Eternal Fire

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Lustful Answers

Lexi sits up looking at her alarm clock, midnight time for those answers she looks over at ruby sound asleep. I know I should tell her but this could be dangerous, who am I kidding this is dangerous. slipping on my clothes and shoes I grab my keys and sneak out the door sliding into the car I start it up and turn on the air, can't seem to cool now these past few days.

I know the way to David's like the back of my hand, when he took me home I remembered the roads it was like a part of me knew I'd be going back to that place... back to him but why like some weird force I can't control. I pull into the narrow driveway and park stepping out and walking up to the door, feeling nervous I almost go to knock and then the door opens and I freeze.

David leans against the door frame looking me over and moves out of the way with a gesture of his hand beckoning me inside "please, I knew at some point you would come back" I walk in and set my keys and jacket on the counter taking a shaky breath. looking around the room "so how does this work? we do the twenty-one questions bit and tell each other all about ourselves, letting the chips fall where they may"

David sits down on the couch and grins watching me carefully as I sit across from him, he takes a sip of his drink and clears his throat "let's start with the obvious thing shall we? the elephant in the room" he points to the glass sitting on the coffee table, "you know what it is yes?"

I nod slowly looking back at the door, David leans forward "Lexi if I was going to cause you any harm I would of by now don't you think?" Lexi leans back relaxing a little "but maybe this is just your tactic to try and make me trust you so you can have your fun" she watches him "well if you're not here to hurt me or others then what are you doing in this town?"

David stands looking at the pictures above his fireplace and turns to look back at Lexi "the simple answer, I was pulled here not sure by what but something made me come back and I think it might be you. I just can't figure out why" he walks over sitting beside her and slowly touching her hand "just as I can't figure out why your skin is warmer than anyone else I have ever touched" he stares into her eyes feeling a force pulling him closer

Lexi pulls back clearing her throat "we should maybe call it a night before something happens here that probably shouldn't happen" David pulls back with a laugh "you still can't get past the teacher-student thing can you? Lexi listen to me being a teacher is a charade I don't need that job, I could quit tomorrow and nothing would happen to me I have money stashed all over the world, I have seen the world for a million lifetimes and then some, the pleasures of what I am are outstanding but that doesn't mean there isn't a cost" David takes another sip from his glass.

Lexi stands walking over to the fireplace and looking at the pictures sitting on the mantle "ok, fine so vampires are real and from what you're telling me you are in fact a vampire and for some reason, you are drawn to me?" she slowly walks towards the room she had once visited remembering all the books she saw covering the walls from floor to ceiling.

David watches and begins to follow her. "don't play dumb you know your drawn to me as well, I know you felt something when we first met, and try as you might to deny your feelings, you too will break just as I feel I might break soon" he watches her looking her over as thoughts play in his head. Lexi again takes a shaky breath "this is all so wild, and a little overwhelming. you don't even look old, how are you able to fool people? the college must think your like thirty at least?" She pulls out a random book and looks through it, David smiles "Yeah, well I haven't been thirty for a very long time. I was turned at thirty so I guess you can say this body is thirty but my soul is far older than that"

David pulls out a chair and sits down "shouldn't I get to ask a question at some point, isn't that the whole twenty-one-question thing is that you go back and forth?" Lexi sits at the table looking around the room "well, that would be the plan if you were maybe talking to someone just as interesting as you, but as far as I have ever known I'm a nobody, just a small-town girl trying to pass college and not lose my job"

David shakes his head letting out a slight laugh "oh trust me if that was true I wouldn't be in this town and you wouldn't be in my house, you really have no clue who you are or what this all means? Lexi as far as I can tell you are destined to be something or at least you were and for whatever reason it involved being with me, and that force is still burning brighter than ever between us, and the closer we get the more it screams at me, cant you feel it?" He leans in touching her leg and slowly running his fingertips along her calf up to her thigh.

Lexi slowly leans her head back letting out a soft sigh "yes, I do feel it and I'm afraid of it, I don't want things to change who am I if it's not just Lexi Wright?" David pulls her closer and without hesitation says "your mine" and goes in for a kiss and suddenly like the sun ignited in her heart she feels herself give in for just a moment letting her hands explore as they kiss with such a passion, her body gets warmer and she feels the familiar heat rushing over her in a hot wave, David pulls back as the book lying on the table ignites into a blue and red flame.

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