Eternal Fire

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Finally, all healed up and back to school, the first day since the craziness in the alleyway happened, it's been two weeks since I last saw David. I'm nervous about seeing him in class after I stayed at his house for four days. as I walk into the classroom and take my seat, I pull out my notebook and look up and notice a lady walking in, confused I clear my throat "um where is Mr. Knight?

The lady turns and peeks over her glasses at me "uh miss wright, is it? yes, well my name is Susan Mayfair I will be subbing for Mr. Knight, he is out sick and won't be back till next Monday but he has laid out a very detailed lesson plan so no worries" She smiles and turns back to her notes. Lexi looks out the window and scoffs "sick... yeah right"
I stand and walk up to the desk "uh Ms. Mayfair, I was out for two weeks due to an incident that happened, I finished all my work during that time and just wanted to turn it in" I hand her my folder and take my seat. the class seemed to drag by, guess when the teacher your crushing on isn't there to distract you from the lesson it can be pretty boring.
The bell finally rang and I collect my things and step into the hall just as ruby bumps into me "Lex! you won't believe what is all over social media, someone was found with their throat slashed its horrible police think it was an animal that escaped from a zoo or something" she was still talking but I couldn't hear her over all the thoughts running through my head I almost stopped breathing and felt very dizzy, suddenly everything went black.
"LEXI! Lex.. her eyes are opening I think she's waking up" as my eyes adjust to the lighting I see ruby standing next to me "wh..what happened, where am I?" Ruby touches my hand "oh sweetie your in the hospital you fainted and hit your head pretty hard I am so sorry, you have never fainted like that before I couldn't catch you in time" the doctor walks into the room "ah good you're awake, how are we doing miss wright?"
I sit up "uh just Lexi please, I feel ok head hurts a little bit not even sure why I fainted I normally don't but I really can't stay here doctor I can barely afford school payments and I have no insurance right now.." the doctor smiles and raises his hand "not to worry hun your bill is paid for and as far as fainting goes it can happen to anyone especially if you receive shocking news or you get scared, its the flight or fight response your body will jam on the breaks and suddenly your heart goes from beating rapidly to slowly in a matter of seconds and thus causing you to faint, unfortunately, it can cause some injury depending on where you are at the time"
Lexi sits up a little in the bed "wait, my bill is paid? why would someone do that for me, I'm not really that sociable who paid it? the doctor looks at the chart "well it says here paid in full but there's no name must be a secret admirer or someone just doing a good deed, Ill just need you to sign some release forms saying you agreed to let us treat you and get you some medicine for your head and then your free to go alrighty" he nods and leaves the room. Ruby pulls a chair over to the bed and laughs "well whoever paid it must be an angel on your shoulder or something, girl I'm so sorry after everything that happened to you I shouldn't have told you about what happened it was too much too soon"
Lex smirks and leans back looking out the window "no, don't worry about it I'll be alright I'm more interested in knowing who paid my bill" but I do know all too well who did it and I intend to find out why, thinking to myself "what does he want with me, and should I tell ruby that it might be David who paid it? what would she think of me then?" I look back over at ruby and sigh "well I should get dressed, did you by chance bring me a set of clothes?"
Ruby stands and walks over to the bag sitting on the counter "yep a nice shirt and some jeans" hands them over "ill give ya some privacy, maybe go get something from the vending machine"
I start to get dressed and grab my bag reaching for the door, it opens and I step back as the doctor walks in "ah miss wright, here is the paperwork for you to sign, and your free to go ok just make sure to take some pain meds for any headaches and we will call for a follow up in about a week" he smiles and goes to leave.
I nod "uh doctor, is there any way you can figure out who paid my bill, I have an idea of who it is and I am afraid that it was more to keep tabs not so much a kind gesture" the doctor lets out a sigh and touches my shoulder "I promise I will try to look into it but if you do feel in danger by this person I suggest you get some security and protection" the doctor leaves the room just as ruby comes back with her arms full of snacks.
Ruby walks in and sets everything on the bed "I wasn't sure what you would want so I got a variety, what did the doctor mean about getting protection sweetie?"
Lexi looks up "oh nothing just was answering some concerns I had about the fainting spell that's all" Ruby nods looking a little worried but collects the snacks and leaves the room "let's get out of here, hospitals are so depressing"
Later that night Lexi sits at her desk contemplating all that has happened the last several weeks. The idea that monsters might actually be real and everyone on earth is just blind to it, going about their daily boring lives not knowing what is really out there literally going bump in the night and now to be smack in the action with no real answers and a teacher who claims he knows what it was that attacked me but wants to play Mr. mysterious man paying my bill. He owes me an explanation and I will get answers one way or another.

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