Sinners kiss

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I walk into the kitchen as images of david’s face keep going through my mind, have you ever had a dream where for a split second you wished you hadn’t woken up so you could see what happens next? well this dream was like that. all day i just wished i had stayed in bed and i couldn’t begin to understand why im feeling this way towards a person i really know nothing about.

David stands outside lexis window, hiding in the shadows as to not be seen. i watch as she moves so slowly almost like my vision is in slow motion. “damn what am i doing?” watching her so intensely as a soft growl leaves my mouth and my fangs extend at the mere thought of tasting her. i head down the street and around the corner. get it together david dont do anything until she trusts you.

Lexi walks into the living room and turns the tv on go figure a vampire movie is playing, wonderful can’t escape it from reality or tv now, i sigh and keep it on as im watching i hear a noise outside my window “oh great now what” i get up and walk over looking out into the night air. i shiver “wish ruby wouldn’t keep this damn thing open” i go to close it but am startled by a hand grabbing me, “shhhh lex its me its just david”

david climbs through my window and stands in front of me. “david what the fuck are you doing here? it’s 2 in the morning” david looks down “i.. i was watching you, in case anything happened or maybe if you needed something” i step back crossing my arms “if you want to watch out for me you pick up the phone and call, you dont stand outside my window and stalk me like a psycho or like a...” david snaps his head up “or like what lexi, huh like a vampire sorry but i can’t stop being what i am”

david takes a closer step “you know what im done playing mr nice guy, i came here tonight to protect you but im done trying to be mister innocent! you want answers lexi huh i’ll give you answers” his face starts to change slowly as his eyes turn a crimson red and his mouth opens exposing a large set of fangs.

I jump back letting out a soft scream “david?” he smirks closing the space between us and holds me against the wall “this is what you dream about isn’t it? deep down you wanted this from the beginning. i said to myself no dont hurt her make sure she trusts you first but you know what im so fucking hungry i can’t stand it anymore, your scent and the softness of your skin has been driving me crazy for weeks, just a small taste thats all i need” he leans in and just before he bites i knee him right in the stomach.

i run towards the window thank god i live on the first floor, i jump out and run into the woods deja vu shit this is my dream. my dream is coming true, i keep running having no mind to see where im going i trip over a branch and land hard on my stomach “ahhhh fuck!” i cut my hand on a rock, behind me i can hear him he’s getting closer. i stand and hide behind a tree.

“lexi! i can smell you i know your here, you can’t hide from me” i inhale the scent of her blood “mmmm fuck you smell so good” walks over to the tree “gotcha!” he grabs me with a force that almost breaks my wrist “let me go! get off me” tears start slowly running down my cheek “please stop david this isn’t you”

David growls “oh but it is me, you have no idea what i am. you can’t even begin to understand what or who i am” he leans in grabbing my hand thats been bleeding, “mmm” he turns his head to look straight into my eyes “you will not move or scream unless i tell you to. do you understand?”

something happens to me and i suddenly go limp with no control “yes, i understand” david smiles “good girl” he lifts me to my feet and carries me out of the woods and puts me in his car.

trapped in my own mind like a prisoner i wanna scream and fight but my body wont let me, we are heading back to his house and all i can think is this might be my last night on earth. maybe death is peaceful quick maybe it will be fast and ill just sleep.

we pull into the driveway and he carries me inside laying me on the couch. pacing the floor “fuck what have i done” looking over at lexi unmoving on the couch shit i kidnapped her i fucking kidnapped her. he comes over to the couch and touches my cheek “awake”

i blink several times “what...where.. what did you do to me?” david looks over eyes still crimson fangs still exposed. “shut up!” i close my mouth as a single tear rolls down my face “please if your gonna kill me just do it and get it over with”

david laughs “kill you is that what you want for it just to be over so some other girl can take your place when im done with you” he glares walking over and picks me up putting me on his lap as i try to fight i hit him on the chest and he just lets out a laugh “oh yeah hit me girl hit me harder i like it rough”

i scream and struggle to pull away even though my body is excited from his touch. he watches me intensely and i lose the energy to keep fighting, he puts his hand on my neck and pulls me closer. “just a taste” his fangs sink in and that same burning feeling consumes my whole body i go to scream but he covers my mouth as i feel my blood drain from me. he pulls back and all i hear faintly is “screw trusting your mine”

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