, but try not to drop this one ok?" he laughs. Ruby rolls over on her bed and stares at me "so tell me what he is like"
i laugh and look away "oh shut up ruby, we barely talked at all, i made him a drink and he left but not before i almost dropped your drink all over him" i bow my head in embarrassment and let out a sigh "ugh i made such a fool of myself!"
ruby sits up "lex, it's fine he probably thought what you did was adorable" she giggles and nudges my arm "someones hot for teacher, dont worry lex he is all yours" i smile and look out the window at the rainstorm happening outside.
if only ruby could understand how i am feeling when david is around me, my skin tingles and my heart jumps like a fish out of water. i lay my head down on my pillow and slip into a deep sleep.
david touches my arm running his hands softly over my skin, i gasp as his hands travel over my body, leaning in we kiss with a hot passion letting our bodies explore each other we pull back and he goes to speak...."beep beep" i look at him in confusion "beep beep beep" suddenly im back in my bed staring at my alarm clock "oh shit! im late"
i rush around the house throwing on whatever clothes i can find and head out the door, i get to math class just before the door shuts, david had told everyone that if we get here and the door is closed we can't come in. thank goodness i made it.
David turns to look at me his eyes are a beautiful grey color. "so good of you to join us please take your seat" ruby leans over "dang lex, you look rough. hot and heavy dreams" ruby wiggles her eyebrows at me.
"ok class we have a fairly basic problem today 3x + 2 =14 does anyone wanna come up and solve this problem for us?" david watches the class, i bow my head trying to disappear from his range of sight, thinking to myself "please dont pick me please dont pick me"
"lexi, since you were slow to class today how about you hop up here and maybe this problem will help wake you up for the rest of the day" i roll my eyes and slowly walk over to the board picking up the pen and staring at the problem "um well i guess i gotta find x right" david smiles "yes that would be the first step finding x"
whenever i get nervous or embarrassed i try to play around it and make jokes so i started looking behind the board. David clears his throat "uh what are you doing?" i look up red in the face, "well i was looking for x, it's not under there i guess" i rock back on my heels and stifle a giggle as the rest of the room laughs.
David does not react but instead walks over to the board and snatches the pen out of her hand "take your seat miss wright, we will talk after class"
i bow my head and walk back to my seat as i scan all the ways out of the room other then the door. ruby looks at me and shakes her head laughing "smooth lex real smooth"
i roll my eyes as the bell rings and everyone leaves, i mouth the words Help me at ruby but she ignores it and walks out. i cross my arms waiting for a lecture.
David stands in front of his desk and just stares at lexi "ok miss wright, mind telling me what that behaviour was?" i look at him a little shocked, i hate my last name especially from the mouth of a teacher. "i.. i was just nervous i dont do well in front of the class and making a joke made me feel better"
"why do you make me want you so badly" lexi looks over with surprise "what did you say?" david straightens up confused and shocked "i didn't say anything" even though he knew he did, just not out loud. Lexi rolls her eyes and stands up "whatever mr knight i gotta go im running late to my other classes" she storms out of the room.
later that night lexi is sitting on her bed brushing her hair, i heard him. i know what i heard but he didn't move his mouth, "ugh im losing my mind, maybe i should tell ruby, no thats a stupid idea she will lock me away in a loony bin in a hot second"
i shake my head and get into bed, ruby walks in "hey girl, so did the hot teacher give you a lesson after class for extra credit" i roll over to look at her "oh shut up ruby, no he didn't he just gave me a small attitude for me cracking a joke" ruby sighs and rolls over "getting all the attention from hot guys even forbidden hot guys"
i sit up and look over at ruby "did you say something?" ruby looks back "no, i didn't say anything" i watch her in shock as she just bold face lied to me, her best friend, "ruby! your lying i heard what you said!"
ruby sits up "i didn't say anything lex your crazy!" i stand up and pace the floor "oh ok then why did i hear getting all the attention from hot guys even forbidden hot guys" Ruby jumps up and backs away "ok what the fuck lex, i was thinking that"
"what is happening to me?" i grab my jacket and start heading for the door. "where are you going it's the middle of the night?" ruby watches in dismay as lex leaves the room.
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