Eternal Fire

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learning fate

David walks into Starbucks looking around and taking a small notice of ruby sitting at a table by herself he slowly approaches holding his breath, "hey ruby, how is Lexi doing? feeling better I hope" ruby looks up from her book and smiles "oh hey Mr. knight yeah Lexi is doing ok, her bruise is fading slowly and her neck looks a lot better, are you sure your not a doctor? Lexi thinks you are"

David laughs "yeah no, my parents probably would have liked me to be one but sadly just a college professor, well I hope you will send my positive thoughts to your friend and hope to see her back in class all healed up" ruby nods "yeah ill let her know you asked, your a good teacher Mr. knight and a good friend to your students as well" ruby smiles thinking to herself "probably good at other things too"

David smiles nodding his head and leaves heading back to his car, leaning against the door he shakes his head "they love the face but can't see the demon within" he whispers to himself.

Lexi sits at her desk working on her math homework while listening to some music and sipping some hot tea, she lifts her head up and something comes over her. She flips on her computer and starts searching history on vampires gets halfway through an article about something that happened in New Orleans a few years back before she passes out.

Ruby comes up beside her and touches her arm "Lex hey Lex! wake up sweetie you passed out at your desk again" Lexi lifts her head up rubbing her eyes and stretches a little "what time is it?" ruby looks at the clock "it's five am, were you working all night?" Lexi nods "yeah, I have to get this essay done and math was giving me some problems no pun intended"

Ruby looks at the computer and reads out loud "the woman claims she was attacked by a vampire in New Orleans, says she is now a believer and wears garlic wherever she goes" looking at Lexi she smirks "yeah that math is really a brainteaser you got there Lex"

Lexi rolls her eyes and switches her computer off "it's just a stupid article some light reading I was searching for a movie and came across that then passed out" ruby nods and sits down "well hot teacher was asking about you yesterday, came into Starbucks said he wanted to make sure you were doing alright and that he hopes to see you back in class all healed up" Lexi turns slightly in her chair "ruby did he.. did he seem weird or not himself when you saw him?"

ruby thinks for a minute and shakes her head "no he seemed fine just a normal teacher nothing crazy looked normal in all his hot teacher glory" she smiles to herself "why do you ask?" Lex lets out a sigh "oh it's nothing just crazy thoughts in my head you know me, but you know ruby you shouldn't make comments like that about Mr. knight he is after all our teacher the trouble we could get into would be terrible"

ruby lets out a laugh "oh come on its not like saying something was ever a crime, now acting on it that's another story, and plus he has his eyes set on you it would seem anyway" she smirks "but I guess when your right your right, but you know it's really not fair for the school to hire someone so good looking and not expect the girls to go a little crazy over them"

Lexi shakes her head and takes a sip of her now cold tea "yeah you got a point there, ruby stretches a little " hey Lex can I ask you something?" Lex looks over "yeah what's up?" ruby sighs and looks at her. "well it's just we have never talked about that night before you left, Lex your eyes changed color and you were acting really weird, all the years we have been friends and never once have we kept anything from each other and this is a pretty big thing I mean what was that? and don't give me that trick of light crap"

Lexi nods and looks at ruby knowing she needs answers " I know this is crazy and it's hard to explain I have no clue what happened, one second I'm fine, and the next we are arguing and it was just like all the rage in me set like a fire in my hand but it didn't hurt me" ruby sighs and sips her tea "girl maybe your cursed my cousin talks about supernatural stuff all the time she would love you if she knew"

Lexi spins around in her chair "hey, whoa ruby you can't tell anybody about this, promise me you will keep this secret, I haven't even scratched the service of what this means about me, if it got out who knows what would happen the last thing I need is to be locked away having experiments done on me in a lab or something"

Ruby nods her head slowly "oh Lex of course I won't11 say anything your my best friend your secret cursed talent will go with me to the grave" she smiles and lets out a yelp as she burns her mouth on her cup "oh shoot, tea is still too hot"

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