Sinners kiss

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David stands pacing the floor "i dont know why but i feel like i have to protect you but at the same time i wanna" he trails off holding back what he wants to say. I watch as his jaw tightens "look david, i dont know what is happening here between us but i think it needs to stop before it goes to far"

David nods and walks to the kitchen to grab bandages and cleaning stuff, "lets at least get you patched up and if you still wanna leave i will drive you myself to your job" he starts with my neck softly applying a bandage to the mark "mmm wish i had gotten the first taste would of been nice"

I pull back fast falling off the couch and scream out in pain as the bruise on my stomach throbs "what the fuck david!?" i slowly get to my feet and start backing away. David looks at me concerned and reaches for me "lexi whats wrong? here let me help"

"help yeah right what the hell was that?" I hold my stomach feeling sick and dizzy too much movement at once my body is so weak. "david i heard your thoughts just now, what do you mean first taste? what the hell is happening to me?" david lowers his head and lets out a sigh "i didn't want it to happen this way"

I slowly start walking towards the door, maybe if i run i would make it anywhere that isn't here. "look i'm... i'm what bit you" i look at him with fear in my eyes "YOU DID THIS TO ME!" david holds his hand up "no no i didn't bite you lexi i swear someone else did i stopped them, they wont come after you again i promise"

David stands and slowly walks over to me placing his hand on mine and leading me back to the couch, "this has got to be a dream, nightmare even im crazy. thats it i have read too many books and now i cant tell whats real or fake" i sit on the couch and take a shaky breath.

the phone rings to break the silence, david walks over and picks it up. "hello, now? ok i'll be in shortly" i look at him as he hangs up the phone. "who was that?" david walks over and grabs his jacket "that was the school i gotta go into work, if i ask you to please stay here till i get back is there any chance you will?"

I scoff and turn my head "why should i trust you?" david sighs "fine you leave me no choice, i cant protect you while im away but i can make sure you dont leave" he walks over and picks me up carrying me upstairs and lays me on the bed. "hey what the hell, let go of me you asshole" i sit up and look around the room black curtains cover the windows a giant king size bed with silk sheets and a very comfy comforter.

"your staying here till i get back. theres a bathroom right there and the kitchen is open to you if you want anything. when i get back we will continue our conversation" he leaves the room and i walk over to the window watching as he goes to his car and pulls out of the driveway.

now this is where i would probably have a genius plan to escape but something inside me pushes me to want to explore this huge house, i dont know why but im curious of this place and its secrets. plus not like he didn't say the kitchen was open to me. i slowly walk to the door and open it, stepping into the long hallway again i walk downstairs and head into the living room snooping through the stuff on the table. nothing interesting just some magazines and the unfinished glass of wine. i lift it up and sniff it. no wine i have ever smelled before.

i stop as i hear a faint phone ringing, my eyes widen as i turn and see my cell phone on the kitchen counter. i thought i had dropped it in the alleway. i snatch it up and hit answer. "hello, ruby is that you omg its so good to hear your voice girl"

Ruby: "Lexi what happened you left the dorm and then went silent its been four days where are you? are you ok? david said something happened and he needed your clothes"

i shake my head while she is rambling on the other end. "ru ruby calm down, im ok i just tried to be a hero and well it backfired on me. im banged up pretty good so i wont be going into work today and as far as school i think im gonna take some time off could you get any work for me that would be great, and im well im at davids house" ruby lets out a scream on the other end and i pull the phone back damn she's got a set of lungs.

"details girl i want details when you get back everything that happens between you guys" i hear a click on the other end and pull my phone back. it died perfect i sit at the counter and look around. well good job lex you really stepped in it this time.

i look over at the fridge just as my stomach growls, can't remember the last time i ate anything. i walk over and open it up, and see a few food items. some bottles of what looks like red wine, and a box of pizza. i grab the pizza and set it down on the counter taking a slice and popping it in the microwave. i walk back over to the fridge and my eye spots something sitting behind the milk i reach for it and as i pull it out my eyes widen.

"oh fuck!" i drop the bag and take a step back. get it together lexi that can't be what your thinking, you read too much theres no way thats a blood bag. i walk over and pick it up opening one end and taking a sniff of the red liquid and my mind clicks as i look over at the glass on the coffee table. "blood this is blood, he said he was what bit me but this is just too extreme. it's like i've slipped into a anne rice novel"

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