Sinners kiss

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David let out a soft growl in his sleep, he had passed out quickly after feeding and was sprawled out on the couch. i stood up and started walking towards the door reaching for the knob, “ahem where do you think your going” i turn around and come face to face with david.

I bow my head “look you got what you wanted right? a little taste, so i can go now” i look up into his eyes which are now a deep brown. David softens his look almost like a personality switch. “i would like you to stay so we can actually chat and you can get to know me” he grabs my arm and leads me back to the couch.

sitting down i sigh heavily “chat.. get to know you... are you kidding me??? you took a bite out of my neck not literally a few minutes ago and all of a sudden you wanna get to know each other like everything is peachy?” i say with a confused look

David smiles “do you always talk with your hands like that or just when your confused? its cute” lexi leans back against the couch, “im not cute dont call me cute, so alright let’s say all this is real and im not completely insane. we can get to know each other on one condition. you stay on that side of the couch and i get to ask all the questions first”

David nods “thats fine i can agree to that, ask whatever you want. i will answer as honestly as i can” hearing the fire dancing in the fireplace, i look over “ok vampires? how did you become a vampire” david stands heading into the kitchen and grabbing a glass pouring something into it and comes back to sit down. “well it wasn’t some tragic story like i wasn’t at death’s door and got saved, not to say there isn’t some sadness in my life. my parents were murdered by the very vampire that turned me”

Lexi watches as sadness covers her face “oh... im sorry how old were you when they passed?” david sighs taking a sip and setting his glass down “i had just turned twenty, answered the door to a officer standing in front of me and telling me he found my parents throats slashed and their bodies had been left in a cabin in the woods. this house was theirs they left it to me and before you ask how did i know it was a vampire that killed them. my family has had knowledge of vampires for a long time before i was born, my parents never told me till i was eighteen and even then i didn’t believe them”

David takes another sip of his drink “i thought they were pulling my leg and it just got weird after that i moved out and we were not as close as we had been before they told me, when the officer had told me what happened i quickly started researching vampires. books, movies, anything i could get my hands on i did and learned so much” lexi shifts on the couch pulling her legs up into a criss cross. “so your curiosity and the death of your parents is what made you end up like this? weren’t you scared at all, afraid that you might die to?”

David runs his fingers through his hair “i dont scare easy, and i wanted to get the bastard that killed them, i owed them that much. so i went searching for them little did i know it was a woman, her name was Carmella. she was strong and had a way about her that was tempting everything she did made you want her. much too powerful for me to fight on my own”

lexi looked around the room and spotted a picture sitting above the fireplace, “is that her” walking over and picking it up “damn she’s gorgeous, so what happened she turned you and left you?” david walked over grabbing the picture and setting it back down looking into the fire. “she toyed with me for years a twenty year old coming to get revenge for his parents. that was hilarious to her, she tied me up in her basement and would feed on me almost every night for twelve years"

lexi looks at the window just as the sun is starting to come up "i.. i should go" david turns sharply "so soon?" watching him as i move towards the door. "look, this life you live has to be seperate from what's outside this door. i have a life that needs my attention. school, friends, work"

David looks away "lexi im sorry for pulling you into this, just something about you that makes me not want to let you go. the demon in me is hard to fight and it wants you really bad, but your right you have a life and i cant keep you from it. so i'll take you back to your dorm"

lexis eyes go wide "oh shit what is ruby gonna think i left the window open, the dorm is a mess!" david holds his hands up "dont worry, it's fine i'll take care of it" he grabs his cellphone and quickly sends a text, "lets go"

i slide into the passenger seat and buckle my belt looking out the window as we head down the road. to be honest im starting to enjoy his company a little bit, does that make me crazy? david clears his throat "hey uh lexi, i dont think i need to remind you not to say anything about what i am to anyone right?"

looking over i nod "about that, i dont honestly know how long i can lie to ruby. we have been best friends for years. we tell each other everything how am i supposed to keep something like this from her?" david sighs "because it could put her in danger if she knew this stuff, i've already put you in danger by telling you even the small stuff i said tonight not to mention biting you"

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