Eternal Fire

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forbidden fruit

I walk down the sidewalk in the cold night air, it's early October usually my favorite month. Halloween is always a treasured holiday of mine, dressing up and being something else for a night is the best thing ever.

sometimes I wish I could be something or someone else, but then I think about ruby. would we still be friends if I was someone else? the wind blows around me and I shiver, “damn this jacket is pathetic, maybe I should head back” I turn around and hear a scream from down the block.

“don’t go looking for trouble Lex just turn around take another way to the dorm,” I say to myself even though I keep walking towards the screams. I get to the alleyway and see a girl doubled over holding her neck, as I step closer I see blood “oh shit what happened, here let me help you” I reach my hand out to her but I’m stopped by a huge guy who steps out from behind her.

“ooh aren’t you a hero, a pretty hero” he smiles and I could have sworn I saw fangs, I think to myself ”of course it’s October people out here getting their jollies off to vampires early this year” I step back “look, mister, you had your fun, let the girl go or I’ll call the police”

the girl is crying and mumbling something, I catch the last words “he bit me, I can’t believe he really bit me” she runs past me. I turn and look at the guy as I slowly back away “ok Lex time to run” I say to myself but my legs won’t move, he grabs me and holds me against the wall “so hero, what should we do now” he leans in close to me and I swear he sniffed me.

Adrenaline kicks in and my fight or flight senses take over, but it didn’t play out the way I thought it would. I tried to kick him in the stomach but he caught my leg and threw me on the ground. “you're not going anywhere little girl” he starts kicking my stomach and for every kick, I was just hoping to pass out from the pain, the last thing I felt was a burning in my neck, my eyes went blurry as a tall figure walked up and then I finally past out.

my eyes pop open and I look around me, I go to sit up and hold back a scream as pain shoots through my body, “what the hell?” I slowly lift my shirt up to expose a black and blue bruise that has formed on my stomach “well that’s what I get for playing hero I guess” I slowly stand and stumble over to the mirror looking at my neck where a fresh bite mark is also bruised over. I stop staring at myself and look around the room noticing I’m not in my dorm.

David walks into the room suddenly “oh, I’m sorry, I should have knocked” he turns to leave the room. ″wait! where the hell am I? what the fuck happened to me and why are you here?” David turns slightly “uh well first off I live here, this is my house”

I look around “why am I in your house?” David sighs “look I’ll answer all your questions but maybe you wanna get dressed first, so here I got some of your clothes from ruby” he sets my clothes down on a chair and leaves the room.

I slowly get dressed and brush my hair, I walk over to the window “great second floor no way I’m escaping out that way” I walk over to the bedroom door and open it stepping out into a long hallway, “dang how does a teacher afford something like this, I walk down the long staircase if it wasn’t for my sore body I would have totally slid down the railing, I’ve always wanted to do that like in the movies.

David is sitting on a long red velvet couch watching a fireplace and sipping what looks like wine. he turns to see me walking in “come sit down” he extends his hand towards another couch across from him, “I sit hesitantly and look around”

the silence is driving me crazy, “so I’m not sure I should be in your house, I mean I am your student” David clears his throat and sets his drink down, wine this early dang a drunk teacher that’s great “do you remember what happened to you last night?” I shake my head “not overly I was walking down the sidewalk and I heard a scream so I went to see what it was” David holds his hand up “why would you do that?”

my face goes red “look I was just trying to be a good person see if I could help at all, it was a girl I guess her boyfriend got rough with her and bit her too hard” David looks at me with a weird look and laughs “wait you say he bit her?” I lean back “well yeah I mean it is October after all, crazy kids and vampires October is sorta the time for it, but she ran away, and then I don’t know what happened I think I got jumped by something or someone I passed out after that”

David shakes his head, “Lex I found you in that alleyway, you were kicked several times in the stomach and something or someone bit you as well, you lost a lot of blood it’s no wonder you passed out” I go to stand up fast and fall back holding my stomach “look I need to go home, ruby is probably worried sick about me and I have work today”

David walks over looking down at me “you really think your fit to go to work? no your not going anywhere till your healed up” I looked up at him shocked “excuse me, you can’t keep me here I’m your student this is all wrong, we have already broken a thousand rules just being in the same room together outside of school,” I lean back feeling a bit dizzy and touch my neck.

David sits beside me and reaches towards me “you should let me patch you up” I pull back slightly watching him “what are you a teacher by day and doctor by night or something?”

Writers Note: Hey everyone if you made it this far in the story I am so glad, if the first three chapters get some positive feedback then I will continue the story. please let me know

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