Sinners kiss

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life and lies

I walk out of the school and head to my car as a light rain starts to fall, pulling out my keys i hit the button and open the door. if she is still there it means she trust me and if she fled then i have really fucked up here. i have to tell her what i am it's the only way but how?

forgetting about the pizza i walk into the living room and pick up the phone "screw this im getting out of here" the line is dead, i slam the phone back down and look around seeing a door slightly open i head for it, walking into a huge room filled from floor to ceiling with books all kinds of books. i walk over to one of the shelfs and pull a book but it only comes out halfway, i turn to see another door open "now thats actually badass"
David pulls up in the driveway and heads for the front door stepping in and shaking the rain out of his long hair, throwing the keys on the table by the door and walks into the kitchen to see one of the blood bags laying on the floor "fuck!" looking around "lexi! where are you? look i can explain if you just let me"
i hear david yell from the living room and i almost go to answer him but then i stop and slip into the little room heading down a winding staircase into what looks like a basement. i step into a room that is cold and dark and look around as i bump into something hard holding back the urge to cuss i move my hand along a wall and flip a switch as the room brightens im left staring at a giant coffin in the center of the room.
david comes up behind me "yeah you shouldn't be down here" i turn and a smile comes across my face that i can't control "i get it, this is all a huge prank right im being punked where's the cameras, ruby put you up to this right? david sighs "ah denial thats something i wasn't expecting from you" he grabs my hand and leads me back upstairs. "lexi you need to understand this isn't one of your books, this is real all of this is real i dont know why you can read minds that part i haven't figured out yet especially my mind"
i look at him and my smile fades "just what the hell is going on? who the hell are you? what are you?" david stands and raises his voice "damn it lexi im a vampire!" i shake my head this isn't real your lying a vampire didn't bite me, your not a vampire. you are just some crazy hot teacher who gets his jollies off keeping girls in his huge house.
David walks over picking up the blood bag and holding it out "does this look or smell fake to you?" your a smart girl lex think about it, if im lying you would be able to tell. your scared and with everything that has happened the past few days you have every right to be, but know that i mean it when i say i wouldn't hurt you"
crossing my arms i watch as im overcome by fear "look i just want to leave please let me leave this is too much, you said you would drive me if i wanted to leave and i do" davids arm drops and he nods grabbing his jacket he opens the door and extends his arm out "fine i can't make you stay i'll take you to your dorm" we get into the car and the only sound we hear is the rain falling outside, the silence in the air is heavy and i can't help but look at him slightly out of the corner of my eye his jaw is tight and he is gripping the wheel with such force it could break any second.
we pull up to my building and i go to get out but he grabs my arm "im sorry you had to find out this way, please dont say anything about this to anyone. i'll leave you alone if thats what you want but please just dont say anything" i roll my eyes and pull away from his grip as i slam the door and head into the building without even a glance back.
i walk into my room and slowly fall on to my bed as tears start to fall from both fear and pain, four days ago i was just a college student working at starbucks now im bruised up and tangled in a hot mess of craziness with my teacher. ruby comes rushing in the room and hugs me tightly "omg your here!"
I wince and struggle to move out of her grasp "yes im here still banged up though need to be gentle" i wiggle out and move back. ruby looks me over "damn girl someone did a number on you" she reaches for my neck and i pull away "uh yeah was a strange night but um david found me and bandaged me up" i tell ruby all about what happened in the alleyway leaving some details out about david even though i rolled my eyes at him i still felt i owned him for helping me so i kept his secret.
after i told ruby everything she got me some pain medicine and i passed out shortly after.
running through the woods i look behind me as someone is chasing after me i trip over a branch and land as i cut my hand on a rock i look up to see david leaning over me red eyes and fangs i close my eyes and open them im back in my bed. its tuesday no class today thank goodness i can avoid him alot better if theres no class.
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